Moonlight Grapes simple Silver StudsMoonlight Grapes simple Silver Studs
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes simple Silver Studs
995,00 DKK
Mercy Swirl Silver EarringsMercy Swirl Silver Earrings
Iconic Piece

Georg Jensen

Mercy Swirl Silver Earrings
1.250,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Silver EarringsMoonlight Grapes Silver Earrings

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Silver Earrings
1.750,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Short Crawler Silver EarringsMoonlight Grapes Short Crawler Silver Earrings
New in
Torun Silver BangleTorun Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun Silver Bangle
2.750,00 DKK
Torun 18K Silver & Gold BangleTorun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle
3.850,00 DKK
ColorUp (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Agate

Alexander Lynggaard

ColorUp (6mm) Silver Bracelet w. Agate
500,00 DKK
IX Curb Bracelet SilverIX Curb Bracelet Silver

IX Studios

IX Curb Bracelet Silver
699,00 DKK
Small Mercy Silver RingSmall Mercy Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Small Mercy Silver Ring
1.500,00 DKK
Mercy small pendant Silver NecklaceMercy small pendant Silver Necklace

Georg Jensen

Mercy small pendant Silver Necklace
1.250,00 DKK
Large Mercy Silver RingLarge Mercy Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Large Mercy Silver Ring
1.750,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Silver StudsMoonlight Grapes Silver Studs

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Silver Studs
1.750,00 DKK
Daisy 11 mm. Silver EarringsDaisy 11 mm. Silver Earrings
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy 11 mm. Silver Earrings
1.100,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Oxidized Silver RingMoonlight Grapes Oxidized Silver Ring
New in

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Oxidized Silver Ring
1.350,00 DKK
Daisy 18 mm. Silver NecklaceDaisy 18 mm. Silver Necklace
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy 18 mm. Silver Necklace
1.400,00 DKK
Daisy 7 mm. Silver Earrings
Great giftSold out

Georg Jensen

Daisy 7 mm. Silver Earrings
850,00 DKK
Offspring Double Silver HoopsOffspring Double Silver Hoops

Georg Jensen

Offspring Double Silver Hoops
2.500,00 DKK
Small Moonlight Grapes Silver RingSmall Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Small Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
2.995,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Silver Bracelet w. Silver BeadsMoonlight Grapes Silver Bracelet w. Silver Beads
New in
Moonlight Grapes Thin Silver NecklaceMoonlight Grapes Thin Silver Necklace
New in

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Thin Silver Necklace
1.400,00 DKK

Trendy. Timeless. Dressy. Jewellery in silver is classically elegant, shiny and precious.

Silver jewellery has been a favourite in almost every era of the civilised world. Bright and magical, silver jewellery offers such a unique vibe that nothing can quite match its appeal. It symbolises purity and projects a graceful image of sophisticated elegance. You are sure to fall deeply in love with our stunning collection of designer silver jewellery that inspires as well as delights.

• Learn about silver jewellery
• What is real silver called in jewellery?
• Designer sterling silver jewellery styles
• Silver jewellery care

Pure silver or sterling silver?

Pure silver or fine silver with 99.9% purity is too soft a metal for creating lasting jewellery. Plus it can easily tarnish as well.

That’s where sterling silver comes to the rescue. In jewellery real silver is called sterling silver which is an alloy of pure silver and copper or zinc. Sterling silver has a purity of 92.5% making it an excellent material for jewellery. It is often hallmarked 925 attesting to its purity.

How can you tell it's real silver?

The easiest way to ascertain if a piece of jewellery is real silver is to check for hallmarking. Jewellery stamped 925 indicates it is sterling silver. There are other purities such as 935, 800 etc. as well. Most designer brands' labels also specify the purity of their silver jewellery.

Although not welcome, the presence of tarnish is a sign of purity. Real silver tarnishes upon exposure to oxidising elements.

Why buy fine sterling silver jewellery?

In terms of beauty and versatility, not to mention affordability, fine sterling silver jewellery has proven itself a strong contender in the jewellery business. It is loved for the easy elegance that it brings to every look. The cool tones of moonlight are preferred by those who wish to steer clear of the traditional yellow gold.

So if you are looking for something that’s classy, durable and economical, sterling silver jewellery is just what you may be looking for! Be spellbound by extensive collections of empowering designs in fine sterling silver that are also comfortable to wear.

Silver jewellery for women

Silver jewellery has devoted fans among women of all tastes and ages. It can be found in a variety of fascinating finishes ranging from gleaming white to dark matte. Silver jewellery also looks incredible with tones of warm yellow and rose gold incorporated into the icy lustre of pure silver.

Beautiful silver jewellery ticks all the right boxes when it comes to super-chic yet super-affordable fine jewellery. The cool sophistication of sterling silver makes it a hit with professionals who care about setting a distinct standard of style at the workplace. It is also great for daily wear and easy styling, being a strong and durable material.

