Rock Classic Diamond Hoop S Gold, White DiamondsRock Classic Diamond Hoop S Gold, White Diamonds
Offspring Double Hoops SilverOffspring Double Hoops Silver
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Georg Jensen

Offspring Double Hoops Silver
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Cable HoopsCable Hoops

Anni Lu

Cable Hoops
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Earrings with white zirconia SilverEarrings with white zirconia Silver

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Earrings with white zirconia Silver
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Beaded Piercing 2 pearls hoopBeaded Piercing 2 pearls hoop
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Persée Paris

Beaded Piercing 2 pearls hoop
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Earrings with multicoloured zirconia. SilverEarrings with multicoloured zirconia. Silver

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Earrings with multicoloured zirconia. Silver
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Earrings Grande with white zirconia. SilverEarrings Grande with white zirconia. Silver

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Earrings Grande with white zirconia. Silver
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Toujours Hoop Gold Plated, White PearlsToujours Hoop Gold Plated, White Pearls
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The Earring Shop

Toujours Hoop Gold Plated, White Pearls
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IX Chunky Edge Earring Gold PlatedIX Chunky Edge Earring Gold Plated

Frederik IX Studios

IX Chunky Edge Earring Gold Plated
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Bovalino Earrings Gold Plated, Pink ZirconiaBovalino Earrings Gold Plated, Pink Zirconia
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Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Bovalino Earrings Gold Plated, Pink Zirconia
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Triple Hoops Earrings Gold Plated

Ninna York Jewellery

Triple Hoops Earrings Gold Plated
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Cherry Earring Gold Plated, Red and Green BeadsCherry Earring Gold Plated, Red and Green Beads
Brigitte Hoops Gold Plated, White BeadsBrigitte Hoops Gold Plated, White Beads
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Adria Creolo Medio Earrings SilverAdria Creolo Medio Earrings Silver
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Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Adria Creolo Medio Earrings Silver
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Medium hoops Matte Gold Plated
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Blue Billie

Medium hoops Matte Gold Plated
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IX Ocean Pearl Earrings SilverIX Ocean Pearl Earrings Silver

Frederik IX Studios

IX Ocean Pearl Earrings Silver
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IX Chunky Edge Earrings SilverIX Chunky Edge Earrings Silver

Frederik IX Studios

IX Chunky Edge Earrings Silver
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Leave To Dry Hoop, Small
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Pernille Holm

Leave To Dry Hoop, Small
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Rose Cut Green Amethyst HoopsRose Cut Green Amethyst Hoops

By Pariah

Rose Cut Green Amethyst Hoops
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“Hoop earrings on? She means business!”

Hoop earrings are the magical nymphs of the earring realm! Gorgeous, versatile, and playful yet commanding attention, hoop earrings have taken on the world since their inception. These beauties can be found in all kinds of lovely materials, textures and sizes to suit every face and fancy out there. Now, ain’t it a true treat that we have the best of hoop earrings from the most exclusive brands carefully curated just for you?

• Why do women love hoops?
• What size hoop earrings should I get?
• Which hoop earring style should I choose?
• Designer hoop earrings

Hoop earrings for women

Women love hoop earrings because they are incredibly stylish, adaptable and attractive. Casual as they seem, hoop earrings can fit in easily as part of formal styles as well. You can wear them in pairs or as singles for asymmetric combinations. Women love them for their easy-going charm. When carefully chosen, hoop earrings can even accentuate facial features beautifully. That’s why hoop earrings are true pleasers.

Available in a variety of sizes, with exclusive designs in precious metals like gold and silver, hoop earrings are here to stay trending!

Hoop earring sizes

All ardent fans of hoop earrings would already know this valuable little nugget of information—size matters! That’s right! When it comes to hoop earrings, it is important to pick the best sizes that frame your face to the finest effect.

Designer hoops usually come in sizes such as small, medium, and large. Extra-large hoops are also available and great for when you need an extra-strong dash of style.

What size hoop earrings should I get?

Finding the perfect sizes of hoops for you can be a bit of a challenge. Face shapes matter and so do the placement of your ear piercings. Even neck length and hair styles and length should be taken into account when on a quest for the best hoop earrings!

Be mindful that size perception may vary from person to person and even brand to brand. What may be medium-sized for some could easily be small or even large for others!

