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Georg Jensen X Sophie Bille Brahe

The HALO effect HALO is the new exclusive design collab by Danish heritage brand Georg Jensen and young jewellery...

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The Secret Behind Denmark’s Booming Jewellery Scene

This article was first published by Vogue UK and has been republished by The Jewellery Room As Copenhagen Fashion...

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How to wear Beach jewellery

Heading for the beach Why not do it with style You might as well look good and classy when sun tanning and we have...

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How to wear vintage jewellery

This style guide aims to help you make sure your vintage jewellery always looks its best We encourage you to get...

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Jewellery Talk with VIERI Ethical Fine Jewellery

Guya Merkle is 31 years old and the founder and designer of the German Ethical jewellery label VIERI We met with the...

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Street style jewellery trends with Moeez Ali 

By Tamsin Ivy This week we are sharing our favourite jewellery snaps from across Fashion Week by London based...

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Breaking the Rules: Mixed Metals

By: Tamsin Ivy In the last year or so we’ve really noticed a shift in the world of jewellery Fashion and jewellery...

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Faces – the new hot trend in jewellery If kimonos, wrap skirts and off-shoulder blouses are IT trends in the...

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Gold rings with animals
Chunky rings are back

JEWELLERY NEWS TRENDS Chunky Rings Are Back FEBRUARY 7, 2018 BY CHARLOTTE MOBJERG Chunky rings can be a bold...

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Old is the new NEW

Sweet Audrey Hepburn / Breakfast at Tiffany’s We love pre-loved luxury diamond jewellery or vintage jewellery if...

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