Tennis 14K Gold Bracelet w. 1ct DiamondsTennis 14K Gold Bracelet w. 1ct Diamonds
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Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0
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Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0
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Signature Slim Tennis 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsSignature Slim Tennis 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
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Tennis 14K Gold Bracelet w. 2ct Diamonds
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Tennis 14K Gold Bracelet w. 2.5ct Diamonds
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Signature Tennis 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsSignature Tennis 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds

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Signature Tennis 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
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Mini Tennis 0.15 14K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
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Tennis 18K White Gold Bracelet w. 0.05ct DiamondsTennis 18K White Gold Bracelet w. 0.05ct Diamonds
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Are you looking for elegant accessories that add sparkle to any outfit and occasion? With a diamond tennis bracelet from The Jewellery Room, you will get a timeless piece of jewelry that goes with everything. The design was originally worn by players on the tennis court, but today, it is a classic staple of every jewelry collection.

• A classic diamond bracelet
• What is a tennis bracelet?
• Caring for tennis bracelets

A diamond tennis bracelet is timeless

A diamond tennis bracelet is a beautiful and unique addition to your wrist. The jewelry is ideal for everyday wear as well as for grand occasions that require a sophisticated dress code. This type of bracelet is timeless and can be worn through generations without losing its appeal. And at The Jewellery Room, you will find tennis bracelets of refined quality and elegance that last a lifetime.

The diamond bracelets come in several different designs. For example, you can pick a variant with smaller or larger diamonds, and you can choose between metals if you prefer gold over white gold or vice versa. This means that you can get diamond tennis bracelets that match your personal style.

The tennis bracelets are made up of a symmetrical pattern of stones that are connected by a thin metal chain. The bands hug your wrist nicely and make a beautiful silhouette that suits everyone. No matter what design you choose, you will get the same classic brilliance, elegance, and sense of sophistication.

Why is it called a ‘tennis bracelet’?

Are you wondering how the elegant strand of diamonds was given the name ‘tennis bracelet’? To explain this, we must turn to the American former world number one tennis player, Chris Evert. During the U.S. Open in 1987, Evert wore a diamond bracelet that fell off during a highly competitive duel on the court. As a result, the tennis player asked for a pause in order to look for the jewelry.

That day, the term ‘tennis bracelet’ was born, and the bracelet has been tied to Evert since. Though this style of jewelry was already introduced in the 1920s, Chris Evert made sure that the bracelet had a renaissance. And from then on, the string of diamonds has continued to increase in popularity.

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Yes, we believe so. That is why our selection of diamond-embellished tennis bracelets is the ideal present for yourself or someone you care about. However, diamonds are not exclusively intended for women. Anyone can sport this piece of jewelry and enjoy the unique sensation of the sparkling gems.

Our diamond tennis bracelets are available in multiple lengths and widths, and they are either crafted from gold or white gold. They are set with white diamonds in different cuts so that you may choose the design you prefer and believe fits best for you.

Because of the various sizes and cuts of the diamonds, the bracelets have different expressions. Some bracelets are very subtle, whereas other designs are more prominent.

The diamonds are embedded in minimal settings made from your preferred choice of metal. The result is tennis bracelets with a minimal aesthetic that are beautifully contemporary as well.

Our bracelets are primarily made with sustainably created lab-grown diamonds that are polished and linked by hand. A lab-created diamond is just as real as a diamond mined from the earth, as the final result is identical in every way. The variants have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as well as the same sparkle and shine. You will not be able to tell the difference when you flash your new diamond tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelet: A versatile piece of jewelry

The diamond tennis bracelet is an impressive piece of jewelry that goes well with pretty much everything. Whether you are going to work or dressing up for a wedding, this bracelet will add an extra dimension to your outfit as well as your confidence.

In our humble opinion, a diamond bracelet is beautiful on its own, however, it is also easy to wear with other jewelry. You can choose to wear the bracelet alongside other diamonds, such as diamond earrings or a necklace. You can also use it with a stack of other bracelets or as a companion to your watch. And because the bracelet is such a classic, you can use it with many different styles of jewelry as well. This versatility of the diamond tennis bracelet is what makes it an essential part of your jewelry collection.

How to care for your diamond tennis bracelet

Diamonds sparkle because light passes through them. For that reason, it is a good idea to clean your jewelry once in a while. That way, your diamonds can continue to shine beautifully.

Luckily, diamonds are easy to clean, and you do not need anything special to do so. You may know the toothpaste trick, however, you should not rinse your diamonds this way. It is also important that you do not use any chemicals. Instead, you should use:
• Warm water
• A mild soap
• A soft toothbrush

Once you have these three items, you can gently rinse your jewelry and bring back your bright and gleaming diamonds without damaging your tennis bracelet. And the procedure is fairly straightforward.

You simply start by soaking your diamond tennis bracelet in soapy water. After a few minutes, you can gently brush the diamonds clean of dirt with a soft toothbrush. Once you are finished, you ought to wipe the jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Now your diamonds are ready to be shown off once again.

Even though diamonds are not easily broken, you should be gentle when you rinse your jewelry. Despite the stones’ sturdiness, the prongs that hold the diamonds may not prove to be as robust. This is why you should steer clear of chemicals, for instance. Additionally, gold can become discolored by these chemicals. However, if you stick to the elements mentioned above, you can take the best possible care of your jewelry so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

We choose sustainability

We hope for a brighter future for everyone, and that includes leaving the earth as untarnished as possible. The sustainability we seek comes from creating new and better solutions, which is why we support brands that use recycled materials and lab-created diamonds, for example.

Using recycled gold gives your jewelry extra character as the material was once used by someone else and served a purpose previously. This type of reuse is possible because a metal such as gold ranks high in important properties when it comes to jewelry. Among other things, gold is quite durable as it does not rust or tarnish, which is why it can be melted and used in a new way. And this is a concept that we wish to support.

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