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The most romantic of all jewellery, rings are a symbol of eternity, faithfulness and remembrance. Beautiful and elegant, rose gold rings are all the rage today. The lovely reddish hue of rose gold adds a romance, quite unlike anything else, to already stylish designs. Rose gold is the perfect choice for those who wish to explore novelty in their jewellery. The distinct rosy blush of rose gold has given it a trendy expression in contrast to the traditional yellow gold. Much sought after by the contemporary diva, rose gold rings come in lovely solid designs as well as diamond- and gemstone-studded ones that are sure to steal your heart and soul at one go. Engagement rings and wedding bands in rose gold are a rising trend today, one that shows no signs of slowing down. Rose gold rings have also carved out their own niche in the realm of distinctive workplace jewellery that shines with understated, yet timeless, luxury. The Jewellery Room adores rose gold jewellery for its innate romance and unique radiance. That’s just why we have gone all out to curate the finest rose gold rings from the best designers just for you!

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Rose gold rings are pure poetry. Glorious in their magnificent rosy hues, rose gold rings tingle with the magic of love and fidelity, making them perfect symbols for deep relationships and unforgettable memories. Ever wonder if rose gold is really gold? Yes, it is! Rose gold is essentially a precious alloy comprising pure gold and metals like copper and silver to give it that unique rosy tone. More the copper in the alloy, deeper the reddish shade in rose gold. Rose gold comes in multiple purities such as 18 karat and 14 karat. Hallmarked 18 karat, a piece of rose gold jewellery will have 75% pure gold in it, whereas the 14 karat variant will have 58.3%. Being an alloy, rose gold is also more durable than pure gold and less prone to scratches. Bored of conventional hues in precious jewellery? Come and explore the fabulous world of rose gold jewellery at

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Rose gold rings paint the modern love stories with a deep finesse that’s at once contemporary as well as vintage in expression. They are also a fine reflection of the wearer’s own elegant sense of style. Whether simple bands or dazzling diamond-encrusted rings or colourful gemstone-studded creations, rose gold rings are resplendent, to say the least, and you will find them all at The Jewellery Room is the one-stop shop for all your rose gold dreams. Our founders, Charlotte and Pernille, bring the best of their expertise and experience in the jewellery industry, to masterfully curate excellent collections of high-quality, genuine designer jewellery from the most remarkable ateliers across Europe. Our super-efficient product filters will seek out the right pieces for you and our ring sizing guide will help you find the perfect fit of your chosen rose gold ring. Don't hesitate to use the chat widget on our website to contact our in-house experts for any further guidance you may require.

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