Daisy Ring 11 mm. Gold PlatedDaisy Ring 11 mm. Gold Plated
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy Ring 11 mm. Gold Plated

1.300 DKK
Daisy Ring 18 mm. Gold PlatedDaisy Ring 18 mm. Gold Plated
Great gift

Georg Jensen

Daisy Ring 18 mm. Gold Plated

1.500 DKK
Ellera Ring Gold Plated, Blue Zirconia

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Ellera Ring Gold Plated, Blue Zirconia

579 DKK
Wave Double Ring Gold PlatedWave Double Ring Gold Plated

Sigrun - Conscious Jewellery

Wave Double Ring Gold Plated

1.200 DKK
Corte Uno Ring Gold Plated, Mixed colours ZirconiaCorte Uno Ring Gold Plated, Mixed colours Zirconia
IX Mini Oval Signet RingIX Mini Oval Signet Ring

Frederik IX Studios

IX Mini Oval Signet Ring

1.099 DKK
The Robyn Cocktail RingThe Robyn Cocktail Ring
New in

By Pariah

The Robyn Cocktail Ring

2.520 DKK
Ring Capri Tre Gold Plated with white zirkoniaRing Capri Tre Gold Plated with white zirkonia
New in

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Ring Capri Tre Gold Plated with white zirkonia

1.599 DKK
Call Capri Due Gold Plated with white zirkoniaCall Capri Due Gold Plated with white zirkonia
New in

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Call Capri Due Gold Plated with white zirkonia

1.649 DKK
Byzantine ring in gold-plated sterling silverByzantine ring in gold-plated sterling silver
New in
Triple Mini Viper Gold Ring
HandcraftedSold out

Ninna York Jewellery

Triple Mini Viper Gold Ring

1.720 DKK
Organic Helix Ring Gold PlatedOrganic Helix Ring Gold Plated
Lucky Coin Ring Gold PlatedLucky Coin Ring Gold Plated


Lucky Coin Ring Gold Plated

799 DKK
Ballroom Ring Gold PlatedBallroom Ring Gold Plated


Ballroom Ring Gold Plated

899 DKK
Vulcanello Grande Ring Gold Plated, White Zirconia

Stylish and affordable rings

Rings often take the crown in our list of favourite pieces of jewellery. How many times have you stopped in the middle of work and play—no, no, not to smell the roses—but to take a peek at that special ring on your finger, to savour its perfection, its significance and its sheer bling factor??? Contemporary ring designs are breathtaking, to say the least, and when they come in the gleaming tones of the universally popular yellow gold, they are quite irresistible. But gold is mighty dear too. That’s where gold-plated rings are your fashion saviour! Super-stylish and classy to the core, gold-plated rings are available in nearly all modern and conventional designs without any compromise on craftsmanship. Best of all, gold-plated rings will not burn a hole in your pocket. Given the popularity of gold-plated jewellery, more and more jewellers are regularly coming up with exclusive collections of unique and exquisite gold-plated jewellery. The Jewellery Room brings to you the finest, high-quality collections of gold-plated rings from outstanding designers to cater to your wildest dreams of bling in a ring.

Gold-plating: What is it?

Designer gold-plated rings are exquisite in their flawless perfection. In fact, they are quite indistinguishable from their pure gold counterparts, except in terms of cost. The easy price tags on gold-plated jewellery are almost as attractive to the buyer as the pieces themselves. Gold-plated rings are super affordable because they use a minimal amount of gold in their making, but without any compromise on the exclusive appearance of the pieces. Gold electroplating in jewellery making is a chemical process by which a thin layer of pure gold is deposited on a base metal surface. Measured in microns, the thickness of the gold layer is important to the durability of gold-plated jewellery. Thicker the layer (2-3 microns), more lasting is the golden lustre of your favourite gold-plated pieces. As with any kind of jewellery, gold-plated jewellery benefits from some tender, loving care to keep it gleaming on and on. Remember to wipe clean your gold-plated pieces after every use to remove dirt and grime, and avoid contact with perfumes, moisture and chemicals as much as possible. Proper storage is also important to avoid scratches and loosening of stones and other components. Occasional professional re-plating helps keep your beloved gold-plated pieces fresh as ever.

Gold-plated rings at thejewelleryroom.com

From simple, laid-back designs to unique creations, gold-plated rings are aplenty in the exquisitely curated collections at thejewelleryroom.com. You could find iconic designs such as the 18 karat gold-plated Daisy Ring from Georg Jensen as well as contemporary delights—some minimalistic, some oversized, some lavishly studded with the prettiest gemstones—to suit every style preference. Offering absolute ease of use, thejewelleryroom.com leads you to the right pieces with our efficient product filters. Choosing the right fit for your chosen design is a breeze with our ring sizing guide. Any further guidance required can be accessed through our chat widget. Assuredly, The Jewellery Room is your ultimate online store for the best of top-quality, genuine designer jewellery.

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