Daisy Earrings 11 mm. Gold PlatedDaisy Earrings 11 mm. Gold Plated
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Georg Jensen

Daisy Earrings 11 mm. Gold Plated
1.100 DKK
Moonlight Grapes Earrings SilverMoonlight Grapes Earrings Silver

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Earrings Silver
1.750 DKK
Moonlight Grapes simple Studs SilverMoonlight Grapes simple Studs Silver
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Mercy Swirl Earrings SilverMercy Swirl Earrings Silver
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Georg Jensen

Mercy Swirl Earrings Silver
1.100 DKK
Daisy Earrings 7 mm. Gold PlatedDaisy Earrings 7 mm. Gold Plated
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Trois Stud Gold Plated, White PearlsTrois Stud Gold Plated, White Pearls

The Earring Shop

Trois Stud Gold Plated, White Pearls
450 DKK
Mini Pearl Drop Earrings Gold Plated, White PearlsMini Pearl Drop Earrings Gold Plated, White Pearls
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Daisy Earrings 7 mm. Silver
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Georg Jensen

Daisy Earrings 7 mm. Silver
850 DKK
Daisy Earrings 11 mm. SilverDaisy Earrings 11 mm. Silver
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Georg Jensen

Daisy Earrings 11 mm. Silver
1.100 DKK
Earcuff in 14K GoldEarcuff in 14K Gold


Earcuff in 14K Gold
560 DKK
Rock Classic Diamond Hoop S Gold, White DiamondsRock Classic Diamond Hoop S Gold, White Diamonds
Sway Stud Gold Plated, White PearlsSway Stud Gold Plated, White Pearls

The Earring Shop

Sway Stud Gold Plated, White Pearls
490 DKK
Tassel CharmTassel Charm

The Earring Shop

Tassel Charm
160 DKK
The Star Earcrawler Gold Plated, White ZirconiaThe Star Earcrawler Gold Plated, White Zirconia
Moonlight Grapes Studs SilverMoonlight Grapes Studs Silver
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Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Studs Silver
1.750 DKK
Offspring Double Hoops SilverOffspring Double Hoops Silver
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Georg Jensen

Offspring Double Hoops Silver
2.100 DKK
Cable Hoops

Anni Lu

Cable Hoops
500 DKK
Earrings with white zirconia SilverEarrings with white zirconia Silver

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Earrings with white zirconia Silver
479 DKK
Beaded Piercing 2 pearls hoopBeaded Piercing 2 pearls hoop
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Persée Paris

Beaded Piercing 2 pearls hoop
1.720 DKK
Green Mini Drop Earrings Gold Plated, Green EnamelGreen Mini Drop Earrings Gold Plated, Green Enamel
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“Life isn’t perfect, but my earrings can be”
Earrings are magical. Stylish, trendy, and fashionable, earrings express your personal style. They are the ultimate go-to jewellery when you want a dash of sparkle and chic to blend with your couture. We house handmade earrings from some of the best talents in the world to make your online earring shopping experience an unforgettably thrilling journey!

The fascinating world of earrings

Versatile and ever-evolving, ear jewellery has been around for over 7000 years, favoured by royalty. The most sought-after earrings today are fashioned in gold and sterling silver. Earrings also come embellished delicately with gemstones to add that special twinkle to your ears. And if bling is your thing, you’ll be blown away with our incredible selection of shimmering diamond and gemstone earrings.

Handcrafted earrings for women

Are you looking for handcrafted earrings as fashionable as they are diverse? Do you want top-of-the-line affordable designer earrings that don’t compromise on quality? If your answer to these is a resounding yes, we plan to take you through every woman’s guide to selecting the perfect earrings of your choice. Slim, chunky, small or long earrings; have fun creating playful combinations and elegant pairings. We present vintage-inspired, luxurious, contemporary, or boho-chic earring styles everyone will love.

Designer earrings online

Who wouldn’t love the chance to explore the best designer earring collections online, all in one place? A fusion of aesthetics, premium materials and gemstones, and artisanship, designer earrings are exclusive and exquisite. We curate a diverse collection of the best designer earrings from international brands, conveniently available here at our delightful online earring shop.

Designer earrings sets

You can make earring sets by choosing your preference of style across collections from the same designer or be adventurous and add a few earrings from other design houses as well. The charm of selecting a variety of earrings and putting them together to create your own easy-to-style earring set is as enthralling as it is creative.

Scroll through our website and put together a stunning earring set from the same designer collection…. A dramatic stud combined with a threader or a hanging hoop, or simply three earcuffs in a row - and viola! Or go for a playful, gemstone-studded hoop with multiple huggies in bold designs to create a sensational look.

Good to know earring basics

How do I know what earring size or style will suit me?

We have prepared an easy-to-follow style, shape and size guide for you, which recommends styles that suit your face shape. If you want to learn more, scroll through the Earrings Size Guide section on our website.

Earring sizes and styles

Earrings can be long, wide, or small in size and come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, but what style you wear and which earring you choose is your own individual choice.

