Moonlight Grapes Silver EarringsMoonlight Grapes Silver Earrings

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Silver Earrings
1.700,00 DKK
Torun 18K Silver & Gold BangleTorun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle
3.735,00 DKK
Small Mercy Silver RingSmall Mercy Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Small Mercy Silver Ring
1.455,00 DKK
Small Moonlight Grapes Silver RingSmall Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Small Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
2.910,00 DKK
Medium Moonlight Grapes Silver RingMedium Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Medium Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
3.495,00 DKK
Diamond Line Ring 0.04Diamond Line Ring 0.04
Sold out


Diamond Line Ring 0.04
2.075,00 DKK
Jewelry CaseJewelry Case

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Case
1.200,00 DKK
Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
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Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
3.095,00 DKK
Travel Jewelry BoxTravel Jewelry Box

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Travel Jewelry Box
650,00 DKK
Black Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K GoldBlack Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
Sold out
Mercy Hinged Silver BangleMercy Hinged Silver Bangle

Georg Jensen

Mercy Hinged Silver Bangle
4.365,00 DKK
Saturn chain 18K Gold NecklaceSaturn chain 18K Gold Necklace

Nord By Thomsen

Saturn chain 18K Gold Necklace
From 2.450,00 DKK
10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone
Limited EditionSold out

Carré Jewellery

10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone
2.700,00 DKK
Floating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K GoldFloating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold
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Moonlight Grapes long Silver EarringsMoonlight Grapes long Silver Earrings

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes long Silver Earrings
2.670,00 DKK

Need some inspiration for gifts for mothers? The choices are innumerable, we know, but we are always partial to jewellery. So we will explore why jewellery makes excellent gifts for mothers. It could be a simple ring, a pretty pair of earrings, a beautiful bangle or bracelet, or a charming chain or necklace. We are certain that all mothers would love all or any of the above simply because they are women and also because you are the giver! Whatever the occasion or the kind of jewellery you wish to gift your mother, you will find several pieces that will catch your eye as you browse our online curated collections of fine and demi-fine designer jewellery.

• Why is jewellery a great gift idea for mothers?
• What kind of jewellery is best for a mother?
• Best designer jewellery gifts for mothers
• Personalised jewellery for mothers

Why is jewellery a great gift idea for mothers?

Jewellery makes great gifts for mothers as it is precious, long-lasting, and memorable, and she will be reminded of you every time she wears it. When a mother receives a jewellery gift from you, she will know you have spent time and effort picking the piece you believe she will love. Mothers after all are women! And women love jewellery. The mom you have in mind when choosing your gift will indeed be touched and charmed when you give it to her.

What kind of jewellery is best for mothers?

Rings or earrings; chains, pendants, necklaces or bracelets in gold or silver and gemstones—the straightforward answer is that any of these can be the perfect gift for mothers. Even better are designer jewellery gifts because they are often one of a kind, inspired by beautiful themes, including special, nurturing relationships. So you have many choices when buying a jewellery gift for a mother.

Choosing the best jewellery gifts for mothers

There are numerous options for jewellery gifts for mothers but you will be better prepared if you have the answers to these questions:

♥ Who is the gift for—your mother or a mother figure such as a favourite aunt?
♥ Do you know if she wants a particular item of jewellery, such as a pair of earrings, a bangle or bracelet, a chain, pendant or necklace?
♥ Would she wear sterling silver or prefer yellow or white gold jewellery?
♥ Would she like the design to be understated and elegant, or would she be game for something modern and bold?
♥ Do you have a budget in mind?

When you have the answers to the questions above, choosing and purchasing the perfect gift for your mother from our tastefully designed and beautifully crafted jewellery collections is sure to be a pleasurable experience.

Designer jewellery gifts for mother by material

Do you want to gift your mother silver or gold jewellery?

Solid gold jewellery gifts are luxury pieces that the mother on your mind will undoubtedly appreciate. Here too, you have a choice: yellow, white, or rose gold and even flattering two- and three-toned gold jewellery that combines these three variations of the precious metal.

