Bergsoe JewelleryFiluka Earring Green Gold, White Pearls

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The lovely Filuka Earring in 18 and 22 karat gold is set with a stunning mix of sapphire, emerald, Keshi pearl, South Sea pearl, and diamonds. An exquisite treasure from the house of Bergsøe, this earring is part of the Filuka Collection.

  • 18k and 22k gold earring
  • 1x0.06ct. and 1x0.12ct. rose cut diamonds
  • 1x0.04ct. brilliant cut champagne diamond
  • 1x0.04ct. TW.VS brilliant cut diamond
  • 1 Keshi pearl, 1 South Sea pearl, 1 sapphire, 1 emerald
  • Colour: Gold, white, grey, green

What's the story

Founded in 1989, Bergsøe is a label that has carved for itself an impressive reputation for its incredible range of handcrafted fine jewellery. Designer- goldsmith Josephine Bergsøe is a veritable master at her craft and shares a Zen-like connection with her work. Drawn by deep curiosity, she translates her uniquely abstract perception of the world around into fine jewellery that is expressive and bewitching. Exclusively handcrafted, each piece of Bergsøe jewellery tells a mesmerising tale of self-discovery and evolution.

What's great about it

Designed by Josephine Bergsøe, the Filuka Earring is a delightful vision of gold and an eclectic mix of precious stones. Handcrafted in 18 and 22 karat yellow gold, the earring features rose cut round, pear-shaped, and trillion cut diamonds, two small round brilliant cut diamonds, one Keshi pearl, and an emerald. All stones are bezel-set to perfection in an undulating gold form, offset by tiny golden knobs. A South Sea pearl adds graceful charm as a drop-pendant. The Filuka Earring is a fine creation that is ideal for the woman of discerning taste, who chooses her jewellery to reflect her singular personality.

How to wear it

The Filuka Earring with its organic form and gorgeous gems set in precious gold is an accessory for all seasons and occasions. It can set high standards of impeccable taste in the boardroom as well as add infinite charm to casual attire. Sold as a single piece, the Filuka Earring is a stunner, sure to draw attention and admiration every time it is worn. It can also be paired with other exemplary pieces from the extensive Bergsøe collections to create a look that is as special as you are.

Why we love it

Deeply sensual and intense, Bergsøe jewellery is a love child of deep sentiments and artistic originality. Josephine Bergsøe channels her inner sensibilities to create meaningful jewellery that stirs the soul to explore new avenues of refinement. At The Jewellery Room, we love that every Bergsøe piece is carefully fashioned to infuse pure aesthetics into wearable designs, resulting in gloriously unconventional jewellery that is original and exclusive. The Filuka Earring is a perfect choice for the connoisseur looking for art in her jewellery that transcends the predictable.

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