Black Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K GoldBlack Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
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Floating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K GoldFloating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold
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Rosas 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondRosas 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Wouters & Hendrix

Rosas 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
14.490,00 DKK
Trio Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
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Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
2.545,00 DKK
Legacy Knot Small (Tight) 18K Gold RingLegacy Knot Small (Tight) 18K Gold Ring
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Tiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K GoldTiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K Gold
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Tiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K Gold
1.450,00 DKK
LEA 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondsLEA 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Le Soonar

LEA 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
3.000,00 DKK
Legacy Knot Mini (Slim) 18K Gold RingLegacy Knot Mini (Slim) 18K Gold Ring
Floating Emerald Ring 0.05Floating Emerald Ring 0.05
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Floating Emerald Ring 0.05
1.840,00 DKK
Chain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & EmeraldChain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & Emerald
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Wouters & Hendrix

Chain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & Emerald
12.950,00 DKK
Diamond Line Double Ring 0.12Diamond Line Double Ring 0.12
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Diamond Line Double Ring 0.12
6.460,00 DKK
ReMind mini Solitaire 18K Gold Ring w. Green Lab-Grown DiamondReMind mini Solitaire 18K Gold Ring w. Green Lab-Grown Diamond
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Palea Pavé 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondPalea Pavé 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond

AKVA Jewellery

Palea Pavé 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
13.500,00 DKK
Kuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsKuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
BestsellerSold out

Anpé Atelier cph

Kuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
8.000,00 DKK
Shooting Stars 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsShooting Stars 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds

Ole Lynggaard

Shooting Stars 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
14.900,00 DKK
Zarrin 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondZarrin 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Kinz Kanaan

Zarrin 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
4.800,00 DKK
Black Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold
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Engagement rings are beyond special. They hold a world of love, promise and commitment in their sparkle and shine. They are specially designed to mark the gorgeous moment you pop the million-dollar question and she says yes. Being so personally meaningful, it is good news that we have a fantastic selection right here curated by jewellery experts from the best designers worldwide, with something for every couple who wants a remarkable memory made in jewellery. Let us light up your path as you search for your sparkling token of love, your engagement ring.

• Engagement rings for women
• Finding the perfect engagement ring
• Engagement ring materials
• Engagement ring designs

Your quest for the perfect engagement ring for her

Your exciting journey together as a ‘forever couple’ begins right when you start exploring the beautiful world of engagement rings. You will soon discover that there are so many types, shapes and style choices available in engagement rings. But for your woman, her engagement ring is crucial, so make sure to put in the work to find that ring that she can't help but say yes to!

We want to be a part of your exciting journey of discovery! So we created this guide to help you along on this once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring quest.

The ring finger

An often asked question is which is the finger for engagement rings? Traditionally in western culture, the engagement ring is worn on the ring (fourth) finger of the left hand because this romanticised finger is believed to have a vein connecting directly to the heart! Some people wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger, while others shift the engagement ring to the right hand after the wedding. So, it's really up to you to decide based on your traditions or preference.

Engagement ring sizing

More importantly, an engagement ring has to be comfortable and safe on your beloved’s finger. Before you buy the ring for her keep in mind that ring sizing is very important for daily-wear rings like engagement rings and wedding rings.

Our Ring Sizing Guide and video will help you understand how to measure your finger for the perfect fit.

Finding the perfect engagement ring for her

The perfect engagement ring depends on her personal preference or style and your unique story and values as a couple. When you are choosing the engagement ring for her, keep in mind the following:

♥ What she means to you (material)?
♥ What kind of ring she would love to wear every day (style)?
♥ What makes her special (stone cut or shape)?

Read on to findout all about engagement ring materials, style and shape.

Engagement rings materials matter

She's precious, beloved, one-of-a-kind! You get to say all of this with the engagement ring you buy for her. Gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds, help you say this and much more! You can create a visual treat for her daily delight with that engagement ring.

Gold engagement rings

Ever popular, gold engagement rings are immensely charming and valuable. Today you have a choice of colours in gold for your rings.

♦ Yellow gold makes a warm backdrop for gemstones of your choice.
♦ Cool and elegant white gold with a rhodium-plated finish is the hot favourite for white diamond engagement rings.
♦ When you feel drawn to sweet romantic tones an engagement ring in rose gold is just right. The higher copper content in rose gold gives it a soft blush tone.

Engagement ring gold hallmarking
When you buy a gold engagement ring it is important to understand hallmarking standards for solid gold jewellery. Pure gold is hallmarked as 24 karats (k) gold. Solid gold jewellery is crafted in gold mixed with other metals to make it stronger or to make colour variations. Gold hallmarking like 916 (22k), 750 (18k), and 585 (14k) indicate the ratio of pure gold in the ring you buy.

We recommend that you buy solid gold engagement rings in 18k or 14k as these make a more durable and strong setting for diamonds or precious gemstones.

