Opal necklaces and pendants are strikingly vibrant and mysterious. These rainbow stones wow us with their sheer brilliance every time they are worn on necklaces. The magical feature of this semi-precious stone is its iridescence, which means it reflects a flash of spectral colours when light falls on it. An opal pendant worn on a gold or sterling silver chain or dotting a piccolo-style necklace adds beauty and value. We have curated a sparkling selection of opal necklaces for you to explore. These are designed by talented international designers and immaculately crafted by the finest artisans.

• How to select your opal necklace
• Are opal necklaces valuable?
• Tips to help you choose the perfect opal necklace
• Why it’s important to care for opal necklaces

What makes opal necklaces stand out?

The unique burst of colours when kissed by sunlight makes an opal necklace a spectacular piece of jewellery. Suitable for all skin tones and making a statement on every occasion it’s worn, this gorgeous gemstone is eye-catching.

If this stone grabs your attention, you’re in good company; Actor Elizabeth Taylor, French Empress Josephine, American businessman philanthropist John Rockafeller, and the iconic singer Elvis Presley all had a special place in their opal collections.

Why does opal jewellery make great gifts?

♥ Besides being incredibly beautiful, an opal is believed to have healing properties. It nurtures hope, love and loyalty, and is believed to help the wearer to let go of inhibitions.
♥ Opals are the birthstone for October-born. Opal pendants are a fabulous gift for a friend or a birthday present for a special someone.
♥ Opal necklaces and rings are ideal gifts for 14th wedding anniversary gifts

How can you determine if your opal necklace is valuable?

To determine the price of this precious stone, we need to consider its carat size, shape, colour inclusion, body type, and brilliance. Superior quality opal necklaces on gold is a good investment. Here’s what you need to be aware of:

♦ Dark opals are priced higher than light-coloured translucent ones.
♦ Red-orange opals are rarer than any other opal variety and are considered very precious.
♦ The translucent red opals also called fire opals are immensely attractive as drops and pendants worn on chains.
♦ An opal with unique patterns on its body has a higher value than plain ones, with the mosaic-like Harlequin pattern being the most popular. Flagstone, straw, Chinese writing and floral patterns have immense appeal, too.

Choosing necklace chains for opal pendants

You can style opal pendants in several ways, depending on the metal of the necklace chain, the colour of the gemstone, and its shape.

♥ The versatile opal will look stunning in all shades of gold and silver.
♥ Dark opals stand out fabulously on rhodium-coated pristine 925-sterling silver or 14-karat or 18-karat white gold. Thus, an opal with black or deep blue body colour will stand out on lighter metals.
♥ Lighter shades of opal pair best with 14-karat or 18-karat yellow or rose gold.

Opal pendant colours

Opals come in charming shades and hues, highlighted by their incandescence. Besides your personal preference for colour, several other factors can influence your decision while choosing what colour would look good on you.

Black beauty: The rare opal necklaces
Amongst opal stones, this is the rarest, most valuable variety. Available in shades of black, dark grey and green-blue, black opal necklaces reflect vibrant sparks of reds, blues, greens and orange, making it an absolutely magnificent piece to own.

Fiery flames: Red, orange and yellow opal necklaces
Ranging from transparent to translucent, these opal necklaces with their warm, intense glow of red-orange-yellow sparks are a joy to wear. No matter how small the stone may be, it is always an eye-catcher.

True Blue: Pretty opal necklaces
Blue opals look attractive because the translucent to opaque cabochon-cut opals have pretty streaks of earthy, orange tones that add to their appeal. Available in shades of blue that range from light grey to aqua, turquoise and a deep, intense blue, these beauties bring add a dash of sparkle and shine to your day.

Ethereal and serene: White opal necklaces
Also called milky opals, white opals are abundant and the most affordable. The stone is typically white or off-white, with gentle, spectral colours radiating from the body of the opal.

Tips to take care of your opal necklace

♥ Keep your opal jewellery away from wet surfaces.
♥ Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the opal surface. Dry immediately.
♥ The stone measures 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it can scratch easily. Once you take off your opal necklace, put it in a soft pouch, and store it in a separate box or compartmentto ensure it does not get scratched.

If this dazzling gemstone fascinates you, we welcome you to explore the fine selection of opal necklaces here. We offer a captivating variety that you can choose for yourself or gift to a special friend. Chat with us or call us if you need clarification or guidance. we are absolutely happy to help you any time!

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