Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Whitegold, White DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Whitegold, White Diamonds
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Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold, White DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold, White Diamonds
Shooting Stars Ring Gold, White DiamondsShooting Stars Ring Gold, White Diamonds
Shooting Stars Ring Gold, White DiamondsShooting Stars Ring Gold, White Diamonds
Imagine Round RingImagine Round Ring
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Persée Paris

Imagine Round Ring
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Imagine Pear RingImagine Pear Ring
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Persée Paris

Imagine Pear Ring
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Absolutely Slim Knot Ring GoldAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold


Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold
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Five Diamond Triangle Ring


Five Diamond Triangle Ring
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Varnaya Vana Ring GoldVarnaya Vana Ring Gold
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Anpé Atelier cph

Varnaya Vana Ring Gold
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Nature Ring White gold, White diamonds
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Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Rosegold, DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Rosegold, Diamonds
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Rebecca Ring Gold, White SapphireRebecca Ring Gold, White Sapphire
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The Star Eternity - 18K Whitegold / 48The Star Eternity - 18K Whitegold / 48
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Varnaya Earstud NO. 3 (Single stud)Varnaya Earstud NO. 3 (Single stud)

Anpé Atelier cph

Varnaya Earstud NO. 3 (Single stud)
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Varnaya Necklace NO 2 Gold, SapphiresVarnaya Necklace NO 2 Gold, Sapphires

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Varnaya Necklace NO 2 Gold, Sapphires
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Varnaya Ring Rosa Gold, Diamonds, Sapphire & TourmalineVarnaya Ring Rosa Gold, Diamonds, Sapphire & Tourmaline
Varnaya Earstud NO. 2 (Single stud)Varnaya Earstud NO. 2 (Single stud)

Anpé Atelier cph

Varnaya Earstud NO. 2 (Single stud)
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Varnaya Pipena Ring Gold, Sapphires & SpinelVarnaya Pipena Ring Gold, Sapphires & Spinel
Varnaya Kuda Ring Gold, Diamonds & SapphiresVarnaya Kuda Ring Gold, Diamonds & Sapphires
Varnaya Pasi Ring Gold, SapphiresVarnaya Pasi Ring Gold, Sapphires
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Anpé Atelier cph

Varnaya Pasi Ring Gold, Sapphires
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Varnaya Amatara Ring Gold, Diamonds & SapphiresVarnaya Amatara Ring Gold, Diamonds & Sapphires
Ratu Ring Gold, Diamonds & Red Garnet

Anpé Atelier cph

Ratu Ring Gold, Diamonds & Red Garnet
16.590 DKK
Sulu Ring Rosegold, Diamonds & Pink SapphireSulu Ring Rosegold, Diamonds & Pink Sapphire
Varnaya Dodam Ring Gold, Diamonds & SapphiresVarnaya Dodam Ring Gold, Diamonds & Sapphires

Engagement rings are beyond special. They hold a world of love, promise and commitment in their sparkle and shine. They are designed to mark the gorgeous moment you pop the million-dollar question and she says yes. Being so personally meaningful, it is good news that we have a fantastic selection right here curated from the best designers, with something for everyone. Let us light up your path as you search for your own special token of love, your engagement ring.

Engagement Rings for women and how do you choose one?

With so many type, shape and style choices available in engagement rings, your exciting journey together as a ‘forever couple’ begins right when you start exploring the beautiful world of engagement rings. Remember the engagement ring for your woman is crucial. So make sure to put in the work to find that ring that she can't help but say yes to!

Finding the perfect engagement ring

The perfect engagement ring for women wholly rests on the individual’s personal preference or style and the couple – their unique story and values. When you are choosing the engagement ring for her, keep in mind the following
• What makes her special (shape)
• What she means to you (material)
• What kind of ring she would love to wear everyday (style)

Which is the finger for engagement rings?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Also known as the ring finger, this romanticised finger is believed to have a vein connecting directly to the heart!

And keep in mind that ring sizing is very important for everyday rings like the engagement and wedding rings. An engagement ring has to be comfortable and safe on your beloved’s finger. It's always best to have her ring finger measured. Check out our ring sizing guide here for perfect fitting.

Engagement rings—materials

Engagement rings are mostly made from precious metals such as gold and silver. These in combination with diamonds and other gemstones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds, make for a visual treat.

Gold engagement rings

Ever popular, gold engagement rings are immensely charming. The warmth of the traditional yellow gold makes a charming backdrop for diamonds and any other gemstone of your choice. Yellow gold when rhodium plated and mixed with metals like nickel and copper yield beautiful white gold and rose gold. Engagement rings in rose gold and white gold are also increasingly sought after for their exotic hues.

It is important to know that gold comes in multiple purities hallmarked as 24, 22, 18 and 14-karat and so on depending on the ratio of gold in 24 parts. The purest form is 24 karat, pure gold with no additives whatsoever.

