Daisy pendant Bracelet Gold Plated
Great gift
Torun Bangle Silver, GoldTorun Bangle Silver, Gold

Georg Jensen

Torun Bangle Silver, Gold

3.500 DKK
IX Curb Bracelet SilverIX Curb Bracelet Silver

Frederik IX Studios

IX Curb Bracelet Silver

699 DKK
Torun Bangle SilverTorun Bangle Silver

Georg Jensen

Torun Bangle Silver

2.450 DKK
Tutti BraceletTutti Bracelet
New in

Anni Lu

Tutti Bracelet

500 DKK
Spirale D'or BraceletSpirale D'or Bracelet
New inSold out

Anni Lu

Spirale D'or Bracelet

500 DKK
Berry Eldorado BraceletBerry Eldorado Bracelet
New inSold out

Anni Lu

Berry Eldorado Bracelet

300 DKK
Ellera Bracelet Silver, White ZirconiaEllera Bracelet Silver, White Zirconia

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Ellera Bracelet Silver, White Zirconia

499 DKK
Moonlight Grapes open Bangle SilverMoonlight Grapes open Bangle Silver
Sold out
Moonlight Grapes Bracelet SilverMoonlight Grapes Bracelet Silver
New in

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Bracelet Silver

1.995 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Bracelet GoldMoonlight Grapes Bracelet Gold
New in

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Bracelet Gold

8.750 DKK
Offspring Bracelet SilverOffspring Bracelet Silver

Georg Jensen

Offspring Bracelet Silver

1.995 DKK
Petit partie Triple BraceletPetit partie Triple Bracelet
New in

Sara Jin Mi

Petit partie Triple Bracelet

7.800 DKK
Glory Bracelet with diamondGlory Bracelet with diamond
New in

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Glory Bracelet with diamond

9.900 DKK
Capri Bracelet SilverCapri Bracelet Silver
New in

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Capri Bracelet Silver

1.379 DKK
Tie-Dye Sea Green BraceletTie-Dye Sea Green Bracelet
New in
Tie-Dye Peach Blossom BraceletTie-Dye Peach Blossom Bracelet
New in
Eye of Tiger BraceletEye of Tiger Bracelet
New in

Anni Lu

Eye of Tiger Bracelet

500 DKK
Garland simple bracelet with blank joints
New in


Choose your favourite bracelet carefully because you’ll never take it of once you’ve put it on. Magically the bracelet becomes part of who you are. A beautiful bracelet is understated luxury and works perfectly with bangles and a watch or just as simple beauty shining alone.

Dazzling Gold Bracelets For Everyone

A bracelet without a doubt tops the list of the most worn piece of jewellery among women, men, and even babies and kids. Bracelets have been known to have exquisite beauty donned by all since forever. Designer Gold Bracelets are the perfect way to enhance your style and make a bold statement.

A bracelet fits the broad spectrum of western as well as traditional attires and can be worn in everyday parties, dinner dates, and special occasions. You can complete your bridal look with a single bracelet on your wrist or gift these delicate pieces of jewellery on the auspicious occasion of marriage.

Bracelets can also be a perfect gift for the birth of a baby close to your heart. Our website is a one-stop shop, and with our amazing and vast collection of designers, you can choose exquisite bracelets with flawless designs and fine finishing.

Different types of bracelets and bangles

Bracelets with chains

Bracelets with chains are petite and perfect for every day use. They sit undisturbed and are easy to wear with clothes and to style with other jewellery. They are quite discrete and are often adorned with a simple detail such as a diamond letter, a pearl, or something that makes this bracelet special.

Bracelets with coloured beads and gemstones

Coloured bracelets are the new must-have thing. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive but the must be made of bright colours that stand out. Bracelets with of multi coloured glasbeads or gemstones are the perfect adornmenet for your wrist. In the summertime these are the perfect beach jewels and in winter they will light up any day and accompany your grey-tone sweater to perfection. Style your coloured bracelets with classic bracelets or bangles in silver, whitegold or yellow gold for that stackable fashionable look.

Bracelets with Pearls

Pearls are for girls. Pretty pearls are for pretty girls. A bracelet with one or more pearls will match beautifully to other bracelets in precious materials. Whether its Keshi Pearls, freswater pearls or other pearls you will ned to take care of the natural pearls as they get tarnished by eg bodylotion or perfume. Make sure to your pearls bracelet of when you shower as pearls can get ruined by soap.

If you manage to treat your pearls gently they will last a life time, and shine bright year after year.

Bangles in gold or whitegold

Bangles are on our hero-list as we believe that bangles are sophisticated and elegant. The classic ones with minor details such as a few diamonds, a special shape or a coloured gemstones are the ones we love the most. Make sure to choose a bangle that sits tight to your wrist, so it doesn’t come in you way.

Those bangles that can open and close with a small ”lock” are the most comfortable, as you can fit them perfectly to your wrist so they wont dangle. If you go for a bangle, which you can neetly open and close you don’t even need to consider that has to fit over your hand as well, as you simply push it directly on to you wrist and Viola – it’s perfect.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelet has nothing really to do the the type of tennis most people think of. A tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet interlinked by several gemstones in a Chain setting, which makes it flexible and perfect to wear. A diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most exclusive bracelets you can find. Tennis bracelets come in different sizes and carat and the bigger the stones, the more exclusive and expensive the bracelet is.

A tennis bracelet is the ultimate gift, which she will cherish forever – a tennis bracelet is a heirloom that will be passed on for generations. Explore our selection of beautiful designer bracelets and bangles with diamonds, pearls, gemstones, letters or even personal hidden messages.

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