Pelota Hook Gold Plated, White PearlsPelota Hook Gold Plated, White Pearls
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Pelota Hook Gold Plated, White Pearls

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Horizon Hook Threader Gold Plated, White Pearls
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Toujours Hoop Gold Plated, White Pearls
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Drop Baby Blue, White Earrings Gold PlatedDrop Baby Blue, White Earrings Gold Plated
Pearl Jam earring-pendant Silver, White pearls
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Pearl Jam earring-pendant Silver, White pearlPearl Jam earring-pendant Silver, White pearl
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Half Pearl Aphrodite EarringHalf Pearl Aphrodite Earring
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Persée Paris

Half Pearl Aphrodite Earring

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Eline Earrings - EmeraldsEline Earrings - Emeralds
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GFG Jewellery

Eline Earrings - Emeralds

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Eline Earrings - Blue SapphireEline Earrings - Blue Sapphire
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Eline Earrings - Blue Sapphire

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Eline Diamond EarringsEline Diamond Earrings
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Eline Diamond Earrings

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PREMIERE Diamond Paola Ear JacketPREMIERE Diamond Paola Ear Jacket
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Earphone Earring w. pearlstring SilverEarphone Earring w. pearlstring Silver

Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Earphone Earring w. pearlstring Silver

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Earphone Earring w. pearlstring GoldplatedEarphone Earring w. pearlstring Goldplated

Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Earphone Earring w. pearlstring Goldplated

2.100 DKK

Be the girl with a pearl earring!

There is no denying the allure of a lustrous pearl earring, as the Dutch painter Vermeer beautifully captured in his masterpiece ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. Both men and women have been powerfully drawn to this mysterious gem in all its stunning forms, for millennia. Associated with the Moon and Venus, the pearl is distinctly feminine and resonates with women the world over. Popular as a bridal gift, its traditionally pristine white colour symbolises purity, modesty and even fertility in some cultures. Pearls are synonymous with serenity and wisdom, but also innocence and chasteness. The formation of the pearl in the humble oyster symbolises the journey of life on the path to fulfilment. Pearl earrings are versatile, ranging from the large and striking baroque pearls used in designer statement pieces, classic pearl studs or smooth-domed mabe pearls, edgy earpod strings of fresh and saltwater pearls, drop pendants of Tahitian and Akoya pearls, to the modern ear cuffs and multi-piercing accessories.

Go classic with lustrous pearl earrings

The exquisite pearlescent lustre, as well as the rarity of natural pearls, justifies its classification as a precious gem. It is unique in its organic formation within living salt and freshwater molluscs, unlike the underground mineral source of other gems. There is, however, more to the pearl than the perfect white orb and the vast range of colours, shapes, and applications in fine jewellery designs is a feast for the eyes. Golden pearls are treasured by the Chinese as bringing good fortune and prosperity, while the beautifully iridescent Tahitian black pearls are used by the Polynesians as gifts. Cultured pearls are usually a uniform shape and can be dyed to any colour. Cultured or farmed pearls require the insertion of donor mantle tissue, with or without a shell bead, into a host mollusc to initiate the process. There are 4 major types of cultured pearls: Akoya, freshwater, South Sea and Tahitian. Cultured in the Japanese saltwater pearl farms, Akoya pearls are beautifully white with rosy overtones and are known to be smoother and rounder than other types. The largest and rarest are the South Sea pearls, found in Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, ranging from very white to honey-gold in colour. Tahitian pearls are cultivated in French Polynesia and are known for their exotic black colour, although they come in various hues, including green and cream. Freshwater pearls are more common and varied in shape, with freshwater mussels producing more than one pearl at a time. They are often used in multiple strands.

Buy the finest range of designer pearl earrings from The Jewellery Room

Shop online in comfort, and at your leisure, at, where the widest range of select designer jewellery has been curated for your convenience. Browsing by theme, material, or favourite designer makes finding the perfect piece a truly joyful experience. Use pearl earrings as a filter to view all the lines from top designers of this alluring and luxurious gem. Explore the enchanting story of each collection from bold statement pieces to the fine, intricate jewellery, all handcrafted from premium verified-authentic materials for guaranteed satisfaction. Classic, feminine, and beautiful, pearls are highly valued gems, showcased to stunning effect by The Jewellery Room’s exclusive designers. Pearl earrings in a shape and colour to suit all tastes has come to be associated with the quintessential woman: beautiful, romantic, and feminine, Pearl earrings are a bride’s perfect choice, beautifully complementing traditional white, champagne, and ivory gowns. Pristine white, lustrous cream or rosy-hued, pearls are elegant, refined, and classic accessories, symbolising good fortune and prosperity.

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