Diamond Line Ring 0.04Diamond Line Ring 0.04
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Diamond Line Ring 0.04
2.075,00 DKK
Diamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K GoldDiamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K Gold
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Ora Pavé 14K Gold RingOra Pavé 14K Gold Ring

AKVA Jewellery

Ora Pavé 14K Gold Ring
11.500,00 DKK
Mini Mercy 18K Gold RingMini Mercy 18K Gold Ring
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Mini Mercy 18K Gold Ring
8.350,00 DKK
Palea 14K Gold RingPalea 14K Gold Ring

AKVA Jewellery

Palea 14K Gold Ring
6.900,00 DKK
Kuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsKuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
BestsellerSold out

Anpé Atelier cph

Kuda Pic 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
8.000,00 DKK
Magic 18K Whitegold Ring w. DiamondsMagic 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds

Georg Jensen

Magic 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
11.500,00 DKK
Diamond Eternity Ring 0.30Diamond Eternity Ring 0.30
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Diamond Eternity Ring 0.30
7.010,00 DKK
Essential Lines Silver RingEssential Lines Silver Ring
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Maren Jewellery

Essential Lines Silver Ring
1.530,00 DKK
Nature Ring 18K Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsNature Ring 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Ole Lynggaard

Nature Ring 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
12.200,00 DKK
Nature 18K Whitegold Ring w. DiamondsNature 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
Sold out

Ole Lynggaard

Nature 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
12.200,00 DKK
Pink 18K Gold Plated Ring w. QuartzPink 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Quartz

Carré Jewellery

Pink 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Quartz
890,00 DKK
Rainbow 10K Gold Ring w. DiamondRainbow 10K Gold Ring w. Diamond

Carré Jewellery

Rainbow 10K Gold Ring w. Diamond
3.500,00 DKK
Palea Pavé 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondPalea Pavé 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond

AKVA Jewellery

Palea Pavé 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
13.500,00 DKK

“For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me not into temptation. It reminded my husband that it’s time to go home. It has been a source of relief to a dinner companion. It has been a status symbol in the maternity ward.” ~ Erma Bombeck

We know couples spend time and thought when choosing wedding rings because they are tokens of a lifetime commitment to each other. With this in mind, we have curated a fine selection of designer wedding rings from trending brands to suit different tastes, and we are sure you will find the ones that will win your and your partner’s heart.

• Learn about wedding rings
• What does a ring symbolise in marriage?
• Styles and types of wedding rings
• How do you choose a wedding ring?

Wedding rings: A symbol of lifelong love and commitment

Wedding rings are symbolic circles of fidelity and eternity. When you buy a wedding ring, you are looking for something that will last you forever. Whatever your taste or budget, you are not making a frivolous purchase but intend to buy something you see yourself wearing for many years. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”

It tells your story—about your love and a sacred union

The wedding ring symbolises not only marital status. Wedding rings formalise the union between two people and identify them as a couple in the eyes of their friends, family and society. When you see a wedding ring on someone’s finger, you know they are spoken for, and the message is clearly: “I am not available.” Above all, wedding rings stand for fidelity, being true to each other, and their commitment to stand by each other.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”

The ring finger

“With this ring, I thee wed.” The wedding ring is placed on the ring finger with these words we have heard so many times that they have become synonymous with marriage. Wedding culture and historic records show that wedding rings have been worn on any finger. However, in anglo saxon and western traditions, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of your left hand because it is thought that, a vein leads directly from this finger to the heart! You might also find it interesting that, couples in Asia, Spain, Russia, Norway, and Germany wear their wedding rings on the right hand.

Things to consider before you buy 'the ring'

When buying a wedding ring, you will not just be investing money but a lot of thought, love, and hope. Whatever your taste or budget, you are not making a frivolous purchase but intend to buy something you see yourself wearing for many years.

So, we recommend you take your time to decide on how your wedding ring will be. Here are some tips:

♦ Browse our curated collections of beautiful wedding rings from the most talented and quality-conscious jewellery brands in Europe and the rest of the world
♦ Find the design and style you want
♦ Decide whether you want a white gold wedding band or one in yellow or rose gold
♦ Do you want your wedding ring set with diamonds or other gemstones?
♦ Do you want your wedding band engraved with your monogram?