The best quality silver jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver, and you will find a fantastic variety to choose from our designer silver jewellery collections, such as earrings and rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces plain or set with gemstones.

Demi fine jewellery If budget is a constraint, opt for “affordable luxury”—choose designer silver jewellery with rhodium plating (white-gold finish) or gold-plated sterling silver (gold vermeil) that comes in fascinating designs that are just as stylish and rank high in quality as well.

Diamond and gemstone set jewellery Find the best of the best, unique and elegant jewellery set with precious and semi-precious gemstones or crystals for your mother. She will love it!

Finding authentic designer jewellery gifts for mother

When shopping for jewellery, most people are concerned about the purity of the metal and the authenticity of the gemstones set in it. The best way is always to buy your jewellery from a reputable jeweller who values transparency just as much as you do. When you purchase online or in-store from us, you have peace of mind and quality assurance. To be sure that your chosen gift will stand the test of time, look for a hallmark stamp on sterling silver jewellery or the karat stamp on gold items. 22k/916, 18k/750 or 14k/585 are typical gold hallmarking you will find on authentic gold jewellery and SS or 925 on silver jewellery.

Understanding gold and silver hallmarking

Pure 24 karat (k) gold is too soft for jewellery making. Therefore it is typically alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper, or zinc to increase its strength and to make variations in colour. For instance, 9k gold has 9/24 parts of pure gold alloyed with 15 parts of other durable metals. Similarly, 22k gold has 22/24 parts gold and 2/24 parts alloy. The greater the proportion of gold, the more costly it is and the more yellow its hue.

999 pure silver is too soft for making lasting jewellery and tarnishes easily. Quality silver jewellery will have hallmark stamps like 925 (92.5% pure silver).

Gemstone grading

Diamonds and gemstones are graded based on the 4 Cs – cut (shape: round, pear, princess, emerald cut), carats (ct.) (stone weight), colour (ranging from colourless to coloured), and clarity (presence or absence of inclusions).

Jewellery gifts for mother by style

To answer the question, what style of jewellery would a mother like, let’s tell you a little about the kind of jewellery gifts for mothers you will find on our platform.

Rings as gifts for mothers

A mother’s love is unique and incomparable, and what better way to acknowledge this special lady than with a ring. Rings make lovely gifts and come in a wide variety of styles. You could choose a beautifully crafted ring in 925 sterling silver, such as a double ring or a solid or gem-set yellow, white, or rose gold ring in purities from 9k to 22k. Or go the extra mile and make your gift for your mother a lovely eternity ring that she will wear and cherish for years to come.

Also available on our platform is a beautiful selection of plain and stone-set rhodium or gold-plated sterling silver rings.

Earrings as gifts for mothers

Almost all women are glad to have another pair of earrings to wear. These are versatile accessories your mom can wear daily and carry wherever she goes. Gift your mother a pair of silver, gold, or plated ear studs, cuffs, small hoops, or pendant earrings—her smile is sure to warm your heart.

Bangles/Bracelets as gifts for mothers

Bangles and bracelets make excellent gifts for mothers. Choose from various styles, including chain and charm bracelets, bangle and cuff bracelets, tennis and pearl bracelets, and ingeniously designed beaded and braided bracelets.

Bracelets continue to be on-trend; you will find the latest designs in sterling silver and 8k to 24k gold and gold-plated options in our catalogues. If your budget permits, why not splurge on a diamond or pearl bracelet and encircle this special mama’s wrist with love? Would the mother you are shopping for like the one that is plain, simple, and elegant, or something ornate, bold, and edgy?

Necklaces as gifts for mothers

Necklaces come in many styles—short or long, with or without pendants, simple or elaborate, plain or gem-studded. Browse and find the perfect one for mom in silver or gold that is either plain or embellished with diamonds, pearls, or other gemstones.

