Collar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsCollar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Fiji 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsFiji 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsShasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Stellar Pearly Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsStellar Pearly Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Pearl and star Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
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Eshvi London

Pearl and star Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
640,00 DKK 800,00 DKK
Classic Pearl Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlClassic Pearl Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
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Marilia 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Silver Necklace w. PearlsSilver Necklace w. Pearls
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Carré Jewellery

Silver Necklace w. Pearls
990,00 DKK
Giant pearl 14K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsGiant pearl 14K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Lucky Teardrops Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsLucky Teardrops Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Padua Cinque Gold Plated Necklace w. White PearlsPadua Cinque Gold Plated Necklace w. White Pearls

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Padua Cinque Gold Plated Necklace w. White Pearls
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Purity 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsPurity 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Carré Jewellery

Purity 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
990,00 DKK

A pearl necklace epitomises grace, elegance, and purity. For a truly feminine feel, all you need is a seamless string of lustrous pearls around your neck. We constantly add to our pearl jewellery collections, outstanding pearl necklaces from Europe’s top-notch designers. These pearl necklaces are made with premium quality pearls and precious metal to evoke special meaning and emotions in the wearer.

• Learn more about pearl necklace
• Real pearl necklaces and how you can spot them
• Pearl necklace styles

Why are pearl necklaces so popular?

Pearl necklaces can never go out of style. Traditionally symbolised as a gemstone of purity and beauty, a pearl necklace had always been every bride’s favourite go-to accessory. But pearl necklaces are now the perfect accessory for everyday wear. Versatile and sophisticated, whether it’s a single pearl on a chain worn with a smart pair of jeans or a refined, stately three-tiered string complementing evening wear, pearls simply add that extra layer of grace and charm to every attire.

What types of pearls can be used for pearl necklaces?

Real pearls may be natural or cultured. Natural pearls are precious, valuable gemstones formed primarily in oyster molluscs. But the pearls most often used in necklaces are the more affordable cultured variety which is named after their places of origin. Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea and Freshwater pearls are all cultured pearls.

Fun fact: Coco Chanel rarely stepped out without a string of pearls adorning her neck and made them a mainstream fashion that every woman would imitate. However, her pearls were fake!!

3 ways to spot real pearl necklaces

Beware: If someone tells you they are selling you a natural pearl necklace, it’s a guaranteed fake! Natural pearls are rare and expensive.

Here are 3 simple checks to see if you have the real thing:
♦ Real freshwater pearls are rarely perfectly round - they can be irregular, oval, or a variety of other shapes. No two cultured pearls will be exactly the same.
♦ Real, cultured pearls have a texture. A smooth, glassy pearl on the other hand is most likely an imitation pearl.
♦ Large drill holes indicate fake pearls.

Styling with pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces can be worn in plenty of elegant styles. A string of pearls with single or multiple strands, a striking pearl pendant fashioned on a chain set in gold, silver or gold-plated silver, or a combination of pearls and precious gemstones are just a few of the sought-after trends of today. Let’s dig in and discover more about pearl necklace styling.

Find your pearl necklace size

Pearl choker necklace

Who can forget the gorgeous triple-layered pearl choker necklace that Princess Diana made immortal as she twirled and swirled on the dance floor with John Travolta? A choker has to fit snugly around your neck, resting either in the centre or on the collarbone and is typically fastened with a clasp. Versatile and easy to style, a rich, luscious choker with strings of pearls looks best on slim, long necks while thin chokers are attractive on a short neck.

Pearl pendant necklace

Pearl pendant necklaces feature various types of pearls set on any gold, silver or gold-plated base, strung on chains. These are apt for everyday wear and have a decent price tag. Pearls can be cushioned snugly in aesthetically designed gold or silver shells, set alongside precious gemstones. Or wear them simply as a single white pearl or one with a soft colour, gracefully hanging on a chain. Though these work beautifully for any occasion, pearl pendant necklaces complement fabulously with smart casuals.

Pearl drop necklace

A pearl drop necklace more or less says it in its name: a simple, radiant pearl drop hung on a string. These come in long and small sizes, combined as a pretty series of pearls in descending order, or a singular pearl that forms the necklace's centrepiece.

Coloured pearl necklace

All pearls are not pristine white. Add more drama to your look with a dash of colour in delightful shades to complement your outfit. Browse through our website for pearl necklaces featuring a range of deep greens, delicate pinks, lustrous greys, mellow creams and unique lavender-shade pearls.

Pearl and gold necklace

A joyous cascade of lustrous pearls sprinkled with a touch of gold is always a bestseller. The classic combination, of pearls set on gold, is a classic, fiery charmer. Whether you want to wear pearl pendants strung on a gold or silver chain, a gold necklace interspersed with your favourite pearls, or a pearl necklace with a gold pendant, the look is always of glorious elegance.

Popular contemporary styles are to wear a plain gold chain along a string of pearls, or a necklace set half and half with gemstones and gold orbs along its length.

Pearl and diamond necklace

Do pearls and diamonds go together on necklaces? Absolutely yes! The fabulous union of pearls and diamonds on a necklace is a statement of allure, sophistication, and femininity. Typically set on gold or silver, the luminous pearl and sparkling diamond on a necklace pendant are a glorious tribute to two of the most sought-after gemstones for jewellery.

Alluring pearl necklace set

There’s nothing like too many pearls! Flaunt your designer pearl necklace combined with our range of pearl chain-pendant necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets to create a spectacular look. Do keep in mind, two or a maximum of three pearl accessories are the perfect set, so choose what will suit you best. You can easily create a fashionable pearl set at an excellent price from our curated collection of beautiful designer pearl jewellery.

Pamper yourself with our stylish collections of pearl necklaces, designed by masters of their craft. Each piece is brought to life with love and artisanal excellence by craftsmen who have nailed style and elegance to perfection.

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