Dot 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondDot 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Dot 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond
From 1.535,00 DKK
Danaé 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond, 0.15 ctDanaé 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond, 0.15 ct
Sold out
Medium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondMedium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond

Ole Lynggaard

Medium Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamond
From 19.500,00 DKK
Danaé 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond, 0.08 ctDanaé 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond, 0.08 ct
Sold out
Saturn chain 18K Gold NecklaceSaturn chain 18K Gold Necklace

Nord By Thomsen

Saturn chain 18K Gold Necklace
From 2.450,00 DKK
Large Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. DiamondsLarge Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamonds

Ole Lynggaard

Large Elephant Charm 18K Gold Pendant w. Diamonds
From 59.900,00 DKK
10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone
Limited Edition

Carré Jewellery

10K Gold Necklace w. Moonstone
2.700,00 DKK
Petit Sign Gemini 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondsPetit Sign Gemini 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamonds
Chain Gang 9K Gold Simple ChainChain Gang 9K Gold Simple Chain
Sold out

Carré Jewellery

Chain Gang 9K Gold Simple Chain
From 2.090,00 DKK
Danaé 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond, 0.23 ctDanaé 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamond, 0.23 ct
Sold out
Design collier 40 18K Gold NecklaceDesign collier 40 18K Gold Necklace

Ole Lynggaard

Design collier 40 18K Gold Necklace
From 7.500,00 DKK
Petit Sign Aries 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondsPetit Sign Aries 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamonds
Double Bar 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondsDouble Bar 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamonds

Alexa Fine Jewelry

Double Bar 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamonds
3.115,00 DKK
10K Gold Pendant w. Opal & Diamond10K Gold Pendant w. Opal & Diamond

Carré Jewellery

10K Gold Pendant w. Opal & Diamond
1.290,00 DKK
Core Necklace 001Core Necklace 001
Great giftSold out

Juuls & Karats

Core Necklace 001
2.300,00 DKK

“The necklace is the anchor…” ~ Robert Lee Morris

Necklaces are important; real gold necklaces are the cream of the lot—luxurious and classy to the core. Highly visible and available in every shape, size and colour, they are jewellery essentials that you just can’t do without. And why should you, when we have such a gorgeous collection of darling designer gold necklaces, carefully curated from exclusive ateliers across Europe.
• Gold necklaces for women
• Trending gold necklace styles
• Choosing a gold necklace

Gold necklaces for women

Women adore necklaces and when they are fashioned from precious gold, few can resist the temptation of making them their own. From delicate gold chains to breathtaking opulent creations, gold necklaces for women are astounding in their incredible variety and beauty.

Hallmarked for purity

Designer solid gold necklaces will always have a hallmark that tells you the purity of the gold used in the piece. It is a stamp often found on an obscure part of the necklace, like the clasp, that says 22k, 18k or so depending on the karatage.

Pure gold is marked 24k. Among the most popular purities are 22k (which is 91.6% pure gold) and 18k (75% pure gold). Next in line, 14k gold has a (58.3% purity). 10k and 9k gold have a lower content of pure gold but it's still solid gold with superior strength.

It is good to note that a 9k gold necklace is far less expensive yet more durable than its 22k or 24k counterpart. However, the latter is a better and more reliable investment for the future.

Colours of gold

Real gold necklaces come in alluring shades.

Yellow gold necklaces are favoured for their recognisable warm golden tones. 24k and 22k gold is a brighter yellow than other lower karat gold.

White gold necklaces are made from an alloy of solid gold and white metals like zinc and silver. The lovely white hue is often enhanced by an additional plating of rhodium.

Rose gold necklaces are yet another trending style. Rose gold is pure gold mixed with the red metal copper and silver to create the characteristic, beautiful, rose-pink colour.

Trending gold necklaces

Gold necklaces are timeless pieces of jewellery and the only accessory you need to complete an outfit; you can skip the other pieces of jewellery and still look chic. Put on a plain or a gemstone-studded gold necklace and there is not an outfit whose appearance it would not lift.

Gold chain necklaces

Gold chain necklaces are elementary pieces. Yet they are surprisingly versatile and are available in an amazing array of styles. Cable, rolo, figaro, snake, ball, and anchor chains are among the most popular chain styles. The filigree chain and the byzantine style are beautiful just as they are. The gold infinity necklaces exude a sophisticated charm, ideal for formal wear.

Long gold chains

Long gold chains are a conventional favourite, adding a dash of glam to your look every time you wear them. The thin ones gracefully offset your beautiful pendants, while the thicker long gold chains are a statement by themselves. Longer gold chains can also be worn in layers to mimic layered necklace styling.

Layered chains

Don’t want to stop with a single gold chain? Dazzle the world with an artfully layered bunch of gold chains. Some gold necklaces come with multiple layers. You could also create your own unique look by layering different styles and lengths of gold chains.

Thick gold chains

Stunning with a powerful presence, thick gold chains are for those looking for bold expressions. Wear these substantial chains as singles or with more gold necklaces for a striking look.

Gold pendant necklaces

Beautiful through and through, gold pendant necklaces are a favourite with nearly everyone. These feature pretty pendants, inspired by nature, art and even the spiritual, hung on often simple gold chains, making every day a unique opportunity to showcase a different side of you.

Diamond pendant gold necklaces

Glittering diamonds set in precious gold are a vision of pure loveliness that never grows old. White gold and rose gold pendant necklaces are brilliant for their unmatched sophistication.

Gemstone pendant gold necklaces

Rubies, emeralds and such gems of breathtaking beauty are much sought after among gemstone pendants. They may feature a single stone or a whole bunch of them, the effect being lovely either way. Pearl pendant necklaces in solid gold are always classy and a sure way to easy elegance. Birthstone pendant necklaces in gold make cherished gifts as well.

Letter pendant gold necklaces

Aesthetically crafted letter pendant necklaces in gold are a beautiful way of honouring the wearer’s uniqueness. Initials or significant letters in gorgeous styles and textures, that lay close to the heart add meaning and glamour to your daily style.

Zodiac pendant gold necklaces

Yet another personally significant necklace style, the gold zodiac pendant necklaces inspired by the wearer’s birth constellation are extremely popular today. Wear them. Gift them. You just can’t go wrong with these magical pieces.

Chunky gold necklaces

Want to make a splash with just one piece of jewellery? Chunky gold necklaces are game-changers in this field. Large and highly noticeable, coupled with the unparalleled allure of gold, these beautiful necklaces make impressive statements of styles. Both plain gold versions and gem-studded types are equally drool-worthy in their stateliness.

How do I choose a gold necklace?

Keep in mind the following while choosing your gold necklace. For the best effect, your gold necklace should match the occasion and your outfit, balancing both style and your own unique personality. Gold being expensive, take care to select versatile pieces that look good across reasons and seasons.

Choose smooth and strong designs for the comfort of daily wear, adding your personal touch through engraved or birthstone pendants.

Go sleek and exotic without being overly opulent, choosing contemporary designs to stand out in a sea of often bland workplace attires.

The length of a necklace holds a lot of sway on the final effect. Check out our necklace size guide for more tips on choosing the right one for you.

Every serious collector and lover of stylish and luxurious jewellery will likely have an ever-growing collection of gold necklaces. Such is the magic of gorgeous gold. Come on over and browse our stylish curation of fine designer gold necklaces to find the loveliest pieces that delight and inspire day after day.

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