Adria Piccolo Gold Plated Ring w. White Zirconias & PearlsAdria Piccolo Gold Plated Ring w. White Zirconias & Pearls
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Unicorn 18K Gold Plated Ring w. PearlUnicorn 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl

Carré Jewellery

Unicorn 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
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Pearl Spiral Ring 06Pearl Spiral Ring 06
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Pearl Spiral Ring 06
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Padua Gold Plated Ring w. White PearlsPadua Gold Plated Ring w. White Pearls
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Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Padua Gold Plated Ring w. White Pearls
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GEMMA Gold Plated Ring w. PearlGEMMA Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
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GEMMA Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
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Double Diamond Pearl Ring 04Double Diamond Pearl Ring 04
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Double Diamond Pearl Ring 04
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Reef 18K Gold Plated Ring w. White PearlsReef 18K Gold Plated Ring w. White Pearls

Carré Jewellery

Reef 18K Gold Plated Ring w. White Pearls
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Dome 10K Gold Ring w. PearlDome 10K Gold Ring w. Pearl

Carré Jewellery

Dome 10K Gold Ring w. Pearl
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Seafire 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Diamonds, Sapphire & PearlSeafire 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Diamonds, Sapphire & Pearl
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Padua Silver Ring w. White PearlsPadua Silver Ring w. White Pearls
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Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Padua Silver Ring w. White Pearls
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The Signet Black Gold Plated Ring w. PearlThe Signet Black Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
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TENTACLE 3 14K Gold Ring w. PearlTENTACLE 3 14K Gold Ring w. Pearl


TENTACLE 3 14K Gold Ring w. Pearl
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Small Pacific Silver Ring w. White PearlSmall Pacific Silver Ring w. White Pearl
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Dulong Fine Jewelry

Small Pacific Silver Ring w. White Pearl
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18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & South Sea Pearls18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & South Sea Pearls
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No other piece of jewellery captures beauty, romance, and femininity like a pearl ring. This soft gemstone has been associated with the Moon and Venus since ancient times and resonates with women worldwide. In jewellery, whereas diamonds are opulent and glittering symbols of luxury, pearls are classy, understated, and always elegant. We have put together a carefully-curated selection of pearl rings, from the best collections of Danish and Scandinavian designers as well as designer brands from across the globe.

• Learn more about wearing pearl rings
• Pearls in designer ring styles
• How to care for your pearl jewellery

Pearl rings: Loved by kings, queens and everyone in between

Pearl rings are heartwarming winners among pearl jewellery. With a single large pearl or several pearls in breathtaking whites, lustrous creams, rosy hues or mysterious black, rings set with pearls are refined and classically elegant. This soft and lustrous gemstone symbolises wisdom, good fortune and prosperity in several cultures worldwide. Furthermore, it is the birthstone for June-borns. That's why every woman’s jewellery box is sure to have at least one or several pearl rings.

What do pearl rings signify and are they a good choice for engagement rings?

Just like a diamond ring, you can never go wrong with a pearl engagement ring. Pearls represent wisdom, integrity, and steadfastness and are an excellent gem choice for engagement rings. For a woman, this gemstone represents hope, inspiration, and passion, so she can be sure of love and loyalty when a man proposes marriage with a pearl ring.

When can you wear pearl jewellery?

You can wear them on any day or night as classic accessories for a formal lunch or dinner or fun times with your besties. Pearls on your fingers look gorgeous when worn for a wedding or a special high-power business event. Only be sure to follow the pearl care routine at the end of the day.

Alluring rings set with exotic pearls

Rings set with unique and exotic pearls are available in various materials, designs, styles and price ranges.

Classic pearl ring with a single freshwater pearl in a simple setting
Large and striking baroque pearl designer statement ring
Prescious gold and affordable silver and pearl ring with multiple saltwater and freshwater pearls in simple, ornate and edgy designs
Handmade pearl eternity ring with a play on the placement and size of pearls used
♥ Ring set with delicate and perfect Japanese Akoya pearls or stunning black Tahitian pearls.
♥ Brides love statement rings set with a baroque or Mabe pearl that complements their traditional white, champagne, or ivory-coloured gown.

