Diamond Line Ring 0.04Diamond Line Ring 0.04


Diamond Line Ring 0.04
2.075,00 DKK
Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
Sold out


Diamond Emerald Ring 0.08
3.095,00 DKK
Black Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K GoldBlack Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
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Black Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
3.095,00 DKK
Trio Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
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Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
2.545,00 DKK
Floating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K GoldFloating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold


Floating Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold
1.840,00 DKK
Diamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K GoldDiamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K Gold
Sold out
SUN 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondSUN 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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SUN 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
3.300,00 DKK
Tiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K GoldTiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K Gold
Sold out


Tiny Diamond Ring 0.02 in 14K Gold
1.450,00 DKK
Absolutely Loose Knot 18K Gold RingAbsolutely Loose Knot 18K Gold Ring
Iconic Piece


Absolutely Loose Knot 18K Gold Ring
22.250,00 DKK
Petite partie RingPetite partie Ring
New inSold out

Sara Jin Mi

Petite partie Ring
1.500,00 DKK
Floating Emerald Ring 0.05Floating Emerald Ring 0.05
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Floating Emerald Ring 0.05
1.840,00 DKK
Diamond Line Double Ring 0.12Diamond Line Double Ring 0.12
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Diamond Line Double Ring 0.12
6.460,00 DKK
Absolutely Slim Knot 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
Iconic Piece
Seafire Gold & Silver Ring w. Diamond, 0.04 ctSeafire Gold & Silver Ring w. Diamond, 0.04 ct
Free Shipping

Bergsoe Jewellery

Seafire Gold & Silver Ring w. Diamond, 0.04 ct
3.300,00 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Big 18K Gold RingMoonlight Grapes Big 18K Gold Ring

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Big 18K Gold Ring
27.500,00 DKK
FACET 14K 14K Gold RingFACET 14K 14K Gold Ring


FACET 14K 14K Gold Ring
4.000,00 DKK
Diamond Eternity Ring 0.45Diamond Eternity Ring 0.45
Sold out


Diamond Eternity Ring 0.45
9.005,00 DKK

Gold rings! Is there really any other kind of ring that is quite as charming and popular as a gold ring? Immortalised by the greats in art and literature, flaunted by celebrities and cherished by all, real gold rings are always bestsellers. From wedding rings to simple everyday designs, gold rings are favoured nearly everywhere by almost everyone. We have curated an incredibly interesting collection of the most uniquely crafted gold rings for you to fall in love with.

• How to choose a gold ring?
• Gold karatage and hallmarking in rings
• Latest trends in gold rings for women

How do I choose a gold ring?

In the world of jewellery, styles, sizes and types constantly get updated according to the reigning trends of the season. With infinite choices available, the basic principle in ring choice is to simply go for the ring design you love, in a material that is

♦ Valuable
♦ Long lasting
♦ Matches your budget

Gold rings resonate with all of the above. That said, here are a few additional things to consider when it comes to choosing a gold ring.

Choose hallmarked gold rings

Certification of gemstones and hallmarking of gold assure you of the quality of your gold ring. Designer solid gold and gold-plated sterling silver rings will always have a hallmark that tells you the purity of the gold or silver used in the piece. It is a stamp often found on the inner curves of the ring that says 22k, 18k or so depending on the karatage.

What is gold karat?

The purity of gold is measured in karat (k). Pure gold or 24k gold is yellow, beautiful and precious, but too soft to be used in jewellery.

To make jewellery, pure gold is mixed with a variety of metals like silver, nickel, zinc and palladium to create alloys of gold that are strong and resistant to damage. Among the most popular and valuable purities in gold rings are 22k (which is 91.6% pure gold) and 18k (75% pure gold). Next in line, 14k gold has a (58.3% purity). There are other variants like 10k and 9k that have a lower content of pure gold.

Choose solid gold rings in 22k, 18k or 14k

Finger jewellery experiences the hardest knocks and therefore rings crafted in solid gold are the best! Because solid gold stays valuable almost forever. Why? It won’t scratch or peel off! The colour does not fade or change either.

Gold rings in 18k /14k / 9k gold will be durable (resistant to surface scratches) and significantly more affordable than a 22 karat solid gold version and more valuable than corresponding gold-plated ones. What needs to be noted is that the higher the karatage, the greater the purity and the more expensive the pricing.

