Classic engagement rings hold a timeless appeal and will never go out of fashion. Classic styles in engagement rings have stood the test of time, quality, and fashion. While new and fancy engagement ring styles will come and go, there are some classic styles that couples choose over and over again. You are on the right page if you appreciate simple elegance and are looking for an engagement ring that scores high on design, quality, and artisanship. The following discussion lists the top three classic engagement ring styles. It draws inspiration from our curated collection of such pieces, personally chosen by our founders and connoisseurs of fine jewellery, Charlotte and Pernille.

• What is a classic engagement ring?
• Top three classic style engagement rings
• Why choose a classic engagement ring?

What would you call a classic engagement ring?

Classic engagement ring designs spell elegance over glamour. The best-loved classic designs are the ones that are featured in yellow gold with basket settings with a traditional round brilliant diamond. These are the heirloom pieces and will appeal even to the third and fourth generations of your family tree!

Elegant. If you love understated elegance and style, then you will be drawn to classic engagement ring designs.

Always in vogue. Classic engagement ring styles are simple, stylish, and guaranteed to be on-trend forever. For these reasons, the ring you propose to her with will be cherished for a long time and could well become a prized heirloom.

Fits with any wedding band. Another reason why a classic engagement ring scores over the rest is the simplicity of its design, which makes it easy to match with almost any wedding ring/band.

Suits any style of dressing. Classic engagement rings are typically not flashy; instead, they are noted for their subtle gleam and sparkle. Therefore, a classic engagement ring will pair well with any style of dressing.

Top classic style engagement ring designs

Today's market and media are flooded with different types of engagement ring designs and what you eventually choose is a matter of personal taste. But, if you are unsure about what type of engagement ring would be best for you, you might want to look at some classic designs which have been loved and cherished by women through the ages. There are several classic engagement ring designs, but the most popular styles are the solitaire, three-stone, and halo.

Classic solitaire engagement rings
The solitaire engagement ring is the quintessential classic. It is set with a single prominent diamond—upwards of 0.30 carats—with a plain shank/band.
A classic solitaire engagement ring may be set with a diamond of different cuts. The best-loved is the round brilliant; emerald-cut (rectangular), princess, cushion, and Asscher-cut (square), pear-shaped and oval-cut diamonds are also popular.

Classic three-stone engagement rings
The three-stone engagement ring, popularly called the “Trinity Ring” or “Trilogy Ring”, is favoured by couples who value its symbolism. The three gems in the ring symbolise the three dimensions of the couple's journey together—their past, present, and future. It could also stand for “You, Me, and Us”. The classic three-stone engagement ring is set in a horizontal line with three stones next to each other. These stones could be diamonds, coloured gemstones, or a combination.

Classic halo engagement rings
The halo-style engagement ring combines classic beauty with luxurious, eye-catching appeal. It has a circle of smaller diamonds around a round, cushion-cut or oval solitaire, adding to its sparkle with a brilliant reflection of light or an accent of colour. The halo engagement ring setting makes the central diamond look more prominent. It is an excellent style when combining a central diamond accented with a circle of coloured gemstone and vice versa.

Classic vintage style engagement rings
Classic vintage engagement ring designs are all the rage these days. These are inspired by Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco style designs, typically highlighted with intricate filigree and milgrain work. The stones or diamonds will be bezel set and display a more muted cut like an old mine or rose cut.

We hope we’ve helped you understand classic style engagement rings. We also hope you find your dream engagement ring for your beloved as you browse our website. We’ve made sure that any jewellery you’ll see, every designer you’ll browse and every item you’ll add to your cart is chosen and curated by us. And we can’t wait to help you find the ones that are the most YOU. – Charlotte and Pernille

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