What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds, are a relatively new type of diamond that has become more popular in the jewellery industry in recent years. These diamonds are created in laboratories using technology that simulates the same conditions found in nature where natural diamonds are formed.

Are Lab-Grown diamonds real?

Lab-Grown diamonds ARE real diamonds! They look like natural diamonds and have virtually the same chemical, optical and physical properties and structure as natural diamonds.

The difference between Lab-Grown diamonds and mined diamonds is that the former are created in laboratories, while the latter are extracted from underground mines. However, given that both Lab-Grown diamonds and mined diamonds are made from pure carbon, they can have similar physical properties and quality.

Lab-Grown diamonds react to light in the same way as natural diamonds and are just as hard as natural diamonds. The main difference between the two types of diamonds is how they are created, their origin. The GIA, (Gemological Institute of America) which is the de facto standard in diamond grading validates that Lab-Grown diamonds are genuine diamonds.

Advantages of Lab-Grown diamonds

One of the advantages of Lab-Grown diamonds is that they are often cheaper than natural diamonds. They can be up to 20-30% cheaper, and sometimes even more. This is mainly because the process of creating Lab-Grown diamonds in laboratories is more cost-effective than mining natural diamonds from the ground. In addition, producing Lab-Grown diamonds is more sustainable as it requires less energy and water than mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown diamonds are sometimes referred to as eco-diamonds because they are more sustainable and less harmful to the environment than natural diamonds. Laboratory-grown diamonds are thus considered to be more economically and environmentally sustainable than mined diamonds.

Although there are many advantages of Lab-Grown diamonds, some people will still choose natural diamonds because of their traditional value and the sense of luxury associated with them. Some people also prefer to own a diamond that is created by nature rather than by humans.

How Lab-Grown diamonds are created

Lab-Grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory using a special technology that can 'grow' a diamond from a diamond nucleus. The technology can simulate the environment in which a mined diamond grows. While it takes millions of years for a natural diamond to grow into a significant diamond, it takes only a few months (depending on size and quality) for a Lab-Grown diamond to reach the same size and quality.

Lab-Grown diamonds are often referred to as Co2 neutral diamonds, eco-diamonds, man-made diamonds or Lab-Grown diamonds.

Should you choose Lab-Grown diamonds or mined diamonds?

Ultimately, the choice of diamond type depends on individual preferences and budget. If you want to buy a high-quality diamond while saving money and being environmentally conscious, a Lab-Grown diamond can be a good choice. If you value tradition and want a diamond that is formed by nature, a natural diamond may be the best choice. Either way, it's important to buy from a trustworthy retailer and make sure you get a lab-grown diamond.

Can you get a diamond certificate for Lab-Grown diamonds?

The answer is yes, lab-grown diamonds in most cases also have a diamond certificate. However, you should remember that it is usually only diamonds over 1 Carat that have a diamond certificate attached to them. So you will find that a diamond certificate is not included if, for example, you buy a piece of jewellery with one or more smaller diamonds.

Which designers use Lab-Grown diamonds?

We have selected the very best designers who create jewellery with Lab-Grown diamonds - and you can see the full range here.

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