Among gemstones for engagement rings, the pear or teardrop cut is unique. When you choose an engagement ring, you are looking for a unique way to announce “Forever!” “Overjoyed!”, “I found a love…”, “Perfect”. A pear-shaped engagement ring says all these, adding “Brave” to the mix. The creative genius of master gemstone cutters and jewellery designers combine to make exquisite, handcrafted diamond and gemstone engagement rings. Here, you will find a stunning collection of pear-shaped engagement rings from the best designers and bespoke collections in Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond.

• Pear cut engagement rings
• What does a pear cut signify?
• Unique teardrop and pear cut engagement ring designs for women

Pear cut engagement ring highlights

A pear-shaped engagement ring can be an unusual and romantic choice for anyone with a personal flair for unique and eye-catching designs. The distinguished and elegant look of teardrop rings is ideal and will be cherished for many happy years. If you are looking for an engagement ring that can convey subtle meanings through the shape of the gemstone, the pear-cut rings are perfect for you.

Engagement ring choice hint–
♦ Watch out for the "bow-tie": The reflection of light through a pear-cut white diamond may look like a "bow-tie" in its middle—which is undesirable. When choosing your ring, look for a teardrop diamond with the least visual “bow-tie” effect.
♦ Find your perfect pear-cut ring size.

The pear cut is a vintage style
Also called the pear cut, teardrop, or tear-shaped cut, this cut was first designed in the mid-1400s and remains a popular option for elegant rings even centuries later. The pear diamond is still prevalent in vintage jewellery and engagement rings, giving an air of the romances of past eras while still being perfectly cut to today's standards.

The shape
A pear-shaped diamond or gemstone combines the best of the brilliant round cut with the oval or tapered marquise cuts.
♦ Brilliant: Pear-cut diamonds are round at one end and tapered at the other, with a total of 58 facets for the ultimate sparkle and brilliance, just like the round brilliants or oval-cut stones.
♦ Unique: The pear shape marries the perfect symmetry of the round cut diamond with the silhouette of the marquise diamond, creating a striking yet subtle change of pace from every other round-shaped diamond. Because pear diamonds can still be highly brilliant and have a classic look with just a bit of a twist, you will surely love how your pear-shaped diamond creates a unique look.
♦ Ideal proportions: Available are “fatter”, "flatter", and “slimmer” pear shapes; however, the choice of stone shape is essentially a matter of personal preference. The ideal width-to-length ratio of 1:1.5 is considered the most brilliant and aesthetically pleasing choice for pear-shaped stones.

Who would prefer the pear cut stones in engagement rings
♦ The distinctive pear shape is exceptional and, therefore, represents a woman who is empowered, knows her mind, is independent, and champions unique styles.
♦ Pear-cut or teardrop stones are also said to symbolise tears of joy or wedding tears, both relevant associations for an engagement ring.

Designer pear-cut engagement rings for women

When cut in the ideal proportion or measurements, pear-shaped diamonds can be nearly as eye-catching as the traditional round-shaped diamonds.

The solitaire pear cut diamond engagement ring
Solitaire pear cut diamond rings in a classic prong setting are among the current bestselling engagement ring cuts. Engagement rings are set with solitaires in the teardrop-shaped pear-cut specifically for its unique shape without compromising the stone's brilliance.

Unique pear shaped engagement ring styles
♦ Pear-shaped stones are available in halo ring designs or as solitaires framed with baguettes for additional length and sparkle.
♦ In addition to pear-shaped centre stones, this gemstone cut is popular as an accent in cluster engagement ring styles. Pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones often frame more severe shapes such as marquise or princess-cut stones, and they’re also popular side stones to oval shapes.
♦ Diamond line rings or eternity bands are also engagement ring favourites; these styles are excellent when set with a 1-carat pear gemstone.
♦ A teardrop diamond crowning the tip of a spiral ring band paved with brilliants or coloured gemstones is simply exquisite!

Designer engagement rings are not only exclusive but also exquisitely handcrafted, bearing gemstones in every kind of cut to carry the sparkle and theme of the design. Our engagement ring collections are waiting to reveal some exquisite and unique pear-shaped wonders that will rock her boat and leave you just as breathlessly smitten as we are!

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