Bangle Size Guide

Are you shopping for trendy bangles?

In this guide, we tell you all you need to know about bangle sizes, size charts and measurements, and how to measure your wrist and hand to get the right fit for a bangle.

Finding the right size

How to measure your wrist/hand for the desired bangle size

Understanding bangle size charts

Choosing the right size for different styles of bangles

Finding the correct size bangle is important

A bangle, often also called a bangle bracelet, is essentially a closed, rigid circle/ellipse. The shape of modern bangles can vary depending on the designer's interpretation; with organic shapes that challenge traditional perfect circle designs. Bangles and bracelets are worn on the forearm, between the widest part of the arm and the wrist bone. Closed bangles are put on by sliding the bangle over the knuckles of the hand.

When you buy a bangle, it is important to find the right size for a perfect fit because a wrong-size closed bangle won't easily slide over your hand when you put it on or take it off.

  • If a bangle is too small, you will struggle to put it on
  • If too large, bangles fall off your hand easily
  • You also need the right-sized bangle to get the look you want
  • How to measure for the right-sized bangle

    There are 3 ways to measure bangle size:

    1. Measure your hand circumference to get the right-sized closed bangle.

    2. Measure your wrist for cuff styles, hinged bangles or open bangles that are meant to fit snugly around your wrist or just above it.

    3. Measure a Bangle that fits you well to find its diameter.

    You will need…

    A flexible measuring tape or a piece of ribbon or string and a straight ruler


    A bangle that fits you well

    1. Measuring your hand width

    Step 1: To measure the hand, position it as though putting on a bangle (tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand)

    Step 2: Wrap the measuring tape around the knuckles including the thumb knuckle. Note the measurement at the point of overlap. This is your exact hand circumference/size.

    2. Measure your wrist size

    Step 1: Wrap the tape measure around the wrist bone, so that it fits snugly without feeling too tight or too loose.

    Step 2: Mark where the tape measure overlaps. This is the exact circumference of your wrist.

    Note: You can substitute the measuring tape with a string or ribbon and use a straight ruler to measure the length from the point of overlap to the end.

    3. Measuring the diameter of an existing bangle that fits you well

    Place a straight ruler over the bangle and measure across its middle from one inner edge to the other. The measurement in mm/cm/inches will give you the correct size in internal diameter.

    If you have a bangle that fits you well, we recommend you measure its internal diameter and this measurement will be your guide as to which size bangle you need.

    To convert diameter to circumference, you should multiply the diameter by 3.14 (C = 3.14 x D) or use an online converter

    Understanding bangle size charts

    You may have noticed that brands differ in the way they define sizing and measurements; some use circumference while others define sizes in diameters.

    Bangles in our fine selections come in different sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large. So, here are a few essential tips on measurements and sizes to help you figure out what size fits you best.

    Bangle size charts show either the inner diameter (Ø) or inside circumference of a bangle

    Internal Diameter of a bangle = The total circumference of your hand measurement divided by 3.14 (Internal Diameter Ø = Circumference/3.14)

    Size charts usually show internal diameter in millimetres (mm) and circumference in centimetres (cm) or inches (1" = 2.5 cm)

    The chart below gives you an idea about the inner diameter/circumference corresponding to each bangle size. Now you can choose the size that falls closest to your measurement and fits your preferences: do you want a tight or a loose fit?

    Note: This chart is not standard for all brands but is only a reference to help you understand sizing

    Understanding Bangle Measurements

    Wrist Measure Range
    (inches" / cm)
    Bangle Circumference
    (inches" / cm)
    Bangle Diameter
    (inches" / mm, rounded)
    5 - 5.5"
    13 -14cm
    5.7 - 6.1"
    14.5 - 15.5cm
    1.8 - 2"
    48 - 51mm
    5.5 - 7"
    14 - 17.7cm
    6.5 - 6.9"
    16.5 - 17.5cm
    2.13 - 2.25"
    54 - 57mm
    7 - 8"
    17.7 - 20.3cm
    7.2 - 7.7"
    18.5 - 19.5cm
    2.38 - 2.50"
    60 - 64mm
    8.5 - 9"
    21.5 - 22.6cm

    Choosing the right size for different bangle styles

    Below are the three basic bangle types that you will come across.

    Open bangles & wrist cuffs come with a gap in their circumference which allows you to slip them on easily. Some open styles are also semi-adjustable. For open bangle styles, choose the size closest to your hand measurement.

    For example, if your hand circumference is 18 cm (7”) choose an open bangle size closest to 18 cm (7") for a comfortable or snug fit, or the next half-size for a looser fit.

    Some open styles are thicker and designed to fit around your wrist. These are called wrist cuffs and they should be worn in a comfortable, snug fit. For wrist cuffs choose the size closest to your wrist circumference measurement.

    Hinged bangles open up on a hinge and close with a clasp allowing you to wear them easily. Clasp-style bangles eliminate the need for you to base your sizing on your hand. It can be stretched out to fit over wrists instead!

    Shopping for bangle gifts? Size and fit is less of a problem when you choose hinged bangles! The regular size for hinged bangles usually falls between 60-63.7mm (inner diameter) when closed.

    Closed bangles are best selected based on your hand size for an average fit. A snug fit is when you can easily run your index or little finger around the bangle's internal diameter when you are wearing it. For a looser fit, you can choose a bangle one size larger.

    For example, if your hand circumference (around your knuckles) is 18cm (7”) choose a closed bangle in the size closest to your hand measurement or one size up for a good fit. The bangle may slide off your hand if it's any looser.

    Things to consider when choosing a bangle bracelet

    Large statement cuffs make a bold impression worn and clasped snugly to your forearm. Cuffs are an easy-to-wear, one-size adjustable fit. You should also note that the bangle's width often affects size. Wider bangles tend to fit more snugly than slim ones.

    Create a casual layered look by stacking slim closed bangles in multiple colours that slide over the hand and move loosely on your arm. Ensure a comfortable fit by measuring your hand for your closed bangle size.

    Gem-studded bangles are usually hinged with a clasp or lock to allow your precious bangle to be worn securely. The hinge allows the bangle to be opened and closed when put on or removed so that the fit is perfect when closed. Measure your wrist for a comfortable fit.

    If you need personal guidance

    You can always reach out

    Have no worries when you shop online for bangles here. We guide and help customers all over the world on a daily basis, and our jewellery experts will do whatever it takes to find the perfect fit and size for the jewellery you're looking for.

    And please remember if you are still in doubt, you can shop safely with us. We guarantee that you can always exchange or resize your purchase within 30 days.

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