While a diamond necklace makes a fantastic gift for mothers, a string of lustrous pearls or pretty semi-precious beads is charming accessories that mom would love to receive from you.

Jewellery gifts for mother by occasion

Jewellery has traditionally been popular for occasions such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. We believe any day is great for celebrating mothers with jewellery gifts. But, we know special occasions call for unique gifts. Many people save through the year to buy their moms a pair of silver or gold earrings or rings, a bangle or bracelet, a pendant or a necklace.

Mother’s Day gifts for mothers

Any woman would cherish a jewellery gift on Mother’s Day regardless of age or taste. You just need to ask yourself if she’d like colourful, sparkling jewellery, or would she prefer something stylishly but elegant? We invite you to browse our curated collections of rings and earrings, bangles and bracelets, chains and necklaces and more from the best designers and brands in Europe and abroad.

Birthday gifts for mothers

Birthdays are much-anticipated events that give us a chance to celebrate mothers and show them how much they mean to us. Want to gladden her heart; pick a gift for mom from our fabulous collections of demi-fine and fine designer jewellery. Whatever your budget is, you will find a wide array of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets in sterling silver, gold, and plating to select from that would make great birthday gifts for mothers.

If it's a milestone birthday, pamper your mother with some exceptional jewellery. May we suggest a pair of sparkling diamond ear studs, a lustrous rope of beautiful and unique freshwater pearls, or a charm bracelet that she will fall in love with?

Anniversary gifts for mothers

Anniversary gifts of jewellery for mothers are available in several styles and designs. Make the mother you are shopping for feel cherished on her anniversary. Depending on how much you want to spend and her tastes and preferences, you could buy her gold, silver, or plated jewellery such as a pair of earrings, chain, bracelet, and so much more in classic and understated styles or in more intricately worked designs.

Gifts for new mothers

Becoming a mother is a momentous occasion for any woman, and every new mom deserves some unique and precious jewellery. Gifts for new mothers, also called push presents, are a time-honoured way of expressing pride and love. Nothing quite tops jewellery when choosing push presents or gifts for new mothers. The push present could be a bracelet, pendant, necklace, or ring set with the baby’s birthstone or engraved with details such as its name, initials, birthdate, or zodiac sign.

Personalised gifts for mothers

Personalised gifts for mothers are beautiful expressions of fondness, a personal symbol of the affection and regard you have for them. We offer unique designer jewellery in gold and silver and even set with precious and semi-precious gems and colourful zirconia—the one you choose to gift the special mother you are shopping for will be a cherished reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Birthstone jewellery is a very intimate way to personalise gift giving. Rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets set with your mom’s birthstone are the best.

Zodiac jewellery. How about a white or yellow gold chain hung with a diamond-set pendant in the shape of her zodiac sign or set with diamonds arranged in the constellation of her Sun sign? We also have chains in adjustable lengths. If budget is a constraint, don’t miss browsing our range of affordable luxury chains in rhodium or gold plated sterling silver with disc-pendants set with high-quality, facet-cut zirconia in the zodiac constellation of your choice.

Letter pendants and necklaces are other popular options for personalised gifts for mothers. Surprise your mother with a chain with her initial or that of her favourite person.

Engraveable jewellery is an excellent way of personalising gifts for mothers. We offer pendants, bracelets, and signet-style rings that can be made memorable by engraving a date, initials, or a personal message for your mother.

Gift Cards for Mom

It's easy to buy our Gift Card. From the Gifts section on our website, choose the value of the card ranging from DKK 100 upwards and add it to your web cart. Once the payment is made, you will receive the electronic gift card in your email. If you want it physically delivered in a beautifully gift-wrapped box, simply write to us at Our gift cards are valid for three years and may be used any number of times during this period.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and hope you easily find the perfect gift for your mother right here. We only showcase select, quality-checked, handcrafted jewellery from gifted designers and reputed brands so that you can shop confidently with us.

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