Torun 18K Silver & Gold BangleTorun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle
3.640,00 DKK
Piccolo 18K Gold Bracelet w. Grey PearlsPiccolo 18K Gold Bracelet w. Grey Pearls

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Piccolo 18K Gold Bracelet w. Grey Pearls
6.500,00 DKK
My Precious Simple 10K Gold Bracelet
Limited EditionSold out

Carré Jewellery

My Precious Simple 10K Gold Bracelet
790,00 DKK
Core Bracelet 001Core Bracelet 001
Sold out

Juuls & Karats

Core Bracelet 001
1.915,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes 18K Gold BraceletMoonlight Grapes 18K Gold Bracelet

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes 18K Gold Bracelet
8.490,00 DKK
Indian Summer Life 18K Gold BraceletIndian Summer Life 18K Gold Bracelet

Ole Lynggaard

Indian Summer Life 18K Gold Bracelet
5.200,00 DKK
6mm Starter Lock Grey Bracelet
New in

Shamballa Jewels

6mm Starter Lock Grey Bracelet
From 14.850,00 DKK
Plum Life 18K Gold BraceletPlum Life 18K Gold Bracelet

Ole Lynggaard

Plum Life 18K Gold Bracelet
5.200,00 DKK
Vega 18K Gold BangleVega 18K Gold Bangle

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega 18K Gold Bangle
26.900,00 DKK
Lovely Sophie Open 14K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
New in
Safari Life 18K Gold BraceletSafari Life 18K Gold Bracelet

Ole Lynggaard

Safari Life 18K Gold Bracelet
5.200,00 DKK
Golden Day Life 18K Gold BraceletGolden Day Life 18K Gold Bracelet

Ole Lynggaard

Golden Day Life 18K Gold Bracelet
5.200,00 DKK
Grand Ocean Baroque 18K Gold Bracelet w. PearlsGrand Ocean Baroque 18K Gold Bracelet w. Pearls

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Grand Ocean Baroque 18K Gold Bracelet w. Pearls
21.900,00 DKK
Orb Pink Bracelet
New in

Shamballa Jewels

Orb Pink Bracelet
18.500,00 DKK
Petit partie Triple BraceletPetit partie Triple Bracelet
New inSold out

Sara Jin Mi

Petit partie Triple Bracelet
7.800,00 DKK
Glory 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondGlory 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Glory 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamond
9.900,00 DKK
Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0


Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2.0
30.870,00 DKK

A kiss on the hand may feel very, very good, but a diamond and sapphire bracelet lasts forever. ∽ Anita Loos

Miss Anita was right, precious bracelets are day brightners and gold bracelets last forever! A classic adornment for the wrist that is expressive, unisex, and versatile, gold bracelets are fluid versions of bangles and wrist cuffs. We are proud to offer outstanding gold bracelet collections by independent designers whose commitment to uncompromising quality, originality and artistry speaks for itself.

• Gold bracelets for women
• Styling gold bracelets
• What is a solid gold bracelet?
• Trending gold bracelet styles

Gold bracelets for women

Designer gold bracelets come in simple and elegant styles or embellished with diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. They express your individual personality. There is no mood that a gold bracelet cannot express. Gold bracelets for women are available as simple chains or intricate layered designs. Some gold bracelet styles are unisex chunky pieces and curb chain styles, there is a gold bracelet for everyone and for every occasion.

Styling your gold bracelet

We recommend layering your gold bracelets with other favourite pieces. Add a bracelet charm or two for added interest or sentimental value. They team beautifully with all kinds of outfits, from traditional to modern.

Wear a diamond-studded gold bracelet with your business suit to create an aura of powerful sophistication. A gold and pearl bracelet adds a touch of femininity on a date night, or keeps it casual with a beaded gold bracelet.

Gold bracelet clasps, closures and signature pendants

Handcrafted by expert jewellers, our collection of gold bracelets feature a variety of easy-to-wear and adjustable clasps, like spring ring, toggle, and lobster. Delicate and sweet designer signature tags in gold leave a sweet detail on these beauties.

And if you are not sure about your wrist size, be sure to check out our bracelet size guide.

What is a solid gold bracelet?

24 karat (k) gold is the purest form of gold, it is rarely used in jewellery making because it is too soft and will scratch and dent easily. Jewellery designers use real gold in various purities to design some of the most beautiful bracelets. Among our collections you will find solid gold bracelets that come in 9k, 10k and 14k, 18k and 22k hallmarking. Bracelets in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all versions of solid gold of lower karatage.

How can you know it's solid gold?
You can determine If the bracelet is a real or solid gold one by its hallmarking. Quality designer gold bracelets will have gold purity certificates.

Affordable solid gold bracelets

9k to 14k solid gold bracelets are more affordable and suitable for daily-wear because lower karatage of gold indicates a mix of pure solid gold with other metals, making it more durable. These bracelets are resilient to scratches and hold their shape well even with daily use.

Luxury gold bracelets

The finer 22k or 18k solid gold bracelets cost more. 18k gold is an alloy of solid gold with 75 percent pure gold. 18k gold is most prefered for diamond and precious gem settings.

Gold plated bracelets

Ladies of fashion love the affordable designer gold-plated bracelets. You should note that gold plated bracelets only have a top layer of gold, a couple of microns thick! We have a fabulous range of stunning gold plated bracelets that allow you to explore current trends without the hefty price tag.

Trending gold bracelet styles

You will find a vast array of gold bracelets, from glossy polished ones to bracelets embedded with precious stones and even gold bracelets with beautiful enamelling.

No accessory matches the feminine charm of a gold bracelet. But that does not mean gold bracelets are not for men! You will find chunky chain-linked and macrame-corded gold bracelets for handsome dudes among our designer collections.

Gold charm bracelet

Delightful gold charms take on a contemporary, unisex twist with iconic face, letter and zodiac discs on a colourful cord. Playful gold word charms are another modern favourite.

For the more traditional, browse our gold chain bracelets with vibrant coloured mixed gemstones, delicate gold seashells, or sparkle with diamond encrusted hearts and stars.

Gold chain bracelet

Gold chain bracelets are classic, simple and understated. Unadorned by pendants or gemstones, the gold chain bracelet is all about the link shape and size. A large open rectangular linked bracelet worn solo is a great minimalist contemporary look, while multiple fine delicate link gold chains are a pretty combination. A raw chunky curb chain has unisex appeal.

Gold bangle bracelet

The glint and clink of gold bangles on your wrist are irresistible. Bangles are rigid bracelets that are worn by sliding them over your wrist. Multiple bangles accentuate every gesture with their characteristic sliding movement and sound. Gold bangle bracelets are usually closed circles or ellipses but modern beautiful bangle designs present all manner of shapes, such as open or hinged bangles.

Gold tennis bracelet

Known as the ‘little black dress’ of diamond jewellery, the gold tennis bracelet features perfectly matched diamonds, claw-set in a flawless line to create a rivulet of twinkling light on your wrist. The gold tennis bracelet is a classic piece available in multiple lengths for the perfect fit.

Gold cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets are versatile and unisex, the perfect dressy accessory to wear when you want to stand out. Cuffs are open at one end so you can comfortably slide them on, gently squeezing the ends together to adjust it for a comfortable fit. Plain or textured, gold cuff bracelets are an on trend jewellery item that are easy to wear and make a bold statement.

Feel free to talk to us if you need help finding the bracelet you are looking for! Happy bracelet shopping!

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