3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds3 Shooting Stars 18K Gold Earring w. Diamonds
Floating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - SingleFloating Diamond Stud 0.05 in 14K Gold - Single
Sold out
Mercy 14 mm. 18K Gold EarringsMercy 14 mm. 18K Gold Earrings

Georg Jensen

Mercy 14 mm. 18K Gold Earrings
5.750,00 DKK
Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - SingleTrio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
Sold out


Trio Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
2.000,00 DKK
Rainbow 4 Chains 10K Gold Earring-PendantRainbow 4 Chains 10K Gold Earring-Pendant
Great gift

Carré Jewellery

Rainbow 4 Chains 10K Gold Earring-Pendant
1.100,00 DKK
Mercy 55,5 mm. 18K Gold EarringsMercy 55,5 mm. 18K Gold Earrings

Georg Jensen

Mercy 55,5 mm. 18K Gold Earrings
6.500,00 DKK
Small Curves 9K Gold Earring w. PearlsSmall Curves 9K Gold Earring w. Pearls
Great gift

Pernille Lauridsen

Small Curves 9K Gold Earring w. Pearls
1.400,00 DKK
Half Moon 18K Gold Stud w. DiamondsHalf Moon 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Half Moon 18K Gold Stud w. Diamonds
From 910,00 DKK
Offspring Double 18K Gold HoopsOffspring Double 18K Gold Hoops

Georg Jensen

Offspring Double 18K Gold Hoops
7.975,00 DKK
Danaé Chain 18K Gold or Whitegold Earring w. DiamondDanaé Chain 18K Gold or Whitegold Earring w. Diamond
Sold out
Horizontal Pearl Spiral Earring 06 - SingleHorizontal Pearl Spiral Earring 06 - Single
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Rainbow Pink 10K Gold Stud w. TourmalineRainbow Pink 10K Gold Stud w. Tourmaline

Carré Jewellery

Rainbow Pink 10K Gold Stud w. Tourmaline
790,00 DKK
Rainbow Pink 10K Gold Earring w. TourmalineRainbow Pink 10K Gold Earring w. Tourmaline

Carré Jewellery

Rainbow Pink 10K Gold Earring w. Tourmaline
From 990,00 DKK

Gold earrings are the ultimate ‘go-to’ earrings for every occasion. The alluring gleam of this precious metal, in yellow, rose or white gold, whether matt or polished, is simply unmatched. Studded with diamonds or other fine gemstones, the beauty of gold earrings knows no bounds. A skillfully designed gold earring is something that is and always will be fascinating and elegant. This is one of the reasons why gold earrings never go out of fashion and have secured their position as a staple in every woman's jewellery collection. We have curated an impressive selection of exceptional gold earrings, from the most talented independent designers for your online shopping pleasure.

• Real gold earrings
• Solid gold earrings or gold plated?
• Designer gold earrings
• This season’s most popular gold earring

Know your gold earrings

We have a stunning selection of gold and gold plated designer earrings and it is useful to be reminded of how this fine metal is primed for jewellery making. You also need to be aware of details like gold hallmarking, plating thickness and gold colour.

Solid gold earrings

The purity of gold is expressed in terms of ‘karats’ (k) – the higher the gold content, the higher the karatage; 24k hallmarking indicates pure gold. But 24k is rarely used in jewellery-making because it is too soft and will scratch and dent easily. Other metals are added to pure gold to make wearable gold stronger and more durable.

22 karat and 18 karat gold earrings

Gold earrings crafted in 22k or 18k gold are beautiful and valuable. 18k is made of 75% pure gold and 25% copper, silver or other metals. 18 karat gold is the most prefered setting for diamond or gemstone stud earrings. Yellow gold is usually 22k or 18k.

9 and 14 karat gold earrings

Earrings in 9k and 14k gold are more affordable and resilient to scratches. 9k gold is a mix of 37.5% pure gold with other metals, while 14k is 58.3% pure, making them far more durable and ideal for everyday-wear.

Are rose gold and white gold earrings made from real gold?

Yes! Rose gold and white gold are real solid gold!

Many of our exquisite designs in gold earrings come in a choice of yellow, rose or white gold. The hue depends on the colour of the metals mixed with pure 24k gold which is bright yellow. The lower the gold karatage, the more muted the yellow colour of the gold will be.

Soft and feminine, rose gold in coppery-blush tones is created with a blend of gold with red-toned metals such as copper. It’s very strong and rarely requires any protective plating.