Find your pearl ring size.

Gold pearl ring

Pearl and gold rings continue to be best-selling items of jewellery. Pearls symbolise purity and integrity, and gold is a well-loved valuable metal that will not tarnish or corrode. Lustrous pearls come in many beautiful shades enhanced by the glow of solid yellow, white, or rose gold. These are investment pieces that you will treasure and hand down to future generations.

Here we have a wide selection of authentic handmade designer pearl rings in 9K-18K hallmarked, recycled gold that you will love to have and to hold!

Gold-plated pearl ring
If you are looking for a glamorous yet affordable ring with pearls that combines the gleam and beauty of gold with the silky lustre of a real pearl, you could consider a gold vermeil ring. Check out our pearl rings in gold vermeil (plated with a thicker layer of 18K gold) or 22K or 24K gold plating for bargains that combine luxurious looks with affordable prices.

Silver pearl ring

Pearl rings made of sterling silver are highly sought-after, especially by women looking for an affordable piece of jewellery that combines beauty and durability. These lovely rings come dressed with unique freshwater pearls of different sizes, shapes, and colours.

What to look for when buying silver rings
When buying a pearl and silver ring, choose one made of 925 sterling silver—the purest silver alloy used for ring settings. White pearls set in silver appear brighter and most rings set in silver with pearls are rhodium-plated to prevent tarnishing and give them the rich look of white gold.

Diamond and pearl ring

Diamonds and pearls are beautiful together because they speak of two contrasting natures; tough and soft. Both gems are precious and valued for the process they went through to make them what they are. Luxurious and rich in look and feel, pearl and diamond rings make meaningful appreciation gifts for lovers, mothers and yourself.

Pearl ring styles you want in your jewellery box

So what are the options in designs and themes waiting for you on this page? From classic simplicity to chunky and sculptural, pearl rings are delicious pieces of jewellery that are snapped up every single time!

Pearl signet rings

Pearl rings in signet styles are statement pieces worn on the pinkie finger. These are set with a single freshwater pearl in 925 silver, gold, or gold-plated silver. Real pearls used in signet rings could be in any colour ranging from Tahitian black pearl to pink freshwater pearl and may vary in shape and size.

Pearls on spiral and twisted ring bands

Pearls set on spiral and twisted ring bands are fascinating. These rings also combine other gems and diamonds. Twisted pearl rings are designed to loop around the finger like a magical swirl.

Sculptural Pearl rings

These rings are one-of-a-kind, handmade statement pieces that are hard to resist. The themes revolve around the raw textures found in nature, life-transforming emotions like motherhood and the splendid workmanship of the designer.

Care for your pearl rings

Natural pearls are rare, soft and organic gems that can be easily damaged by rough use. Pearls tend to absorb moisture, sweat and chemicals. Hard knocks and scratches can damage the pearl. Below are our recommendations to care for your pearl rings:

♥ Always put on your pearl rings last and take them off first or before you wash your hands, shower or play sports.
♥ Wipe your pearl rings and jewellery with a soft cloth to remove oil build-up and traces of make-up or perspiration.
♥ Store them in soft jewellery pouches or boxes to avoid scratches and damage from friction with other jewellery.
Your pearls need human contact! Don't store them away forever but use your pearl jewellery often because pearls need moisture to remain lustrous and smooth. They tend to wrinkle in dry climates, especially when in storage.

You can easily explore the rings displayed on this page by brand or collection using the search filters. You will find authentic designer pearl rings in beautifully unique styles, sizes, and settings. The price of each unique ring in our curated collection is affordable and competitive. If you are looking to pick up pearl rings for yourself or to gift someone special and wondering how to choose one, just talk to us! Happy pearl ring browsing!

If you have any questions regarding size and fit, we are available for a quick chat on any business day. Just click on the Chat icon. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have a special request like personalisation options, gift wrapping, or questions regarding your order or the delivery date of a product. We want to help you make the best purchase.

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