Wild Rose 18K Gold & Rosegold Brooch w. Diamonds
Elephant 18K Gold Brooch w. DiamondElephant 18K Gold Brooch w. Diamond
Iconic Piece

Ole Lynggaard

Elephant 18K Gold Brooch w. Diamond
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Liquefaction Gold Plated Brooche w. Purple Zirconia
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Liquefaction Gold Plated Brooche w. Yellow Zirconia
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Incredibly distinguished and versatile, brooches are trending all the way to the moon now! What was once a purely functional accessory used to pin together parts of an outfit is now a stylish focal element in an ensemble, elevating it to exceptional levels of fashion. Explore the world of beautiful designer brooches from our exclusive collection, curated from the best jewellery ateliers across Europe.
• Why wear brooches?
• Trending brooch types
• How to style a brooch?

Stylish brooches for women

Brooches are essentially beautiful fasteners pinned to various parts of an outfit, more for ornamental effect than any other purpose these days. And what an effect they create! Regal and spellbinding, a well-crafted brooch could carry the show all by itself. It could easily step up the style game with a potent dose of exquisite class, sprucing up your favourite outfits with an elegance like no other.

From simple bar brooches to ornate showstoppers, brooches are being flaunted by the elite left, right and centre. Now is the time to jump on this bandwagon of revived fashion and delight in the marvellous magic of brooches.

How do I choose a brooch?

Favoured by royalty and celebrities, brooches come in all manner of loveliness for you to choose from. You will find brooches in gold, silver and other precious materials, with or without the added splendour of gemstones and enamel, each one a glorious work of art when flawlessly crafted by talented goldsmiths. They are inspired by nature and art. The flower-inspired pieces and those reflecting the beauty of birds and animals are exceptionally interesting. Circle brooches and abstract designs both mesmerise with their unique appeal.

Pearl brooches

Stunning in organic designs, lustrous pearls brooches are a joy forever. Simple ones with natural pearls set in gold and silver are great as part of your daily signature style. Larger ones with a vintage flavour and featuring elaborate designs are perfect for when you want to stand out with class. Pearl brooches set in white gold or sterling silver are popular with minimalist brides in white, who wish for no other conventional pieces of jewellery.

Gold brooches

Precious gold brooches are luxurious in their appeal. These come in elegant traditional designs as well as abstract creations that the world would swoon over. Gold brooches are available in yellow, white and rose gold with multiple purities to choose from, like 22k, 18k and 14k. When set with diamonds, gold brooches are matchless in their majestic opulence.

Silver brooches

Ever a classic style, sterling silver brooches exude a peerless, pristine energy. They are durable, affordable and come in both regular and quirky designs to satiate all trendsetters. Grab one or a bunch to boost your everyday formal and casual styles with a dash of magical silver.

Designer brooches

Designer brooches stand a head taller than all standardly available ones. Spectacular in their inspiration and artistry, designer brooches are exclusive and unique in their charisma. Invest in fine designer brooches for a lifetime’s joy of rising above the commonplace.

How to wear a brooch?

Brooches can be worn in numerous ways, limited only by your imagination. The conventional spot for a brooch is the lapel of a coat or jacket. Wear it high up on a sweater or a formal dress for a dash of glam. You could also use a stylish brooch to secure a pretty scarf around your neck for an exclusive look. Pin your brooch to accentuate a pretty neckline or even a fashionable hat or cap. Indeed, the options are endless!

Brooches are a delightful way to add easy glamour to your ensembles. A distinct symbol of vintage fashion, contemporary brooches are strongly in vogue, whether it be demure wedding brooches or fun eccentric ones.

Check out our gorgeous collections to pick out the finest brooches from the most talented designers on the scene.

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