Rock Classic Diamond Hoop S Gold, White DiamondsRock Classic Diamond Hoop S Gold, White Diamonds
Core Necklace 001Core Necklace 001
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Juuls & Karats

Core Necklace 001

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Danaé 1 diamond 0.08 ct. NecklaceDanaé 1 diamond 0.08 ct. Necklace
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Persée Paris

Danaé 1 diamond 0.08 ct. Necklace

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Fryd Diamond Stud Earring L Gold, White DiamondsFryd Diamond Stud Earring L Gold, White Diamonds
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My A Pendant Gold, White DiamondMy A Pendant Gold, White Diamond
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Ro Copenhagen

My A Pendant Gold, White Diamond

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Orbit Dot Stud Earring Whitegold, White DiamondsOrbit Dot Stud Earring Whitegold, White Diamonds
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Elephant Charm Pendant Gold, White DiamondsElephant Charm Pendant Gold, White Diamonds

Ole Lynggaard

Elephant Charm Pendant Gold, White Diamonds

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Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Whitegold, White DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Whitegold, White Diamonds
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Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold, White DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold, White Diamonds

Diamond jewellery: The ‘king of gems’ in a designer setting

Diamonds represent the sun, with their qualities of fire and light, and wearing diamond jewellery imparts this unique power of illumination, perfection, and eternal love. For this reason, men and women around the world have, for centuries, valued this rare and exceptional stone. The Jewellery Room has assembled the best independent designers to showcase these exquisite gems in their rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The beauty and value of diamonds lies in their universal appeal among men and women, who are captivated by the dazzling brilliance of the precious stones. Set in rose gold, white gold, or gold among coloured stones, or on their own, diamond jewellery is simply unmatched in its ability to elevate fashion to a statement in luxury and glamour. Commemorate a special event in your life with the gift of diamond jewellery. Synonymous with eternal fidelity, courage, and commitment, diamonds imbue jewellery pieces with special meaning. From a classic pair of diamond and gold studs, a magnificent pavé-set chunky knot ring in white gold, an elegant prong-set eternity band in rose gold, to a lavish ear cuff, a statement pendant with diamonds set amongst vividly coloured gems, stacked slim bracelets, or organically smooth bangles, there is a piece of diamond jewellery to suit everyone at

Diamonds are forever!

Timeless, classic, and eternal, diamonds really are forever. It is this enduring quality and rarity that is prized so highly and gives natural diamonds in jewellery their investment value. Natural diamonds are formed when carbon atoms are subjected to extreme temperature and pressure deep within the earth’s mantle, over millions of years. Natural diamonds come in a spectrum of colours ranging from red, blue, pink, brown, yellow and white. Red diamonds are the rarest and most expensive. More recently, lab-grown diamonds, also called sustainable or man-made diamonds have become a popular alternative. Using cutting edge technology, a diamond is grown in less than a week from a seed diamond. Once formed, it is cut, polished and graded in the same way as natural diamonds. Lab created diamonds are not fake, they are physically, chemically, and optically the same as natural diamonds. They can be only identified as synthetic through their blue tinge and fluorescent patterns under magnification. As they do not have the same rarity value, lab diamonds are up to 40% cheaper than natural diamonds. In the process of formation of diamonds, inclusions and blemishes can occur that are often invisible to the naked eye. Expert jewellers evaluate a diamond’s value based on four factors: colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Diamond colour affects a diamond’s aesthetic appearance. Natural diamonds are colour graded from D (colourless) to Z (a yellow tint). Up to J is considered near colourless, with K to M being only a faint yellow. While platinum and white gold are used in diamond jewellery to emphasise the fire and ice play of light through a colourless stone, rose and yellow gold complement diamonds at the other end of the colour range. Diamond clarity refers to the purity and rarity of the stone. Inclusions affect the refraction of light through a diamond, detracting from its sparkle. A flawless (FL) or internally flawless (IF) diamond is exceptionally rare, breathtakingly beautiful and highly valued. VVS, VS and S grades are characterised by very, very slight, very slight, or slight inclusions, which are only detectable under 10-power magnification. Cut is the most important factor in determining the beauty of a stone, as it allows light to reflect and refract through all its facets, giving a diamond its brilliant sparkle. The most popular cut for rings is the round cut, with its 58 facets creating a dazzling display. Other fancy cuts include emerald and baguette, which are rectangular in shape with less facets for a larger diamond. The marquise cut is a timeless shape, elongated and flattering on the hand. The pear or teardrop shape is a beautiful combination of the round and marquise cuts. Others include radiant, cushion, and princess cuts. When you choose diamond jewellery, keep in mind that a larger carat weight diamond with a lower clarity grade is a wise choice, particularly in certain settings, such as pavé and bezel, where the full diamond is not exposed. . At the Jewellery Room, all diamonds are verified-authentic, giving our patrons peace of mind in the certified value of their designer jewellery.

A world of designer diamond jewellery at

Talented and unique are keywords used to describe the world’s best independent jewellery designers, curated by The Jewellery Room’s co-founders Pernille and Charlotte. As experts in the jewellery industry, they pride themselves on being more than just another online jewellery shop. They select designers, based on a range of values, from sustainable and ethically sourced materials to a commitment to handcrafted and aesthetic excellence, but above all originality. Their passion for authentic jewellery is an assurance of quality over quantity. Browse online by theme, material, or favourite designer at, using diamond jewellery as a filter to view all the lines in this category from an unparalleled selection of top designers. In both Eastern and Western cultures, diamond jewellery is equally desirable, enhancing both traditional and contemporary attire. As a symbol of lasting fidelity and commitment, nothing conveys this sentiment quite like the gift of a piece of diamond jewellery. We invite you to visit to find your ideal match.

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