Collar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsCollar Zenda 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Fiji 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsFiji 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Shasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsShasa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Dot 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondDot 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dot 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond
From 1.535,00 DKK
Medium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondMedium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond

Ole Lynggaard

Medium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
From 19.500,00 DKK
Stellar Pearly Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsStellar Pearly Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Brisa 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Turquoise
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10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone
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Carré Jewellery

10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone
2.700,00 DKK
Marilia 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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Petit Sign Gemini 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondsPetit Sign Gemini 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamonds
Pearl and star Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
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Eshvi London

Pearl and star Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
640,00 DKK 800,00 DKK
Classic Pearl Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlClassic Pearl Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearl
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Gemstone necklaces are simply stunning in their raw magic. Each piece is naturally unique because every gemstone used is quite like no other. This makes gemstone necklaces a must-have piece for the modern woman who loves her jewellery to be exclusive. We totally get you! We know that you will be just as delighted as we are in our collections of beautiful gemstone necklaces. These gorgeous beauties have been handcrafted by talented designers across Europe. The gemstones come with authenticity certificates and every necklace is handpicked and quality checked by us.

• All about gemstone necklaces
• Gold and silver gemstone necklaces
• Colours in gemstone necklaces

Gemstone necklaces for women

Designed for all-year styling, and available in every shape, size and colour, gemstone necklaces are jewellery essentials that you just can’t do without. Such is the allure and fire hidden within these stunning stones that nature has so beautifully fashioned, that we want to wear them as rings, pendants and necklaces. Now there are also lab-grown gemstones that are flawless as well as eco-gentle, for the woman who is environmentally conscious and loves gemstone jewellery.

♥ Gemstone bead necklaces are wildly popular for their incredible colours and high visibility
♥ Gemstone pendant necklaces are great for daily styling and as birthstone jewellery
♥ Long colliers and neck-hugging chokers featuring gemstones are loved for the stunning styling options they present

The length of a necklace holds a lot of sway on the final effect. So we recommend that you read our necklace size guide for more tips on choosing the right one for you.

Why are gemstone necklaces so special?

Gemstones hold remarkable significance in many cultures across the world. Each gemstone is believed to carry its own singular power to bring about positive changes in emotions and promote healing. This is a reason why gemstone necklaces are considered lucky and are so popular.

Popular gemstones in necklaces and their benefits

Gemstone Benefits
Yellow sapphire, citrine Prosperity and wealth
Amethyst, aquamarine, black agate Spirituality and balance
Ruby, white sapphire Health
Rose quartz, ruby Love
Malachite, tiger’s eye Protection

Gorgeous colours in gemstone necklaces

Gemstone necklaces are available in lovely colours and shades that are sure to have you crushing hard. Read on to find your options to fit all budgets for every colour family of gemstone necklaces you may desire

Gold and silver gemstone necklaces

When gemstones are set in precious materials like gold and silver, they are literally divine in expression.

Gold gemstone necklaces are classics. Often crafted from 18/14k gold, they offer the luxurious tones of gold, strikingly offset by the vibrant colours of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more.

Sterling silver gemstone necklaces are incredible in their elegance and relative affordability. These can easily be your new favourites for daily styling.

Do check for hallmarking in your gemstone necklaces made of gold and silver to be assured of quality and purity.

Red gemstone necklaces

Rubies with their deep reds are the reigning favourites here. Orangey-red corals are also much in demand for their vibrant shades. More pink than red, rose quartz, pink tourmalines and spinels look great in necklaces.

Blue gemstone necklaces

Blue sapphires are royal in their expression. Lapis lazuli, blue topaz and turquoise necklaces offer beautiful azure shades that are fresh and energetic. Leaning towards violet and purple, we have the gorgeous amethyst that is believed to have calming properties.

Yellow gemstone necklaces

Ever bright and beautiful, yellow gemstone necklaces are summer favourites. The warm tones of yellow sapphires, lemon quartz, and citrines in your necklaces can really uplift your look and spirits.

Green gemstone necklaces

Emerald necklaces are eternal classics and come in many shades. Rare and durable, these can go on to be cherished heirlooms to be passed down through generations. Malachite necklaces offer a dark green colour, often with interesting patterns inherent to the gemstone. Green and gorgeous, jade is a beautiful option for a green gemstone necklace.

White gemstone necklaces

Diamond necklaces are global bestsellers, peerless in their fiery brilliance. Pearl necklaces with their lustrous beauty are also equally in demand. For more economical options in white gemstone necklaces, check out moonstones, opals and white zirconia.

Black gemstone necklaces

Black gemstone necklaces are much sought after for their versatility. Black diamonds, onyx, and black zirconia make gorgeous necklaces for all pockets.

Multicoloured gemstone necklaces

Gorgeous and affordable, cubic zirconia, spinels and labradorites feature every imaginable hue under the sun. Cultured pearls, although comparatively expensive, are also found in fabulous shades that are sure to steal your heart.

From icy diamonds that top every gemstone list to the more modest yet stunning gems like lapis lazuli and citrines, gemstone necklaces open up a whole new dimension of beauty to jewellery lovers. Come right over and browse through our unique collections of gemstone necklaces to pick out your favourites that delight and inspire day after day.

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