If you like trying out new styles and combinations, browse through scintillating creations of over 60 diverse earring collections inspired by traditional designs, bohemian concepts and popular fashion trends. You may prefer the gleam of a polished finish, plain or studded with stones and pearls, or a more mellow look with textured surfaces, embellished with gemstones.

Maximalist vs. Minimal styles: For the dazzling fashionistas, we have styles that allow you to flaunt multiple earrings with confidence. We encourage you to dress up in a mix of sizes and styles and you won’t need any other jewellery to get noticed in a crowd! And if you love minimal understated elegance, a diamond or pearl stud, a classic hoop or a chic ear cuff will do the trick.

Long vs. short styles: Long earrings that dangle in harmonious rhythm, earring pendants that add character to any earpiece, swinging single earrings that look remarkably classy on their own, and threader earrings that leave you breathless are just a glimpse of the popular styles on the earring fashion scene that we showcase for you in our designer earring collections.

Black vs. sparkling white or colourful earrings? Authentic gemstone earrings are a hallmark of the designers we showcase here, and we are especially proud of curating VS grade white diamonds, real pearls and colourful gemstone ear studs, hoops and cuffs from the best international designers. From white to bright blues, vibrant greens and deep reds, earrings are dotted with a sensational riot of colourful gems.

If you love the unconventional black earrings, browse by material through our earring collections for earrings dressed in black diamonds, black zirconia, Tahitian pearls or even diamond-cut mpingo wood set in oxidised silver or rhodium-plated pure gold! These designer black earrings create just the right aura of mystery and style.

What type of earring flat backs are most secure to use?

It’s fabulous to wear beautiful earrings but equally important to wear them securely in place on your earlobes. There are several types of earring backs to ensure your precious pieces don’t fall off and stay upright on your earlobe.

The most commonly used earring backs or closures, particularly for stud earrings and half-hoops, are positive locking backs, screw backs, and push backs.
• Positive locking back, or la pousette, perfectly balances ease and comfort with a secure hold. This lock is highly recommended for expensive jewellery.
• Screw backs are very secure and the nut has to be screwed onto the threaded post. It’s used for valuable earrings.
• Push backs, or butterfly backs, are made of metal or silicone and employ friction to keep the earpiece in place. Lightweight earrings and studs often use these backs to secure them in position.

Bestselling on-trend earrings

Stud earrings, hoops, huggies, long hangers, threader earrings and ear cuffs are the most trending earring styles today. Each comes with its own charm, transcending occasion and couture.

Ear studs

Unisex and versatile, ear studs have always been a popular choice amongst earrings for men and women. Stud earrings are typically small, lightweight and compact in size, resting on the ear lobe. Yet, their subtle presence shines through minimal chic elegance.

These stunners may be discreet in appearance, but unique designs and selection of gemstones and metal make them a perfectly elegant accessory, radiating substance and style. We have gold-plated and silver studs, as well as studs in 8K, 14K, 18K and 22 karat gold, white gold and rose gold , which are available on their own as well as in combination with danglers.

Natural and lab grown graded diamonds in various cuts, sizes and colours, held firmly in classic prong settings, or lustrous pearls with their unique allure, reflect understated elegance in stud earrings.

How can I style ear studs?

Perfect for daily wear, chic and smart, ear studs are worn in endless combinations. You can glam up in the many options we offer and get inspired from our Instagram shots. Sport studs as a single earring to make a subtle statement, as a pair, or in asymmetric combos with other earring styles for the fun of it.

Hoops and huggies

Also called ring earrings, hoops come in small, medium or extra large sizes. Hoop earrings are daily-wear style staples and highly versatile. A playful mix of size and style and loved by celebrities, hoop earrings are symbolic of empowerment, strength and the promise of infinite possibilities. Edgy and bold, we have a delightful stock of slim, chunky and twisted hoops here that you can wear as a pair or combine with studs or dangling pendants featuring beaded mascots and gemstones.

Huggies: Just as the name suggests, huggies are tiny to small hoops or ring earrings that hug your ear lobes! These cute and contemporary darlings are very practical to wear. Paired, stacked, combined with other earrings or shining on their own, these adorable charmers complement anything you wear.

Ear cuffs and long earring pendants and threader earrings

So you don’t have any piercings or don’t want more than one or two. No worries, ear cuffs, hooks, wraps and clips have been designed to embrace your ear helix snugly without a need for any piercing. Exciting shapes and unusual designs are the hallmark of our trendy, feminine designer ear cuffs and clip ons. They are comfortable and easy to wear, and you will find in them a unique, modern take on ear jewellery.

Versatile, adventurous and a fashion riot when worn alone, earring pendants have conquered the scene with asymmetric styling options galore. Every woman must have a few earring pendants in their jewellery box and we have several fascinating pieces in our designer collections.

Elegantly simple, long threader earrings are delightful creations for the minimalist and the multi-piercing style lovers. You must have at least one of these in your I-love-earrings box!

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