Trial-and-error methods are too much of a drain on time and money to be viable. But why worry? Here is a bunch of handy tips to help you figure out the best fit for your face when it is a matter of hoop earrings.

Check out our hoop size guide here to help you with your selection.

Small hoops

Small hoops are generally a good fit for small faces. The smallest hoops are also called huggies. As the name suggests, these tiny hoop earrings hug your earlobes snugly for a cute look. Huggies can be as small as 1cm in diameter.

Next in line are little hoop earrings that range from 2.5 cm to 3 cm (1-1.8 inch) in diameter. Being petite, they make fine accessories for those who like minimalist jewellery. Bear in mind, although rather small, it is not just the minimalists who go ga-ga over these.

If you have multiple ear piercings, you can literally host an ear party! Small hoops make a fantastic impact when artfully arranged with other complementary pieces or different sized hoops.

Medium hoops

Medium hoops have a diameter that is about 4-5cm (1.5-2 inch). Noticeable yet unpretentious, these are great for nearly all face shapes. Medium hoops are what you can reach for when you want something playful yet modest. Especially flattering for long and angular faces, these medium hoops do a fine job of softening the sharp features and creating a look of fuller contours.

Large hoops

Bold and thoroughly striking, the large hoops make a splash like nothing else. These big hoop earrings measure 6-10cm (2.3-4 inches) in diameter and add a healthy dose of drama to your look. The large and extra-large hoops are showstoppers in their own right and are best paired with demure necklaces and other delicate pieces for maximum effect.

Which hoop style should I choose?

Hoop earrings are gorgeous. That’s an established fact! Let us now consider different hoop styles. There are plenty of avatars to the basic hoop depending on their thickness. It refers to the size of the hoops in terms of the width of their “thread” part.

Thick hoops

Thick hoops are perfect for when you need an attention-grabbing look. Also called chunky hoops, this style can add substantial bling depending on the materials used in the hoop design.

Thin hoops

Thin hoops are what you reach for when you want a look that is stylish yet not overpowering. These are great for all seasons and reasons. As long as you have piercings to spare, you could also layer them with other earrings like studs and huggies to outstanding effect.

Twisted hoops

Twisted hoops feature a “twist” or a ribbon effect in their form. These bring a fine measure of aesthetic interest to the basic hoop style. Wear these with your favourite outfits for a look that soars high above the ordinary.

Structured hoops

Super stylish and stunning, the structured hoop earrings are a class apart. Designer structured hoops feature bold contours and unusual textures that result in a powerful attraction to these gorgeous works of wearable art.

Hoop earrings with charms

Hoop earrings are lovely as they are. Yet the presence of charms adds a special brand of cuteness to the simple hoop form. Gemstones, metallic trinkets, pearls and beads, all are lavishly used as charms to create unique looks. You will find plenty of options here to appease your desire for jewellery that stands out.

Gold or gold-plated hoop earrings?

Much loved all through history by villainous pirates and the prettiest divas alike, the gold hoop earrings are available in a fine range of bespoke designs to cater to the contemporary woman. Solid gold hoop earrings are valuable, exclusive and elegant. Wear these for a touch of glam that never fades.

Gold-plated hoop earrings are especially popular for their affordability. Being less expensive doesn’t deter these from being absolutely stunning. Gold-plated hoops from well-known brands look so much like real gold pieces that it is quite impossible to tell them apart.

Hoop earrings in silver

Silver hoops are a hit with almost all jewellery lovers. The matchless sheen of silver and the relative inexpensiveness make the silver hoops just right for that look of austere elegance.

Diamond hoop earrings

Ever the trend, diamond hoops bring an incomparable flair to the art of looking good. Studded with glittering diamonds, the exclusive hoops in this category are a must-have for that touch of eternal glam. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles for finding the best picks for everyday as well as special occasions.

Gemstones and pearl hoop earrings

Gemstone-studded hoop earrings are simply delightful in their vibrant colours and magical vibes. The raw energy of the sapphires, emeralds, moonstones and more is believed to have a mood-enhancing effect on the wearer.

Pearl hoop earrings are peerless in their pure beauty. Organic and natural in elegance, some of our pearl hoop earring styles are show stoppers. Wear these to instantly upgrade your look to a level of charming sophistication.

There are enough and more reasons why we love hoops. Let’s just say, hoops, jeans, shoes and bags. Woop!

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