Elegant and cool, white gold is silver-white in colour and created by mixing gold with white metals such as nickel or zinc. To give it a polished finish and protection, white gold is often plated with a coating of rhodium (a precious metal like platinum).

Black-dyed rhodium plating on gold earrings gives a beautiful and stylish black gold finish!

Gold plated earrings

Gold-plated earrings are not crafted from solid gold but have a layer of gold plating on the surface of a strong base metal. They are a stunning and affordable substitute for designer luxury jewellery. Gold plated earrings may also come in yellow, rose or white gold colours.

Good quality gold plating is done on a brass or sterling silver base with a top layer of 14k, 18k and 22k gold. The thicker the gold coating, the more premium the jewellery. A range of 1.5 to 3-micron plating thickness is rated as high-grade gold plating and can last for 2-3 years if treated with care.

Designer gold earrings for women

Most women prefer to alternate between fashionable gold earrings and timeless, classic gold earring styles. We love all styles and shop quite frequently for new earring designs. Here are a few pointers things to consider when buying your next gold earring:

• Solid gold or gold plated earrings?
• A single gold earring or a pair?
• Style: classic or trendy?
• Use: everyday wear or special occasion?
• Length, size of earrings

This season’s most popular gold earring styles

Among the many gold earring designs, the most popular this season are, gold hoops, studs, gold earring pendants, gold drop earrings and gold chain earrings.

Gold hoops

Rock this season’s biggest jewellery trend – the gold hoop – in every size and design. From XL plain thin gold hoops to medium slightly thicker versions, smaller chunkier hoops with twisted texture, sleek, glossy creoles, or petite diamond-encrusted huggies, our diverse collections offer designer gold hoops for all tastes. Gold hoops can take you as easily from classic and understated to sexy and fun, or from an edgy fashion-forward look to bold and assertive simply by varying the size and design.

Styles by hoop design

A variety of hoop designs can easily add that star quality to your red carpet look.

Thick gold hoops are perfect for when you need to make an entrance. This style is also called chunky hoops.

Thin gold hoops are what you reach for when you want a look that is stylish yet not overpowering. These are great for all seasons and reasons. As long as you have piercings to spare, you could also layer them with other earrings like studs and huggies to striking effect.

Twisted and faceted gold hoops feature a ribbon-like twist or a gemstone cut in their form which adds depth and sparkle to the basic polished gold hoop style.

Structured gold hoops feature bold contours and unusual textures that result in a powerful attraction to these gorgeous works of wearable art. They often have double, triple or multiple connected hoops.

Gold and diamond, pearls or zirconia hoops are vibrant luxury pieces, adding sparkle and lustre to the conventional hoop styles.

Gold huggie earrings are mini hoop earrings that "hug" the ear. It is a tiny ring earring that can have a plain design or can be set with precious stones, or even be adorned with discreet dangling pendants. They are especially cool if you have more than one piercing and when they are styled with other slightly larger creoles or studs in the same ear.

Gold hoop charms add a playful element and can bring your own brand of quirkiness to the simple gold hoop.

Our Hoop Size Guide will tell you more about hoop sizes and measurement.

Gold studs and small gold earrings

Gold studs and small gold earrings are the most versatile earring styles loved by everyone. What's more, studs in solid gold are valuable and affordable at the same time! Small-sized diamond and precious stone solitaire studs are ever popular.

Not only are the ear studs ideal for office wear, but they also blend perfectly with both a toned-down style, an elegant look or a super-modern and trendy style expression. In addition to being able to be worn alone, as a small pretty detail in the ear, small studs have become trendy, styled together with huggie hoops and chain threaders.

Long gold earrings

Long gold hanging earrings are statement earrings. These are usually elegant and eye-catching – not your everyday pair! They are guaranteed to dial up the glamour of any outfit and perfect for gala events and evening functions.

Gold chain earrings

Gold chain earrings are designed as singles or pairs in varying lengths from 4.5cm to 10.5cm. Studs with fine long chains or threaders are often adorned with baroque pearls, charms or pretty coloured stones or bare pierced diamonds. Gold chain earrings are style makers and can be worn on their own or curated with multiple earrings in other styles such as huggies, hoops, and studs.

If it’s versatility you’re after, get back to basics with a simple gold earring. An everyday-wear plain accessory or dressed up with pavé-set gems, a diamond pendant drop, a splash of enamel colour or lustrous pearls, gold earrings are the must-have item in every girl’s jewellery box.

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