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Playa Hook Threader
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Some cool chain threader history and facts

Chain-threader earrings are ethereal, lightweight, and playful. A threader earring is a versatile long-chain dangler with incredible and endless styling possibilities. These fairy dust creations have an interesting backstory. Designer Debra Shepard created threader earrings for personal use in the early 1970s while she was still a student of art. It was only 30 years later that she began to sell chain threaders among other jewellery she designed. Threader earrings caught on like fire on dry grass! From young millennials to Hollywood celebrity fashion, chain-threaders are trending today in a never-ending stream of stylishly elegant earring designs.

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At The Jewellery Room, we just adore chain threaders! Daintier than drop earrings, yet more of a statement piece than classic gold earrings, chain-threaders sensuously and effortlessly loop through your piercings to give you a sophisticated chic look. We recommend combining your chain threader earrings with asymmetrical pairs like minimal studs or huggies. You will find elegant and flowing chain-threader earrings at from exclusive designers like the Earring Shop, Arwa, Kinz Kanaan, and Sif Jakobs. In combination with high-quality metals, pearls, and gemstones, our chain earring collections are sure to dazzle and stylise your look this season.

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