Silver engagement rings

Silver engagement rings are also an option. The moonlight sheen of sterling silver engagement rings and the brilliance of white diamonds is irresistible for both their beauty and affordability. Top-quality designer sterling silver engagement rings come with rhodium plating for extra protection and a gorgeous durable finish similar to white gold.

Engagement ring silver hallmarking
When you buy an engagement ring made in silver, look for the silver hallmarking standard. Pure silver (99.9% pure) cannot be used in jewellery making as it is too soft and tarnishes quickly. 92.5% pure silver is the internationally accepted silver hallmark for jewellery. This standard is the best quality used in designer jewellery and is hallmarked as sterling silver (SS) or 925 silver.

Diamonds or coloured gemstone in engagement rings?

Did you know that earlier than 1940, engagement rings carried coloured gemstones? It was only later that diamond engagement rings became a thing.

Modern bespoke engagement ring styles often include coloured gemstones for personalisation, specifically highlighting the beloved’s birthstone or favourite colour. So you have the freedom to play with colours in your engagement ring if you wish to do so.

Diamond engagement rings
Diamond rings take the crown when it comes to engagement ring choices. Preferred by everyone everywhere, solitaire diamond engagement rings are simply drool-worthy. Ecogentle, traceable, and lab-grown diamonds in engagement rings are also an option. Check the diamond grading certificate for the ring you buy.

Engagement ring styles

There are so many engagement ring styles to woo your lady love with. From timeless to unique and outright quirky, there is every possible variation that you could imagine. Let us explore some of the best engagement ring styles that are ruling the scene now.

Solitaire rings
The solitaire diamond ring is the traditional favourite design for engagement rings. Forever in vogue, this minimal style features a single diamond set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver too. The main attraction of a solitaire engagement ring is the cut and setting of the featured stone. Popular solitaire engagement ring designs showcase the diamond in the round, princess, emerald or cushion cuts.

Vintage-style engagement ring designs
Designs from the vintage era have quaint motifs like flower clusters and intricate patterns. The diamonds used in vintage designs are often in vintage-style cuts like rose cut and old mine cut.

Modern engagement and wedding ring combination designs
What if you could have endless combinations of ring styling options to help you craft your unique love story. Innovative fusion-style rings merge two or more outer bands created out of the same or different materials with an inner section which could be your engagement ring. Some styles fit like a puzzle piece, while others are ring sets with a second band that can be added as the wedding ring when the day arrives.

Engagement ring cuts, shapes and settings

Engagement ring styles are identified by the gemstone's cut (shape) and setting. For instance, the beauty and brilliance of a solitaire diamond are perfectly displayed by its cut and prong/claw style. Alternatively, the cut may be raw and the setting absent in some of the modern engagement ring designs!

Gemstone cuts or shapes in engagement rings
The round brilliant engagement rings have a round-cut gemstone. Not only does the round shape stand for perfection and unwavering commitment to a lifetime of love, but it's also the best cut for the brilliance and fire of a diamond to be displayed.
Princess engagement rings feature the solitaire stone in a square cut with bevelled edges. The stone is set like an inverted triangle reminiscent of the classic fairy tale princess ring styles.
Teardrop engagement rings are also a popular shape among bold, empowered women who want to wear something different. The teardrop cut typically features a central pear-shaped diamond or any other precious stone.
The emerald cut or step-cut diamond engagement ring is favoured by those who love to display the stone for its visual clarity or flawlessness. The stone is cut in a rectangle with clipped edges like an octagon with short corners.
Oval engagement rings are for sophisticated women who love traditional elegance. The oval cut of the gemstone emphasises its size, making the ring appear larger on the finger.

Engagement ring settings
Cathedral setting: The stone can be set with prongs and claws or in the cathedral style with the band curving up on either side of the raised stone.
Pierced or bare settings: Another gorgeous setting is the pierced diamond or no-prong setting. Loved for its visual brilliance, this style features the stone in all its raw glory. The absence of prongs adds to the magic of the seemingly floating stone.
Halo setting: Yet another classic style, this one has smaller stones encircling a larger one creating a halo effect around the sparkle of the central stone. The halo works beautifully not just with diamonds but also with coloured gemstones like the ruby or sapphire in the centre.
Cluster setting: Here is a truly versatile style for an engagement ring! As the name suggests, cluster rings feature groups of gemstones, in varying colours, sizes and shapes. The stones can be arranged in both traditional and abstract styles to create gorgeously unique rings.
Three-stone setting: Captivatingly classy, the trilogy of stones in this style bears a special significance, pointing to the past, present and future of the engaged couple. Play with this style by choosing a coloured gemstone for the centre to add some personal flavour to an otherwise vintage design.
Pavé setting: This style has the engagement ring shank paved with tiny diamonds to create a river of fire exuding pure elegance. The pavé setting can add a special brilliance to solitaire ring styles. An example of the pavé ring is the ever-popular diamond line rings or slim eternity bands.

Rest assured, no matter what you are looking for, we got your back in finding you the engagement ring of your dreams. Contact us with your specific questions and we’ll help you find the one you want.

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