Flower Power Ear Jacket GoldFlower Power Ear Jacket Gold
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My Precious Flower Pendant Gold, Green Chrome Diopside
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Furaha Earhanger SilverFuraha Earhanger Silver

Polar Jewelry

Furaha Earhanger Silver

740 DKK
Furaha Earhanger Gold Plated with Red zirconiasFuraha Earhanger Gold Plated with Red zirconias
Furaha Earhanger Gold PlatedFuraha Earhanger Gold Plated

Polar Jewelry

Furaha Earhanger Gold Plated

790 DKK
Omamori Flower Necklace Silver, White ZirconiaOmamori Flower Necklace Silver, White Zirconia
Omamori Flower Necklace Gold Plated, White ZirconiaOmamori Flower Necklace Gold Plated, White Zirconia
Sakura Earrings Silver, White PearlsSakura Earrings Silver, White Pearls
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Sakura Earrings Gold Plated, Red CoralSakura Earrings Gold Plated, Red Coral
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Sakura Earrings Gold Plated, White PearlsSakura Earrings Gold Plated, White Pearls
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Sakura Earcrawler Earring Silver, Red CoralSakura Earcrawler Earring Silver, Red Coral
Sakura Earcrawler Earring Gold Plated, Red CoralSakura Earcrawler Earring Gold Plated, Red Coral
Sakura Earcrawler Earring Gold Plated, White PearlSakura Earcrawler Earring Gold Plated, White Pearl
Chrysanthemum Earring SilverChrysanthemum Earring Silver
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Polar Jewelry

Chrysanthemum Earring Silver

1.090 DKK
Chrysanthemum Earring Gold PlatedChrysanthemum Earring Gold Plated
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Polar Jewelry

Chrysanthemum Earring Gold Plated

2.290 DKK

Flower Jewellery

If you are looking for jewellery with a floral motif, you have come to the right place.

We have gathered the finest selection of jewellery with flowers from the most talented designers.

You will find the nicest flower jewellery in silver, gold and gold plated silver and in many different sizes and floral motifs.

The extremely popular original and beautiful Daisy jewellery from Georg Jensen, as the most coveted floral jewellery.

Jewellery with floral motifs has always been popular due to their attractive expression. Flower jewellery is feminine and the shapes are soft and pleases the eye.
Flower are timeless and so are the jewellery thats made to look like flowers. You will never become tired of wearing the pretty floral jewellery. A piece of jewellery with a floral motif will suit any occasion. It never gets too solemn and can be worn with other jewellery without it looking unstylish. Flower jewellery spreads joy whether it is a rose, a tulip or a Daisy. Most women have positive memories associated with flowers and flower jewellery and yet another benefit is that floral jewellery can be passed down from generation to generation.

Floral jewellery in gold and silver

Whether you are into gold or silver or even rose gold or white gold, we have floral jewellery you can explore.

Flower jewellery is available in several shapes, sizes and variations. Are you in for large detailed flowers or small discreet floral jewellery where a small diamond is perfectly placed in the center surrounded by flower petals, well we’re convinced that you will find it here.

The importance of flower jewellery

Floral jewellery can be given many different meanings and the symbolism depends, among other things, on whether they are inspired by Danish flowers or flowers from other cultures. Foreign flowers, such as the Japanese Sakura cherry flower or lotus flowers are of great importance in certain cultures and therefore you will find several pieces of jewellery that portray these flowers. In many different cultures, especially in Eastern religions, the lotus flower is considered as a symbol of purity, enlightenment and rebirth.

Where chrysanthemum means loyalty and love, the Daisy is thought to mean innocence and purity. The most popular floral jewellery to date are the iconic daisy jewellery from Georg Jensen.

Symbolism or not, the beautiful flower jewellery deserves appreciation for their beauty. And not least, they or rather the designers should be recognized for the detailed work that lies behind the creation of a gold or silver floral jewellery that can even be worn in the ear, around the arm, neck or on the finger.

Daisy Jewellery

The story of the original Daisy jewellery dates back to the birth of HRH Queen Margrethe II as danish Georg Jensen designed a special Daisy brooch for the Queen when she was born. Her nickname even is Daisy and thus the Daisy flower brooch was always perfect for her. She is often seen with the elegant Daisy  brooch and the Daisy jewellery is clearly among her favorites when it comes to jewellery.

The latest Daisy expansion from Georg Jensen are daisies adorned with real diamonds. The diamonds add a feminine and extremely beautiful look as the diamonds shine side by side with gold or silver and the fine white enamel color.
The new diamond adorned Daisy Bling jewellery are also available amongst the pretty flower jewellery selection. The Daisy  series is available as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and finger rings

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