Choosing the right wedding ring

Today, wedding rings and wedding bands are available in many styles and choices of materials, designs, and finishes for women and men. Once you settle on the kind of wedding ring and the design you want, you will need to decide on the size of the ring you wish to purchase. Are you wondering how to do that? We have the solution: simply use our handy Ring Size Guide to choose the perfect fit for your wedding ring.

Find your wedding ring size

Let’s explore the different choices available today for wedding rings.

So many styles and types of wedding rings to choose from

Weddings—ah, the celebration of a couple's commitment to each other. The beginning of their journey of togetherness, making a home and many more promises of love. An essential part of the wedding ceremony is the wedding rings.

When shopping for wedding rings, we’d like to offer a few words of caution. There is no such thing as a cheap gold wedding ring. Wedding rings are ‘forever rings’. Which means that even on a budget, a bride and groom should be able to invest in solid gold rings – a long lasting material. Buy the best your budget will allow. Even if it is a plain and slim gold ring, it doesn't matter. Just be sure that you do not compromise on quality.

Gold wedding rings

Modern wedding rings and bands are mostly made of solid gold. These rings can vary in purity from 14 karats to 22 karats, but the most popular are 18 karat gold rings, which look great and can withstand wear and tear very well. Gold wedding rings can be had in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Which is the best choice is a matter of personal taste. If you like warm golden tones, then look for yellow gold wedding rings.

Rose gold wedding rings

14k/18k gold with a higher copper content has a lovely pink hue and is called rose gold. Many women love the blushing romance of rose gold, so be different and get your wedding ring made of this version of the precious metal.

White gold wedding rings

If muted minimalist styles are preferred then white gold wedding bands are for you. While platinum is also a favoured metal for wedding rings and bands, most couples prefer white gold in the place of platinum for reasons of cost and the choice of designs available.

White gold is a durable alloy of gold and can be used to handcraft your wedding ring in various designs. Rhodium-plated white gold looks like platinum. White gold is derived when pure gold is alloyed with silver, zinc and nickel. For example, 18 karat white gold comprises 75% pure gold and 25% other metal(s). White gold is a better choice for diamond-set wedding bands as the silvery shine enhances the sparkle of white diamonds.

Two-tone gold wedding rings

Gold wedding rings can also have two-tone or multi-tone design effects. These are achieved when gold in different colours, such as white and yellow gold, or a combination of yellow, white, and rose gold, are incorporated into the design to create spectacular accents in the wedding ring.

Silver wedding rings

If silver is the metal you prefer for your wedding ring or band, go for it. Silver is also a precious metal and an affordable option when compared to gold, so if you don’t want to spend on gold or simply love silver, by all means, get yourself a sterling silver wedding band. Remember that silver tends to tarnish and become duller with time therefore rhodium plated sterling silver rings are the better choice for wedding rings.

Wedding ring styles

There is a multitude of stunning range of styles for wedding bands. The wedding ring style you ultimately choose is a matter of personal preference, and as long as you are making an informed choice, the wedding ring that captures your heart is best for you.

Wedding rings can be simple bands, fancy or ornate rings, set with diamonds or other gemstones, a wrap to complement your engagement ring. Even among plain or gem-set wedding rings, you can decide on the shape and style that appeals most to you.

Plain wedding bands

The plain wedding band is the most uncomplicated, classic and everlasting design for wedding rings. It is made of 14k, 18k, or 22k yellow, white, or rose gold in various finishes. Their sweet, no-fuss appearance makes them great for everyday use. Plain wedding bands can be flat, rounded, or comfort-fit; they can also be engraved and persnalised.

Flat wedding rings

Plain wedding bands can be flat in profile. Flatwedding rings are modern and contemporary, with bands that lie flat on the finger, with the entire inner surface touching your skin.

Rounded wedding rings

The rounded wedding ring is a traditional and classic style of the plain edding bands. The outer part of the ring is rounded, while the inner surface may be flat or have a “comfort fit”.

Comfort-fit wedding ring

The comfort-fit wedding ring is on-trend today. The primary reason for the popularity of this style is this: the inside of the ring is gently rounded, minimising the amount of metal that comes in contact with your finger and ensuring a more comfortable fit.

Engraved wedding rings

Plain wedding bands can be engraved. Often, couples like to get their wedding rings engraved with each other’s names, monograms, the wedding date, or a message that holds significance for them as a couple. Some of our brands offer engraving services. If you are interested in personalising your wedding ring, please get in touch with us.

