Kuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsKuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Kuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Hima Kola 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsHima Kola 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Anpé Atelier cph

Hima Kola 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Malene 2.5 White 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondMalene 2.5 White 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Anpé Atelier cph

Malene 2.5 White 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Rainbow 10K Gold Ring w. DiamondRainbow 10K Gold Ring w. Diamond

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Rainbow 10K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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White 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Carré Jewellery

White 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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A solitaire engagement ring is what most women hope for when they imagine the moment when a man pops the question, “Will you marry me?” Solitaire style engagement rings are iconic jewellery items: classic, timeless, and the easiest to match with any wedding ring/band. Displayed here on our platform is a curated selection of handcrafted solitaire engagement rings from well-known brands and creative designers across Europe and abroad. These solitaire rings are very unique in style and design–special just like you.

• What is a solitaire engagement ring?
• Different kinds of solitaire engagement rings
• Solitaire diamond engagement rings

What is a solitaire engagement ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is best described as a ring set with a single prominent diamond or precious gemstone. In the strictest sense, a solitaire engagement ring comprises only one gemstone and a plain and simple band. This single gemstone draws attention with no other embellishments alongside or surrounding it to distract attention from it.

Although any ring set with a single precious gemstone is a solitaire engagement ring, what comes to mind when we hear of solitaires is the diamond. Diamonds have long been the favoured gem for engagement rings. A sparkling solitaire diamond set in a gold ring has come to stand for love and commitment that is strong, precious, and beautiful.

Types of solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement rings can be categorised according to:

♦ Metal
♦ Setting
♦ Gemstone

Solitaire engagement rings by metal
Solitaire engagement rings are now available in white, yellow, and rose gold in purities ranging from 9 to 18 karats. The most popular purities for solitaire engagement rings are 14k (58.3% pure gold + 41.7% alloy) and 18k (75% pure gold + 25% alloy).

Solitaire engagement rings may also be set in rhodium-plated sterling silver. Although the most popular choice continues to be a yellow gold for solitaire engagement rings, when the gemstone is a white diamond the preferred setting is white gold or rhodium-plated sterling silver.

Solitaire engagement rings by setting
Since a solitaire engagement ring focuses on a single precious gemstone, the setting is chosen to highlight its colour and sparkle.
Solitaire engagement rings look best in prong settings because they reflect light to show the solitaire's best advantage.
Solitaire engagement rings also come in bezel settings, which offer better protection for the gemstone but do not allow much light to pass since it is closed on the sides and back.
Modern solitaire engagement ring styles often combine diamonds and other gemstones. Halo rings have a circle of smaller gems around the solitaire. Solitaire engagement rings with pavé-set bands are also a popular design.

Solitaire engagement rings by gemstone
The solitaire in an engagement ring may be any precious gemstone such as a diamond, a ruby, an emerald, or a sapphire. A popular gemstone for a solitaire engagement ring is the birthstone of the lady who will be wearing it.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings
The diamond has long been the gem of choice for engagement rings. The the value/price of the diamonds used in solitaire engagement rings are determined according to the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat (ct). If you are particular about authentic diamonds then buy a diamond solitaire engagement ring with a certificate specifying the grades according to the 4 Cs and whether the diamond is natural/mined or lab-grown.

Solitaire engagement rings vary according to the size of the diamond, which can range upwards from 0.30ct. A 1.0 ct diamond is the most desired size for a solitaire engagement ring, though some couples opt for larger diamonds. Smaller diamonds suit women with petite fingers, while those with longer fingers can wear larger diamonds.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings also differ according to the cut or shape of the diamond. The most popular shapes for solitaire diamonds are round-brilliant, princess and cushion-cut (square), emerald-cut (rectangular), pear-shaped and ovals cuts.

Modern solitaire engagement rings also feature coloured diamonds. While vivid blue, red, yellow, and pink diamond solitaire rings are rare and costly, golden brown cognac diamonds and pale to dark yellow champagne diamonds are very attractive in yellow gold and rose gold settings, and are increasingly popular for their affordable price range among solitaire engagement rings.

We invite you to browse our collections and find the best solitaire engagement ring to please the woman you wish to wed. Please read our Ring Size Guide for helpful information on buying the correct size for your chosen solitaire engagement ring design.
Here’s wishing you Happy Shopping!

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