Core Necklace 001Core Necklace 001
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Juuls & Karats

Core Necklace 001
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Rock Hope 18K Whitegold Pendant w. DiamondRock Hope 18K Whitegold Pendant w. Diamond
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Thin chain 18K Whitegold Necklace
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Blue Billie

Thin chain 18K Whitegold Necklace
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Dot 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondDot 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamond
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dot 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamond
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Star 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsStar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Star 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Tiny Star 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsTiny Star 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Tiny Star 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Dangling Chain 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsDangling Chain 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Dangling Pear 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsDangling Pear 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dangling Pear 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Diamonds Lariat 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsDiamonds Lariat 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Double Bar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsDouble Bar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Double Bar 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Circle 18K Whitegold Necklace w. DiamondsCircle 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
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Alexa Fine Jewelry

Circle 18K Whitegold Necklace w. Diamonds
6.920,00 DKK

White gold necklaces are stylish and classy. Popular as daily and office wear jewellery, white gold necklaces are also spellbinding when worn for special occasions. What’s more, white gold necklaces have always been a bride’s favourite for her wedding day jewellery, and there’s nothing quite as mesmerising and glorious as a white gold and pearl or diamond necklace gracing the beautiful wedding gown. Our exclusive collections curated from international design houses have some of the coolest white gold necklaces on offer.

• What is special about white gold necklaces for women?
• White gold chains for necklaces
• White gold necklaces: Styles and types

Here’s why women love white gold necklaces

Who wouldn’t be charmed by the elegant yet sensuous allure of white gold that looks so lovely on every skin tone! And here are four reasons why so many women insist white gold necklaces.

♥ Necklaces crafted in solid white gold are a must-have for your jewellery box because they are valuable, durable and incredibly elegant
♥ White gold is a perfect substitute for the more expensive platinum and less durable silver, encapsulating the best of both metals
♥ What’s more, the lustrous, understated variation of pure white gold radiates a scintillating shine in sophisticated silvery-white tones, which is a sheer pleasure to wear and own
♥ Modern designers love the creative freedom of working with the cool, white-hued precious metal, white gold, to handcraft beautiful necklaces

A question we are asked often: Is white gold real gold?

Indeed, it is! White gold is just as precious as yellow or rose gold. It is a mix of pure 24 karat gold with a strong alloy like palladium. The durability of white gold depends on the amount of alloy mixed in pure gold. Plus, a top plating of rhodium on white gold not only strengthens its surface, it also adds lustre and the silver-white tone to the pale yellowish hue of 14k-18k white gold.

Designer white gold necklace chains: All you need to know

Probably unmatched in its variations and styles for necklaces, the white gold chain necklace is a fabulous option when you want to do away with accessories. A designer white gold chain can hold its own without the need for pendants. Its a pure delight to behold its symmetry, craftsmanship and design aesthetics.

Is white gold suitable for chains?

A well-designed 18k white gold chain is not just light and attractive to wear on its own, but it’s strong enough to sport your favourite pendant. If you are looking to wear a heavier pendant, 14k white gold chains are a better and more affordable option. Chains with higher gold karatage (above 18k) are more malleable and softer, but the rhodium plating on white gold chains makes them more resilient and stronger.

Our Necklace Size Guide offers handy tips for the perfect chain size selection.

Types of white gold chains

White gold chains can be solid gold or hollow. Solid white gold chains are more expensive than their hollow version, but they are far more robust and less inclined to damage. Hollow chains are affordable, light, and easy to wear, but they are also more likely to get dented, and need more delicate care to last longer.

Let’s talk about the more en vogue white gold chain styles here. Link chains like herringbone, omega and snake chains need extra careful handling, as these tend to form kinks and can tangle in your hair and attire. Anchor, curb, rolo, figaro and box chains are more popular and easier to manage.

Selecting the right white gold chain clasp
White gold chains usually close with a round spring clasp or a lobster clasp. The lobster clasp is hands down the preferred fastener for white gold link chains. Its mechanism is solid, which ensures it is sturdy and will not open by itself.

White gold necklace styles for women

White gold necklaces resonate with a sophisticated and serene aura. A necklace is jewellery worn around the neck and may come embellished with gemstones or be plain in design. Necklaces are often identified by its material and pendants it carries. It may carry an integrated pendant as a focal point of interset or you can remove or add pendants to the necklace chain. Below are some of the beautiful styles you will find in our white gold necklace collections.

White gold and diamond necklace

The silvery tones of white gold necklace settings magnifies the brilliant sparkle of diamonds. Our diamond necklace collections offer a range of white gold and diamond necklaces that capture the icy fire of diamonds in pendants. Cut in shapes as myriad as the mysterious elements of the galaxy, nature-inspired charms, bees and butterflies, shells and geometrical shapes, whitegold necklaces carry diamond splendour brilliantly! From a single solitaire pendant reflecting grace and style to clusters of brilliant diamonds radiating scintillating charm, we showcase an exquisite collection of white gold necklaces here.

White gold heart necklace

When it’s time to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary, Valentine’s day, no gift compares to a heart necklace in white gold. Polished, matt-finished, textured or set with twinkling diamonds and gemstones, necklace with heart-shaped pendants are keepers for life. We recommend the quintessential heart-shaped white gold centrepiece carpeted with glittering diamonds in a rich, lustrous texture, hanging on a dainty white gold chain.

White gold locket necklace

Evocative of precious sentiments, white gold locket necklaces are back with a bang! In vogue during the 1920s, locket pendants were crafted in many designs and shapes, but the heart-shaped locket has timeless appeal. Capturing a cherished moment that you want to hold on to forever, the locket can hold a photo, an engraving, and sometimes a tiny sentimental object that is a constant reminder of a special person or memory in time.

White gold letter and initials necklace

You simply can’t go wrong with a white gold letter or initials necklace. There are plenty of ways to express affection with jewellery, yet a plain or swanky letter or initials pendant suspended from a white gold chain is still cherished as an incredibly heart-warming gesture. Select the letter of your loved one’s name or stack initials together on a white gold chain to personalise your gift. Present it on birthdays, graduation, or just because you want to make someone’s day special. Available in exciting designs, styles and sizes, some with precious gemstones and others polished or textured, every single piece in our collections is a source of pure joy!

Go ahead and enjoy browsing our fantabulous white gold necklace collections to decide on which one wins your heart!

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