Diamond and gold wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings are sure-fire style statements. A diamond wedding ring is almost always made of gold and could have a single or several diamonds in a channel or prong setting. A gold and diamond wedding ring could be set with round brilliants, princess-cut emerald-cut, marquise, baguette, and other fancy-shaped diamonds. Modern diamond wedding rings also feature coloured diamonds.

Diamond wedding rings are available for both men and women. However, men tend to prefer simpler versions with a tiny round brilliant diamond or a square or emerald-cut diamond in a balanced setting. Since wedding rings are worn daily, high prong settings are not recommended, mainly for safety and comfort reasons.

When buying a diamond wedding ring, you must consider the 4 Cs of diamonds: Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat, and ensure that you get the best quality for the price you are paying.

Wedding eternity rings

An eternity wedding ring is a delightfully feminine creation also known as a diamond line and anniversary ring. It is a gold ring set with a line of diamonds, and sometimes other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The significance of the eternity ring is the promise of infinite love and commitment, which the couple hopes will be as eternal as the circle of diamonds or gemstones set in the ring. Although they come with a higher price tag, eternity wedding rings set with diamonds, gemstones, or both are true showstoppers.

Wedding rings with coloured gemstones

Wedding rings set with coloured gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and even your or your partner’s birthstone can be unique and meaningful. You could make this your primary wedding ring or buy a slim band set with the gemstone(s) to be worn along with your wedding ring or band, or on the ring finger of your right hand.

Suppose you have to consider a budget but want a unique wedding ring. How about something special and colourful, like a wedding ring set with single-coloured or multicoloured high-quality zirconia (a diamond simulant)? Be bold and adventurous.

Wedding wrap rings

A wedding ring can also be a fitted ring or a wrap that fits around a diamond engagement ring, such as a solitaire diamond ring. It follows the shape of the engagement ring and, when worn together, makes a spectacular setting in which the rings complement each other. Wedding wrap rings serve as a protection for the diamonds in the engagement ring; they may be made of plain gold but are usually set with diamonds or coloured gemstones or a combination of both.

Wedding rings by gender

Wedding rings for women
Women have a more comprehensive selection of wedding rings from which to choose. They could pick one in any of the above styles—plain or embellished with diamonds and gemstones or custom-order your wedding ring according to your taste.

Wedding rings for women are usually 2mm to 4mm wide, slimmer than the male versions in the same style.
Wedding rings for men

Men, too, have several designs and styles to choose from but tend to prefer more straightforward, less ornate designs for wedding rings. They are more drawn to a plain wedding band in white or yellow gold, a flat or rounded wedding ring with a single diamond or gemstone in an embedded setting, or a few small diamonds or gemstones in a simple setting. It is unnecessary to get one that matches the bride’s wedding ring. Again, this is entirely a matter of personal taste and preference.

Wedding rings for men are generally 4mm to 8 mm wide.
Couple wedding rings

Couple wedding rings are a modern trend, much like couple wristwatches. They are a statement of intimacy, and many young couples like to wear matching rings to express their togetherness. Many wedding rings come in unisex designs that are flattering to both women and men. These could be plain and simple or set with diamonds and other gemstones.

Wedding rings by finish

Besides choosing the style of your wedding ring and deciding whether you want it plain or set with diamonds or gemstones, made in white gold or yellow gold, you also have a choice of finishes. You could choose a wedding ring with a brightly polished finish or opt for a smooth satin finish or a subtle matt finish.

A brief history of the wedding ring

The general belief is that wedding rings as we know them today evolved from the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. However, before the Greeks, the ancients offered their women circular ties of grass or other flexible material as tokens of love, friendship and loyalty. Early wedding rings were made in many materials, including bone and leather. They were later fashioned out of metal, especially gold, which was more durable, long-lasting, and valuable.

More often than not, men did not wear wedding rings; they placed one on the wife’s finger as a token of love and possession. In the Middle Ages, they were made of gold and usually had a gemstone embedded in them. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that men too began wearing wedding rings as symbols of commitment to their spouses.

We are as excited as you are when it comes to wedding rings! We hope you find the wedding ring of your dreams right here in our ring collections. If you need our help in choosing the right wedding ring, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you via chat, phone or email.

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