Wearing silver is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, and even protection from harm. Now that’s yet another reason to get yourself some pretty pieces in silver.

Fine designer silver jewellery

Jewellery designers have always loved this gorgeous metal as a medium for their creativity, giving rise to an incredible variety of exciting silver jewellery. There is literally a veritable bounty out there awaiting the connoisseurs of fine silver jewellery.

The styles available transcend the bounds of expectation and imagination, resulting in exquisite necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings and more that promise to bring you the joy of owning jewellery that is an extension of all that’s you.

Silver necklaces

Silver necklaces are mesmerising in their sweet charm. You can find bold statements as well as quiet glamour among silver necklaces to suit your style. Chunky sterling silver chains and complex necklaces have a modern boho-chic appeal that is quite trendy now.

The clean-cut designs in silver with modest pendants have always been a go-to for effortless elegance for the daily hustle. Available in varying lengths,they also look fantastic when artfully layered, creating unique combinations.

Silver rings

Silver rings exude an aura of unpretentious class. They range from simple bands of gleaming metal to incredible works of art featuring precious and semi-precious stones. Engagement and wedding bands in silver are much loved for their serene beauty. Birthstone rings in silver are deemed extremely popular as gifts for loved ones.

Silver bracelets and anklets

Silver bracelets and anklets add an interesting dimension to your style. Available in a variety of designs from minimalist to larger-than-life, silver bracelets are for everyone who likes a dash of glam that is highly visible.

Silver anklets can be found as singles and pairs. They could bring to play an element of quaint charm, especially with outfits and footwear that show off your fine ankles.

Unisex silver jewellery

In a time where gender lines are blurring to a beautiful effect, unisex silver jewellery is in immense demand everywhere. These pieces exhibit unrestrained creativity that goes hand in hand with the exploration of self-expression as well as individual aesthetics. Design houses are furiously following this trend to bring out striking collections of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are gorgeous and gender-neutral, allowing everyone to enjoy these beauties.

Couples who love to share can now share their jewellery as well!

Silver jewellery gift sets

Silver jewellery makes excellent gifts. You can easily find gorgeous fine silver jewelery sets and trendy combinations to fit your needs as well as budget.

Bridal sets in sterling silver are especially sought after for their pristine beauty and affordability. From rustic designs to sleek pieces, silver jewellery offers endless choices brides on a budget.

Modern silver jewellery

Modern silver jewellery is exciting in its array of designs that cater to the fast-changing trends of today. The contemporary woman is particular about her style and craves for jewellery that is distinct and helps her stand out in a crowd. That said, it also needs to be mentioned that with our fine online collections of designer silver jewellery, it is now quite effortless to find luxurious silver jewellery pieces that fits in perfectly with your specifications.

Handcrafted silver designer jewellery

Fine jewellery in silver are exquisitely crafted to match the beauty of high-end designs in pricey platinum and white gold but without the hefty cost. When paired with good quality cubic zirconia, designer silver jewellery is next to impossible to distinguish from expensive diamond-studded white gold designs. It often makes silver designer jewellery an extremely affordable yet thoroughly stunning option when it comes to buying jewellery.

Oxidised silver jewellery

Oxidised silver is a big hit for its quaint, understated beauty. Women often prefer it for its unique dark tone and the vintage feel.

Textured silver jewellery

Textured silver jewellery also has its own set of faithful fans. Such pieces offer an interesting dimension to conventional necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Danish design silver jewellery

Danish designs are renowned for their cool sophistication and clean lines. Traditional Danish designer silver jewellery is flawlessly crafted in sterling silver. In our Danish and Scandinavian collections you will find inspired pieces that enchant with their refined class and striking contours.

Handcrafted designer pieces

Jewellery houses are constantly redefining their collections of designer silver jewellery to stay relevant to changing fashions. We have curated some amazing designer jewelleryin sterling silver from some of the best jewellery brands from Scandinavia, Germany, Paris, London, with the added spice of the Middle East and Far East thrown in.

These handcrafted designer pieces with unique stories and inspirations, are drenched in timeless style. You will find here zany silver pieces for when you want to flaunt your unique vibe, and chic, wearable contemporary designs for everyday elegance with vibrance and colour that will blow you away.

Silver jewellery care

We agree that fine sterling silver jewellery is beautiful, affordable and quite resistant to wear and tarnish. However, a little care can go a long way in preserving your favorite silver jewellery for decades to come.

While water won’t ruin your sterling silver jewellery, it may speed up the tarnishing process, so it’s best to take silver jewelry off before you shower, wash your hands, or do the dishes.

Chemicals, whether in your perfume, swimming pool, sea water or sweat, can also make your silver tarnish more quickly, so consider putting your jewelry on after you have spritzed your fragrance and removing it before you bathe in the sea, play sports or work out.

Finally, jewellery storage is of highest importance! Invest in a good quality, felt-lined jewellery case to keep your gold an silver jewellery safe and scratch free.

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