Letter X 18K Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsLetter X 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Letter X 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Fusion 18K Rosegold, Gold & Whitegold RingsFusion 18K Rosegold, Gold & Whitegold Rings
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Fusion 18K Rosegold Rings w. DiamondsFusion 18K Rosegold Rings w. Diamonds

Georg Jensen

Fusion 18K Rosegold Rings w. Diamonds
26.950,00 DKK
Absolutely Slim Knot 18K Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Absolutely Fat Knot 18K Rosegold RingAbsolutely Fat Knot 18K Rosegold Ring
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Monkey Stackable 18K Rosegold, Gold & Silver RingMonkey Stackable 18K Rosegold, Gold & Silver Ring
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Bibi van der Velden

Monkey Stackable 18K Rosegold, Gold & Silver Ring
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Fusion 18K Rosegold RingFusion 18K Rosegold Ring

Georg Jensen

Fusion 18K Rosegold Ring
8.975,00 DKK

A rose gold ring in soft blush tones combines the value of gold with a hint of romance and love. Rose gold is a splendid choice for rings, whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding band, an anniversary ring, or a ring to celebrate a milestone. We invite you to browse our curated selection of the best rose gold rings from noted jewellery brands and designers in the world. Here you will discover handcrafted styles in an unbeatable price range, that you will want to add to your personal ring collection.

• Are rings in rose gold real?
• Rose gold ring styles
• Stacking rosegold rings

A rose gold ring is poetry in gold!

A rose gold ring is the romantic version of the valuable traditional yellow gold. You will want to invest in rose gold rings because first of all, rose gold is a durable and long-lasting copper alloy of solid gold. Next, the elegant, blush tone of a rose gold ring exudes a romantic and feminine appeal which is hard to resist. Furthermore, rose gold rings suit all skin tones.

Is rose gold real gold
A common question is whether a rose gold ring is made of “real” or solid gold. The answer is, “Yes, it is real!”. The unique colour of rose gold is achieved by alloying pure gold with copper and silver. Hallmarked 18K rose gold comprises 75% pure gold and 25% copper and silver alloys, while 14K rose gold is 58.3% pure gold alloyed with 41.7% copper and silver.

Is rose gold a good choice for engagement rings?
Rose gold is the perfect choice for those who wish to explore novelty in their jewellery. You might often want a ring that is not as bright as yellow gold or as colourless as white gold. A rose gold ring is then a win-win proposition.

Rose gold rings in different styles

You cannot help but be drawn to the delicate colour of rose gold, especially when it is crafted into a gorgeous ring. A rose gold ring stands out regally among the white gold and yellow gold ones. Rose gold rings come in lovely solid designs and diamond- and gemstone-studded ones that will capture your heart and soul.

Rose gold bands

Rose gold bands in simple designs without gemstones are perfect for those who prefer understated, minimalism in their ring style. Simple bands in shiny, satin, or matt finish or wide statement bands that are elaborately crafted and stand out for their design and artisanship.

Rose gold engagement and wedding rings

Rose gold engagement and wedding rings are all the rage these days. More and more men and women opt for rose gold ring sets—a rose gold wedding band, and a rose gold engagement ring to complement each other. Rose gold is especially an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Rose gold diamond rings

Rose gold diamond rings are special as engagement and wedding rings. A solitaire diamond ring in rose gold holds the first place for engagement rings. Diamonds set in rose gold have a romantic allure and are especially lovely and unique compared to their yellow and white gold versions. Several of our designers use recycled rose gold and conflict-free or recycled diamonds in their rose gold items.

Rose gold gemstone rings

Rose gold rings with precious and semi-precious gems, such as a birthstone, make stunning conversation starters. Coloured gemstones look beautiful in a rose gold setting. For instance, an October-born woman may fancy a rose gold opal ring because opal is her birthstone and because the gem looks particularly attractive with rose gold.

Rose gold signet ring

Rose gold signet rings are a modern take on traditional signet rings made in yellow gold. Available in 10K to 18K gold these classic rings are designed to be worn on the pinkie finger. A rose gold signet ring may have a round, oval, or square top with an engraved sign or letter. Some modern styles have gemstone tops for added style.

Stacking rose gold rings

Ring stacking is a growing jewellery trend. Slim stackers in rose gold look exclusive and sophisticated.
♥ You may wear rose gold stacking rings with other gold rings or silver rings; the options are endless.
♥ A rose gold eternity ring can be worn with other rings such as engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, etc. However, a ring stack need not include engagement or wedding rings.
♥ Wear two- and three-toned rings, which go well with any outfit. Search our ring category for gorgeous rose gold rings combining white, and yellow gold in the same piece.

We hope you find our exclusive rose gold ring selection interesting. There is a variety of styles that you can view on this page. Apply filters to your search to get the best results when you are browsing for a specific product. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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