ColorUp Silver Bracelet w. Bead & DiamondColorUp Silver Bracelet w. Bead & Diamond

Alexander Lynggaard

ColorUp Silver Bracelet w. Bead & Diamond
7.200,00 DKK
Core Bracelet 001Core Bracelet 001
Sold out

Juuls & Karats

Core Bracelet 001
1.915,00 DKK
Infinity 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. DiamondsInfinity 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Infinity 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamonds
1.940,00 DKK
Infinity 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsInfinity 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Infinity 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
1.940,00 DKK
Star 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsStar 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Star 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
1.310,00 DKK
Heart 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. DiamondsHeart 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Heart 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamonds
2.200,00 DKK
Diamond Line 0.025 14K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsDiamond Line 0.025 14K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
Sold out
6 mm Black Lock 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamond6 mm Black Lock 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamond

Shamballa Jewels

6 mm Black Lock 18K Whitegold Bracelet w. Diamond
From 11.990,00 DKK
Red Heart 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
New in

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Red Heart 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
1.415,00 DKK
Dangling 18K Rosegold Bracelet w. DiamondsDangling 18K Rosegold Bracelet w. Diamonds
New in

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dangling 18K Rosegold Bracelet w. Diamonds
1.580,00 DKK
Dangling 18K Gold Bracelet w. DiamondsDangling 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
New in

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dangling 18K Gold Bracelet w. Diamonds
1.580,00 DKK

Diamond bracelets dazzle us with their sparkle and beauty. Unrivalled in their power to reflect and disperse light, diamonds are prized for their unique fire. Wearing diamond jewellery is empowering, and for centuries, men and women worldwide have valued this rare and exceptional stone. We too are fascinated by jewellery set with this precious gem. So, we have chosen exclusive designer diamond bracelets to showcase these stars of the jewellery world on your wrist.

• Why are diamond bracelets so popular?
• Styles of fine diamond bracelets
• Unisex style variations in diamond bracelets
• Choosing the perfect diamond bracelet

Diamond bracelets are always in fashion

Diamond bracelets encircle your wrist with sparkling sophistication. These stylish accessories serve as symbols of fidelity, power and courage. They are the perfect gift for a loved one or to yourself to commemorate a milestone event, anniversary, or birthday.

Diamond bracelets for women and men continue to trend on the fashion scene. As a style accessory, a diamond bracelet is the ideal piece of jewellery to showcase diamonds in all their glittering glamour. Designers love to use round brilliants to make all-diamond bracelets and diamond accents, such as charms, pendants, and clasps that add to the beauty of any bracelet.

Different styles of diamond bracelets

A diamond bracelet is the ultimate in luxury, and today, men and women are seen wearing this style accessory with pride. It can be as subtle or striking as desired, reflecting individual taste and style. In our curated selection of designer diamond bracelets, you will find a variety of styles and settings and colours, giving you the chance to find the perfect diamond bracelet that resonates with your personal aesthetic.

Diamond tennis bracelets

Everyone aspires to own a diamond tennis bracelet, which has been perhaps the most popular style of diamond bracelet for decades now. A tennis bracelet with diamonds is usually made in 14k or 18k gold. It is flexible, set with a continuous line of white diamonds or intermingling diamonds and precious or semi-precious coloured gemstones. A tennis bracelet fastens with a clasp.

Diamond chain bracelets

Diamond chain bracelets are dainty beauties comprising a slim gold chain, spaced with diamonds in various designs and settings or hung with diamond-encrusted charms. They look great when paired or mixed with other bracelets for a stacked luxurious look. The simple style makes them an excellent accessory for any occasion every day.

Diamond bangle bracelets

A diamond bangle bracelet is a rigid circle of gold or sterling silver set with diamonds. Diamond bangles can be slipped onto your wrist. Diamond bangle bracelets have been much sought-after fashion accessories for decades and continue to draw many fans.

Diamond cuff bracelets

A diamond cuff bracelet is similar to the diamond bangle bracelet, except for the gap that allows it to be slipped on and off your wrist. Diamond cuff bracelets are a great buy as most are designed to fit any wrist size.

Diamond bracelets by metal

Diamond bracelets are considered fine jewellery. The most popular metals used to make diamond bracelets are gold and silver.

Diamond and gold bracelets

Gold has traditionally been the metal of choice for diamond bracelets. A gold diamond bracelet with diamonds is a definite style statement. Gold is expensive, but you will find the cost worthwhile since diamond bracelets tend to be worn often and treasured for generations. It is a versatile metal that lends itself to moulding and shaping into different designs. Designers and artisans prefer gold of 14k and 18k purity for gold and diamond bracelets.

Diamond bracelets can be had in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. 18k white gold is the popular choice for diamond jewellery. White gold is obtained by alloying pure gold with silver or zinc and is less expensive than platinum. Many women and men, especially those with a lighter skin tone, prefer whitegold diamond bracelets for their understated yet stylish appearance. Gold diamond bracelets stand out brilliantly in yellow gold, an alloy of pure gold, silver, and copper. Romantic rose gold diamond bracelets are an increasingly popular choice especially among brides and bridesmaids; its rosy hue results from alloying pure (24k) gold with copper.

Diamond and silver bracelets

Silver and diamond bracelets too are available. Silver is the more affordable option than gold, but it does tend to tarnish quickly. Silver diamond bracelets are usually rhodium-plated to prevent/delay tarnishing and also because rhodium-plated silver closely resembles platinum.

Other styles in diamond bracelets

Stylish unisex diamond bracelets that men love include, hand-braided and corded macarme bracelets. Thes are highlighted with coloured gemstone beads and a faceted diamonds. Another beautiful variation of this traditional accessory is coloured diamond bracelets, set with diamonds in various hues such as yellow, pink, or even black diamonds, a beautiful variation of the classic accessory.

Diamond bracelets also differ according to the diamond setting used, such as prong, pavé, bezel, channel, and more. Also available are bracelets that combine diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gems such as rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds. A classic and well-loved version is the pearl and diamond bracelet, which any woman of discerning taste will love.

Tips for choosing the perfect diamond bracelet

♦ Pay attention to the 4Cs of diamonds when choosing your diamond bracelet. Besides the style of bracelet and the metal used to make it, it is good to be aware of the Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat of the diamond(s) used. These determine the quality and price of the diamond bracelet.

♦ Be aware of the diamonds used in the diamond bracelet you choose. Almost all of them use only conflict-free diamonds, and some even prefer recycled and lab-grown diamonds in consideration of the environment. We endorse very transparent brands and gladly share this information with you.

♦ Be sure to ascertain your size, so your diamond bracelet fits your wrist perfectly. Many bracelets are adjustable from 18.5cm to 16cm and 15cm, but knowing your wrist size is helpful.

Our Bracelet Size Guide will help you find your diamond bracelet size

We hope you enjoy browsing our diamond bracelet collection. Don't hesitate to contact us for any clarifications; we will be happy to assist you.

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