Hallmarked 22 karat jewellery has 91.6% pure gold.

Higher the purity of gold, higher the cost. Yet, it is also important to know that 22- and 18-karat gold are far more durable than pure 24 karat gold.

Engagement rings in Silver

Silver engagement rings are also extremely popular. The austere moonlight sheen of 925 sterling silver is irresistible for both its beauty and durability, not to mention affordability. Silver pairs beautifully with the icy sparkle of diamonds too.

Gemstones in engagement rings

Earlier than 1940, engagement rings carried coloured gemstones. It was only later that diamond engagement rings became popular. Modern bespoke styles often include coloured gemstones for personalisation, specifically to highlight the beloved’s birthstone, favourite colour, and so on. So you have freedom to play with colours in your engagement ring if you wish to do so.

Diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings take the crown when it comes to engagement ring choices. Preferred by everyone everywhere, solitaires make drool-worthy engagement rings. Diamonds are also much loved in combination with birthstones and other colourful gemstones for unique expressions in engagement rings.

Diamonds are valued according to the 4 Cs—colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. As far as diamonds are concerned no colour is the best colour.

Clarity is an indicator of inclusions in the stone. It is to be noted that to the untrained eye, inclusions often remain imperceptible.

The cut and setting of the stone determines the level of light interaction within a diamond. Some of the best-loved cuts are round, heart, emerald, oval, marquise, and pear (teardrop).

Diamond weight is measured in carats and is often a part of the description of the engagement ring more than any other C.

Ecogentle, traceable, and Lab-grown diamonds are today much sought-after and make great choices for engagement rings. These are real diamonds and come with authentic grading certificates.

Affordable alternatives to diamonds are diamond simulants like high-quality AAA cubic zirconia stones in handcrafted engagement ring designs.

3 Popular gemstone shapes in engagement rings

Round engagement rings

Classic and traditional, the round shape stands for perfection and unwavering commitment to a lifetime of love.

Teardrop engagement rings

Very popular shape for the bold empowered woman. The teardrop engagement ring with a central pear-shaped diamond is among the most sought after engagement rings.

Oval engagement rings

Much loved by the sophisticated woman, the oval is a trending choice. The elongated form of the oval emphasises the size of the stone, making the ring appear larger.

Trending engagement ring design and styles

Although the solitaire ring is the traditional favourite, there are so many other styles out there to woo your lady love. From timeless to outright quirky, let us explore the best of engagement ring trends that are ruling the scene now.

Classic styles

Forever in vogue, the solitaire ring features a single diamond on a usually simple band, offsetting the beauty and brilliance of the stone perfectly.

Yet another classic style, this one has smaller stones encircling a larger one creating a halo effect around the sparkle of the central stone. The halo works beautifully not just with diamonds but also with coloured gemstones like the ruby or sapphire in the centre, surrounded by glittering diamonds. Oval halos make the ring appear bigger while keeping it classy.

Here is a truly versatile style that can accommodate every taste in its definition. As the name suggests, cluster rings feature groups of gemstones, sometimes of varying sizes and shapes, that can be arranged in both traditional and abstract designs as well as everything in between for some truly unique rings.

Vintage styles

Designs from these eras have quaint motifs like flower clusters and intricate patterns. The diamonds used are often in vintage cuts like rose and old mine.

Art Nouveau/Art Deco:
Such styles offer dramatic pieces with detailed metal work, geometric patterns and lots of coloured gemstones.

This is a heavily ornate style with an antique feel. Perfect for the maximalist with an eye for unique designs, baroque engagement rings are truly distinctive.

Captivatingly classy, the trilogy of stones in this style bears a special significance. They point to the past, present and future of the engaged couple. Play with this style by choosing coloured gemstones for the central stone to add some personal flavours to an otherwise vintage design.

This style has the band curving up on either side of the raised central stone, reminiscent of the arches of old cathedrals.

This style has the ring band splitting next to the central stone, creating the illusion of a larger size. When set with diamonds, the split shank offers an aura of vintage charm.

Contemporary styles

This style has the shank literally paved with tiny diamonds to create a river of fire exuding pure elegance. The pavé setting can also add a special brilliance to other styles as well.

Ideal for the lovers of simple, sleek patterns, the minimalist engagement ring comes in umpteen designs, specifically crafted to wow with muted elegance.

Eternity band
Also known as diamond line rings, eternity bands are ever popular. With the neat arrangement of diamonds or other preferred gemstones going all around the finger, the eternity band is a style in vogue forever. The size and shape of the stones make the ring as jaw-dropping or quietly stunning as you would want.

Tension setting
Gorgeous and sophisticated in its visual elegance, this style features the stone held between the ends of the band by carefully balanced pressure. The absence of traditional setting styles adds to the magic of the seemingly floating stone.

Keeping these trending styles in mind will even help you design your engagement ring. Rest assured, no matter what you are looking for, we got your back in finding you the engagement ring of your dreams.

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