Gold-plated silver rings

On the other hand, gold-plated pieces are affordable and you get more for less! Buying gold vermeil or gold-plated sterling silver rings makes perfect sense when we want to keep up with the latest in ring styles without blowing a hole in the pocket. But the top layer of gold will not last more than 2-3 years. However, the silver base in top-quality designer gold-plated rings is a valuable precious metal too. So the loss of value over time is minimised.

Solid gold rings come in yellow, white, rose hues

Yellow is the natural colour of pure solid gold. Ever the traditional favourite, yellow gold is favoured for its recognisable warm colour more than anything else.

White gold rings are made from an alloy of solid gold and metals like zinc and silver that has a silvery tone. This lovely white hue is often enhanced by an additional plating of rhodium a precious metal like platinum. White gold rings are loved for their pristine appeal and easy elegance. White diamonds shine brightes when set in white gold rings.

Rose gold rings are yet another trending style. Rose gold is pure gold mixed with copper and silver to create the characteristic, beautiful, glossy rose-pink colour. The romantic blush of rosegold is favoured for engagement rings and jewellery for bridesmaids.

Black gold rings are solid gold rings that are plated with the precious metal rhodium that is dyed black. Currently trending and favoured by those with an edgy sense of style and yet want their rings in pure luxury materials.

Exclusive designer gold rings for women

Ever desired a piece of pure luxury, exquisitely handcrafted and genuinely exclusive? That’s exactly what designer gold rings are all about! Owning a designer gold ring is a portal into the world of everyday luxury, be it a gift for someone special or a treat to self.

Wedding and engagement gold rings

Nothing quite reflects true love like valuable solid gold. Romantic and timeless, gold is beautiful and precious just like your bond. Available in trending colours, gold wedding bands and engagement rings have a forever tag and need to be chosen carefully with more than just the appearance in mind. Smooth, rounded bands and a snug setting of stones go a long way in providing the best ease of wear in gold rings. Pay attention to correct ring sizing before you purchase your forever rings.

Find your gold ring size

Gold diamond rings

Gold diamond rings are the world’s favourite when it comes to stone-studded rings. They are classy and opulent in a timeless way. Diamond solitaire gold rings are hugely popular for their sheer elegance and luxury. These are great as engagement gold rings and even as a gift to celebrate oneself.

Gold gemstone rings

Gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are striking in combination with gold. Pearls are a class apart at all times and their presence imbues gold rings with an organic elegance like no other. Tourmalines, peridots, garnets, amethysts, and topaz are also very much in demand for their exquisite colours and relatively pocket-friendly prices. Birthstone rings in gold hold a special significance to many.

Latest trends in gold rings

Gold rings have been around for a long long time. In all this while, they have undergone massive makeovers to suit the aesthetics of each era. Now, let's look at the trending favourites.

Gold signet rings for women

Gold signet rings, once worn exclusively by royalty, are a current favourite among jewellery lovers. These large rings come in solid gold. Sometimes, they are embellished with sizable single gemstones or paved with smaller ones. This kind of ring is often engravable as well. A substantial impression is easily created with an exclusive gold signet ring which is a bold statement of style in itself.

Gold thumb rings

A style creed that is increasingly being pursued across the globe, gold thumb rings are all you need for a distinct look. These rings are a symbol of opulence and often come in large sizes to fit the thumb. Ranging from simple bands to stackable designs, gold thumb rings are a trend to follow.

Chunky gold rings

Oversized gold rings for the maximalist in you, these are showstoppers in more ways than one. Thick gold rings also come in gold-plated avatars which are also easy on the pocket. The use of gemstones adds sparkle and colour to the already attention-grabbing chunky gold rings.

Gold cocktail rings

Perfect for parties and occasions that call for serious bling, cocktail gold rings display literally jaw-dropping artistry from every angle. These come in a zillion themes, sizes and materials.

Gold rings are matchless in their unique expression of luxury. Rings in solid gold make a great investment too! Wondering where to get the best designer gold rings? We are delighted to offer you the best of stunning designer gold rings for women from exemplary brands and designers, all carefully curated especially for your pleasure.

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