Absolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold, White DiamondsAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold, White Diamonds
Seafire 0.04 Ring Gold, Silver, Champagne DiamondSeafire 0.04 Ring Gold, Silver, Champagne Diamond
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Petite partie RingPetite partie Ring
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Sara Jin Mi

Petite partie Ring

1.500 DKK
Sarah Lil Pure Ring Gold, Pink SapphiresSarah Lil Pure Ring Gold, Pink Sapphires

Anpé Atelier cph

Sarah Lil Pure Ring Gold, Pink Sapphires

4.100 DKK
Seafire ring w. pearl, sapphire and diamondSeafire ring w. pearl, sapphire and diamond
Free ShippingSold out

Bergsoe Jewellery

Seafire ring w. pearl, sapphire and diamond

10.000 DKK
Lotus Ring Gold 1, Rutile Quartz
Free ShippingSold out

Ole Lynggaard

Lotus Ring Gold 1, Rutile Quartz

19.900 DKK
The Star Eternity RingThe Star Eternity Ring
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The Star Eternity Ring

8.400 DKK
PREMIERE Octavia NecklacePREMIERE Octavia Necklace
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PREMIERE Octavia Necklace

10.950 DKK
PETIT Belle Ring - 52PETIT Belle Ring - 52
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PETIT Belle Ring - 52

3.420 DKK
Viper Gold Ring - 48-49 (XS)Viper Gold Ring - 48-49 (XS)

Ninna York Jewellery

Viper Gold Ring - 48-49 (XS)

6.400 DKK
Mercy small Ring GoldMercy small Ring Gold
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Georg Jensen

Mercy small Ring Gold

From 8.500 DKK
Fusion Rings Rosegold, Gold, Whitegold
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Astra  Moon RingAstra  Moon Ring
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Astra Moon Ring

1.520 DKK

Designer Gold Rings

Designer gold rings are sought after by most women and this is not without reason. Wearing a cool designer gold ring can elevate any wardrobe in an instant and underline your unique personality. The Jewellery Room offers you a wide selection of the best, contemporary designer gold rings. Whether you are into eye-catching statement rings, fine jewellery designer gold rings, classic silhouettes, iconic brands or the newest innovative pieces from small independent and upcoming jewellery designers The Jewellery Room got your covered with our impressive collection of designer gold rings and much more. Besides the fact that stunning designer gold rings are always on trend there are a number of other reasons why you should adorn your fingers with pure gold rings.

Invest in designer gold rings

Buying a ring in solid gold is naturally a lot more expensive than purchasing a gold-plated designer ring in sterling silver or brass, however, it is important to remember that when you do shop designer gold rings it is not only a splurge of self-indulgence, it is actually a great investment.


Gold rings last a lifetime

First and foremost, designer gold rings can last a lifetime and be passed on through generations. You might have inherited a special designer gold ring from your mother, who got it from her mother and now you can pass it on to your daughter or daughter in law. Through these generations the gold ring comes to represent memories and carry a unique story. I think this is one of the finest reasons for putting in the extra money and invest in a solid gold jewellery design.

No wear and tear if you choose Gold Rings

Furthermore, contrary to gold-plated designer rings solid gold rings do not fade with frequent wear. With gold-plated pieces you must remove them every time you wash your hands, put on crème, take a shower, are doing sports, want to go for a swim or simply sunbathing on the beach. This is due to the fact that plated surfaces will be damaged by sun, air, soap, perfume – actually any liquid fluids. Even if you remove gold-plated rings in all those situations the golden surface will still tear off with frequent wear. Gold-plated pieces must also be stored in a plastic back and in a dark drawer for extra protection otherwise the silver underneath will oxidize with time. For this reason it is not a good idea to keep your gold-plated jewellery in the bathroom or having them laid out for display and easy overview on your make up table.

With genuine designer gold rings it is a different story however. Since they are made from pure gold and solid all the way, there is no risk that their surface will be worn off or change colour when worn in the sun or at the gym. If you wear them at the beach however, be aware that the sand can create small scratches in the surface or diamond, if you are lucky enough to be in possession of a diamond ring. When it comes to storage, however, there are no limitations. You can also easily store them any place you like.


Redesign your designer gold ring

Another cool thing about gold rings is that if you get tired of the design or it becomes too big or too little (our fingers size can change over time), then you can actually bring it to a Goldsmith and either get him to come up with a redesign idea or bring your own sketch or creative thoughts to him. As gold rings are made of solid gold, it is possible to melt the ring and remake a totally different ring. You can also transform your designer gold ring into a pendant for at necklace or a new set of earrings if you desire.


Golden prices

Finally, one more important note to remember, and this is where the word investment get a literal meaning is that in the case you would get tired of your designer gold ring you can actually transform it into cold cash by selling it to a goldsmith. Gold prices are always on the rise on the global gold market and you might even be able to make money selling it for more than you spent on it. If you have invested in a designer gold ring from an iconic brand like Cartier or Tiffany & Co. it’s value might also be raised remarkably over time as the design might become a sought after vintage piece.

So what are you waiting for? If we persuaded you to invest in a real designer gold ring check out our stunning collection from the best contemporary jewellery designers here.


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