Jodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalJodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Laura 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalLaura 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Jodhi 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Bon Bon 10K Gold Stud w. Pink OpalBon Bon 10K Gold Stud w. Pink Opal

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Bon Bon 10K Gold Stud w. Pink Opal
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Katia 14K Goldfilled Ear Hook w. OpalKatia 14K Goldfilled Ear Hook w. Opal
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Reef 18K Gold Plated Studs w. OpalReef 18K Gold Plated Studs w. Opal

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Reef 18K Gold Plated Studs w. Opal
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Laika 14K Goldfilled Earring w. OpalLaika 14K Goldfilled Earring w. Opal
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Opal earrings are simply stunning and always admired for their iridescent sparkle. Opals are fascinating for the kaleidoscope of vibrant colours that they display. Earrings set with opals are a refreshing choice for women who like to set trends with their distinct style choices. Opal earrings carry an enchanting grace that can be rivalled only by a genuine pearl earring. In our opal earring collections, we have a diverse selection of natural opals in fabulous handcrafted designs. Carefully curated by some of the finest international designers, our selection of opal earrings is a celebration of style and colour.

• Why opals are loved
• The value of opals in your earrings
• Designer opal earring styles
• Caring for your opal earrings

Gorgeous opal earrings and why we love them

Opal earrings are unique in that the gemstone surface reflects a cheerful flash of colours—also called play of colour—when seen at different angles or when revolved under a light source. You can't help but feel vibrant when you step out in a lovely pair of opal earrings. This is one of the most exciting features of a natural opal earring and if you are enchanted by an opal’s vibrance, your tastes are in line with queens—Cleopatra, Josephine of France, and Victoria loved this semi-precious gemstone.

3 interesting nuggets about your favourite opal earring

♥ Opal is the birthstone for October and opal earrings are special for those whose star signs are Taurus or Libra
♥ Opal stones symbolise love and hope and are worn for unique healing powers
♥ Opal is also the 14th wedding anniversary gemstone

How are opals in earrings valued?

Iridescent, genuine opal earrings are not just breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also a good investment. The value of opal stones is determined by the overall carat size, and colour (ranging from intense black to white), alongside shape, inclusion, body type, and colour brilliance. Their worth is measured primarily by the colour intensity and pattern definition.

Darker the opal in your earring, the more valuable it is. Real black opal earrings are rare. The opal can be dark grey, black or green-black shade. What makes the black opal earring stand out is the vibrant play of rainbow colour flashes that are accentuated by the dark tone of the opal. Reflections of gorgeous blues, greens, reds and oranges make it a mesmerising show of colours on a gold or silver earring band. The black opal earring is a spectacular keeper and one to pass on to the next generation.

Earrings set with luminous red opals are rare and more valuable. Also called Fire opal, these opal stones are a variety that has a translucent to transparent bright yellow, bright orange or bright red background colour.

Lighter-coloured translucent opals are beautiful but less valued. The most affordable and easily available are white opals. The gemstone is a cool-toned white or off-white and can have spectral colours that reflect softly from its surface.

Blue opal earrings feature translucent to opaque cabochon-cut opals, admired for their shades of blues—from light grey to aqua, turquoise and a deep, intense blue.

Uniquely defined patterns on the body of the opal will make an opal earring more valuable. The mosaic-like Harlequin pattern is the rarest and most sought-after. Flagstone, straw, Chinese writing and floral patterns are among some of the more valuable opal patterns.

Designer opal earring styles women love

Searching for the perfect opal earring that combines beauty, verve and sheer style? An opal earring makes a powerful statement of confidence and upbeat energy. In handcrafted designer earrings, these beauteous rainbow stones become absolutely irresistible.

Designer gold opal earrings

The rainbow stone or opal holds a special charm when set on 14-karat or 18-karat yellow, rose and white gold tones. handcrafted gold settings are very durable and long-lasting for opal earrings and carry an old-world charm. Blue and green opals on white gold resonate with cool freshness. Red opals sit fabulously on yellow gold, resplendent in its bright, fiery tones. White opals are a statement of grace on any metal, but these reflect a warm, gentle rainbow glow when set on gorgeous rose gold.

Luxuriant opal and diamond earrings

The classic combination to create a look of effortless luxury, opals and diamonds are huge favourites when it comes to opal earring designs. Gold opal ear studs or earring pendants set with a beautiful pale opal as a centre stone with a ring of pavé-set diamonds is a simply gorgeous earring style that we can’t say no to.

Caring for your beautiful opal earrings

♥ Clean your opal earring with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap. Gently wipe it dry.
♥ Do not leave your opal earring soaking in water.
♥ When choosing opal earrings ensure that the setting is secure.
♥ Store your opal earring carefully to avoid damage and scratches, as genuine opals are soft and measure only 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, they can be easily scratched.

We hope you enjoy browsing our opal earring collection and find the one that captures your heart. Please contact us if you want clarifications about the quality or care of opals or delivery time. Until then, happy shopping!

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