Ring Size Chart & Guide

Follow our ring size guide and find your ring size

How do I find my ring size?

We’re often asked the question: “How do I find my ring size” so we’ve decided to help you. Here we hope to give you everything you need to know so that you will find your best fit easily, even when shopping from home - as size does matter!

There are two methods to measure your ring size:

Method no. 1: Measure your own finger

Method no. 2: Measure your own ring

Ring Size Chart

mm. / Inches″
14.0 mm. / 0.56″ 44 mm. 44 3 E 4
14.4 mm. / 0.57″ 45 mm. 45 F
14.7 mm. / 0.58″ 46 mm. 46 G 6
15.0 mm. / 0.59″ 47 mm. 47 4 H 7
15.0 mm. / 0.59″ 48 mm. 48 I 8
15.6 mm. / 0.61″ 49 mm. 49 5 9
15.9 mm. / 0.63″ 50 mm. 50 J 10
16.2 mm. / 0.64″ 51 mm. 51 K 11
16.5 mm. / 0.65″ 52 mm. 52 6 L 12
16.9 mm. / 0.67″ 53 mm. 53 M 13
17.3 mm. / 0.68″ 54 mm. 54 7 N 14
17.5 mm. / 0.69″ 55 mm. 55 15
17.8 mm. / 0.70″ 56 mm. 56 O 16
18.2 mm. / 0.72″ 57 mm. 57 8 P 16½
18.6 mm. / 0.73″ 58 mm. 58 Q 17
18.8 mm. / 0.74″ 59 mm. 59 R 18
19.1 mm. / 0.75″ 60 mm. 60 9 18½
19.4 mm. / 0.76″ 61 mm. 61 S 19
19.8 mm. / 0.78″ 62 mm. 62 10 T 20
20.2 mm. / 0.80″ 63 mm. 63 10¼ U 21
20.6 mm. / 0.81″ 64 mm. 64 10¾ V 22
20.8 mm. / 0.82″ 65 mm. 65 11 23
21.0 mm. / 0.83″ 66 mm. 66 11½ W 24
21.3 mm. / 0.84″ 67 mm. 67 12 X 25
21.8 mm. / 0.86″ 68 mm. 68 12½ 26
22.1 mm. / 0.87″ 69 mm. 69 12¾ Z 27
22.3 mm. / 0.88″ 70 mm. 70 13 Z + 1 28
22.6 mm. / 0.89″ 71 mm. 71 13½ Z + 2 29

Ring sizes for Men and Women

The ring size comparison chart above includes ring sizes for both men and women. As you might expect the ring sizes for men are a little larger usually starting at EU size 52 (US 6) with 50% of men's ring sizes falling between EU/DK size 60 (US 9) and EU/DK size 65 (US 11).

Follow this video guide which will guide you step-by-step to find your ring size.

Method no. 1: Measure your own finger

Step 1: Measure your finger by wrapping a strip of paper or wide tread around it, leaving enough space to slide the ring over your knuckle.

Step 2: Mark the place where the paper strip meets and measure the length by using a ruler.

This is the circumference of your finger, which corresponds to European ring sizing. E.g. if it measures 5,4 cm you should choose a size 54. If you fall in between sizes, we recommend that you chose the larger size.

As a rule of thumb, you can always remember that you will probably need a slightly bigger size is if the ring is wide versus slim. If the ring is sleek and slim we recommend that you opt for a lightly smaller size eg. 0,5 size difference.

This method can be used to find the ring size of any of your fingers.

Please note that the ring size can vary depending on the ring design and fit on your finger.

Method no. 2: Measure your own ring

Measure one of your own rings using a ruler. Lay the ring on a flat surface and place a ruler on top of the ring. Measure the ring (inside diameter) on the widest part of the ring. When it comes to selecting the perfect ring size, precision is key, as even a few millimeters can make a difference..

Before you measure, get acquainted with your fingers

Things to consider

The fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger than those on your non-dominant hand, so keep that in mind when measuring for your ring size.

Cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink a bit, while heat or water retention caused by food or medications, can cause finger swelling.

Ring sizing tips

Here are a couple of tips on choosing ring size based on the ring’s design/style.

Large statement/cocktail rings: Keep in mind that broad/thicker ring bands (larger than 6mm) will fit tighter. It is better to choose half a size up when purchasing a thicker band, for the ring to be comfortable.

Stacking rings: When you buy slim stackers ensure a comfortable fit by picking a snug-fitting ring size (measure the finger you choose to wear the ring on).

Types of rings

And finding the right size

Rings have been the favoured accessory among both men and women for centuries. Accordingly, The Jewellery Room has curated an extensive range of ring styles and designs to accommodate the whim and fancy of every wearer!

Cocktail rings make a bold impression worn on any finger. Get measured for the finger you plan to wear the ring on.

Stacking rings are delightful companion rings that can be paired with your favourite gemstone rings or simply worn on their own! Create a playful look with a multi-coloured zircon- or diamond-studded ring party on as many fingers as you like.

Knuckle rings are trendy, hot, and all the rage. Pick half-a-size up and note designer-specific sizing instructions when you buy one of these.

Engagement & wedding rings are stunning and resplendent. Whether a solitaire or a gemstone-set band, these forever rings need to be chosen with careful consideration. Get the right size and you are on cloud nine every day!

Adjustable/open rings usually have a 3-6mm open end. These rings are great for gifting. Follow the designer’s sizing instructions and you are good to go.

If you need personal guidance

You can always reach out

Have no worries when you shop online for rings at thejewelleryroom.com. We guide and help customers all over the world on a daily basis, and our jewellery experts will do whatever it takes to find the perfect fit and size for the jewellery you're looking for.

And please remember if you are still in doubt, you can shop safely with us. We guarantee that you can always exchange or resize your purchase within 30 days.

Love, Charlotte & Pernille