The Earring ShopSirene Stud Gold Plated, White Pearls

850 DKK


The gorgeous Sirene Stud from The Earring Shop’s eclectic Floral Serenity collection is an expression of pure joy. Fashioned in 18 karat gold plated 925 silver, the earstud features a stunning cluster of closely-set freshwater pearls in an array of sizes, accentuating the purity of this precious gemstone. A delicate chain carrying two pearls suspends from the studs, infusing magic into this pretty piece.

  • 18k gold plated 925 silver earstud, sold as a single
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Length: 5.9cm; Width: 1.4cm (size of pearl may vary)
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's great about it

Designer Louise Work believes in the magic of unique jewellery in expressing one’s own brand of style. Founded in 2017, The Earring Shop is a joyful place of the loveliest earrings crafted from high quality materials. Welcome to the world of gorgeous earrings that speak to your moods and style.

Why we love it

Beautifully crafted with pride and passion, the fabulous collections from The Earring Shop are a delight to the urban fashionista. The Jewellery Room loves this special brand for the excellence of artistry and the singular appeal of every piece. Sold as singles, these earrings offer endless combinations to suit all outfits, occasions and personas.

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