Core Necklace 001Core Necklace 001
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Juuls & Karats

Core Necklace 001

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Beaded Piercing 2 pearls hoopBeaded Piercing 2 pearls hoop
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Persée Paris

Beaded Piercing 2 pearls hoop

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Core Bracelet 001Core Bracelet 001
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Juuls & Karats

Core Bracelet 001

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The Star Eternity RingThe Star Eternity Ring
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The Star Eternity Ring

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Fusion Rings Rosegold, Gold, Whitegold
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Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Rosegold, DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Rosegold, Diamonds
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Absolutely Fat Knot Ring RosegoldAbsolutely Fat Knot Ring Rosegold
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Unisex We Ring Rosegold - 5Unisex We Ring Rosegold - 5

Marie Mas

Unisex We Ring Rosegold - 5

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Rose gold jewellery: Romantic, luxurious, and gorgeous

The soft pink hues of rose gold jewellery exude a lustre and warmth that is classically feminine and elegant. Distinctive, yet subtle, rose gold offers a beautiful alternative to yellow and white gold, complementing a variety of skin tones and gemstones. Its versatility and quality allow designers and craftsmen to combine exclusive materials in the creation of their masterpieces, ranging from bold and sophisticated to pretty and whimsical. As delicate as the blush on a bride, the pretty pink tone of rose gold makes it an undeniably romantic choice for engagement and wedding bands. Embodying the spirit of beauty, strength, and love, fine rose gold jewellery imbues the wearer with confidence and style. Jewellery designers choose to craft their pieces in rose gold because of its timeless appeal, creating bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings to last for generations to come. Versatile rose gold complements the sparkle of diamonds, the dazzlingly bright colours of precious rubies, sapphires and emeralds, and the infinitely varied shades of semiprecious stones. To wear an item of rose gold fine jewellery is to appreciate the purity of the metal, the chic and vintage feel of its colour tones and the excellence of enduring quality.

Why rose gold jewellery is the perfect choice

Rose gold is a luscious blend of 24 karat yellow gold, copper, and silver, giving the pure metal the strength and durability required for jewellery. The deeper the rose gold colour, the more copper has been used, with 14 karat rose gold being a reddish gold colour, while 18 karat rose gold is a soft champagne pink. All designers showcased on use both alloys in the creation of their fine jewellery. The lush reddish gold of 14 karat comprises 33.5% copper for a striking colour, while the delicate pink of 18 karat rose gold uses only 22.2% copper for more subtle hues. Made popular by iconic designers in the lavish 1920s, fine rose gold jewellery is enjoying a return to fashion prominence and is featured in many of the exclusive handcrafted designs at Adding another colour dimension to the standard yellow and white gold, rose gold provides designers with the opportunity to craft beautiful fusion pieces, with interlocking yellow, white, and rose gold bands. Stacked slim bands in varied golds, bejewelled with pretty pastel-coloured stones or vivid bright gems, are also a popular choice, while other irresistible designs include fluid organic shapes in matte or polished rose gold, evoking the beauty and spirit of nature.

Select online from the extensive range of designer jewellery at

Shop in comfort, and at your leisure, online at, where the widest range of selected designer jewellery has been curated for your convenience. Browsing by theme, material, or favourite designer makes finding the perfect piece a truly joyful experience. Use rose gold as a filter to view all the lines from top designers in this alluring and luxurious metal. Explore the enchanting story of each collection from bold statement pieces to the fine, intricate jewellery, all hand-crafted from premium, verified, authentic materials for guaranteed satisfaction. Rose gold jewellery has come to be associated with the quintessential woman: beautiful, romantic, and feminine, but its strength, classic elegance, and refinement are also featured in the sleek, modern designs of men’s jewellery. Used to stunning effect in fusion designs with interlocking waves of gold colour or in contemporary designs of rose gold bordered with bands of white gold. Rose gold is used in both men’s and women’s jewellery, often combining with white and/or yellow gold to create refined masculine pieces. Interlocking pendants and rings, showcasing the three gold colours of yellow, white, and rose, symbolise understated luxury and elegance. Shop the finest selection of designer jewellery, curated by The Jewellery Room’s two founders, who are experts in the jewellery industry.

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