Ole LynggaardExclusive Dream Catcher Earrings Gold, Diamonds

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A beautiful pair of earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen that resembles a delicate dreamcatcher with an intricate leaf design. The Dream Catcher Earrings from the Unique Collection are feminine yet edgy. They are crafted in 18 karat solid yellow gold with beautiful gemstones and encrusted with diamonds, which is the signature design element of their creator, Charlotte Lynggaard.

  • 18k yellow gold earrings, sold as a pair
  • 242 x TW.VS white diamonds, 1.70ct.
  • Blush moonstone, diamonds, opal, pearl, turquoise and malachite drops measuring 30mmx7mm
  • Colour: Mixed colours

What's the story

Ole Lynggaard, the founder of this brand, established his first workshop in 1963 in Hellerup near Copenhagen. Over almost six decades that have followed, other family members who share Ole's passion for fine jewellery, became involved in the business. The brand has grown into an enterprise with 150 highly specialised employees and 6 flagship stores that engage with more than 275 global retailers. At present, the company is helmed by three generations: Ole, his children Charlotte and Søren, and granddaughter Sofia. Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard design every piece of jewellery. With designs inspired by nature's beauty, they produce artistic pieces that are luxurious, modern, and feminine, marked by sophistication and elegance. Their expertly crafted designs are brought to life by their in-house team of forty goldsmiths and close external partners. The Exclusive Dreamcatcher Earrings are part of the Ole Lynggaard Unique Collection. The circular dreamcatcher design encircles a web of detailed leaf motifs accentuated with gemstones to intensify the design's mystic elegance.

What's great about it

The dreamcatcher design has deep ties to the natural world. Traditionally, it forms a part of Native American culture; the circular shape represents the circle of life and the sun and moon forces. It is a symbol of protection and good luck. This unique design is not only beautiful to look at but also holds deep and ancient symbolic meaning. These earrings include the ear stud set with a mesmerising opal stone. Placed close to your face, this stone, with its wonderful play of rainbow colours, bestows the wearer with good luck and happiness. Attached to the ear stud hangs the traditional circle of the dreamcatcher, set with numerous diamonds that sparkle and shine as you move. The "web" is filled with expertly crafted, detailed yellow gold leaf motifs and carefully placed gemstones. There is the ethereal blush moonstone that symbolises abundance, fertility, love, and renewal. The pearl is the ultimate symbol of wisdom. The turquoise, a talisman of shaman, is a strong symbol for protection. Completing the design is the hanging pendant of mesmerising green malachite. Malachite crystals promote keeping your ventures on course, or more profoundly, your life on track. Together, these elements combine into a pair of ear drops that are beautiful to look at and meaningful to wear.

How to wear it

The Exclusive Dream Catcher earrings include multiple colours in the design, making them especially suited to highlight, add sparkle, and animate muted, darker coloured apparel. When you pair the earrings with natural fibres like wool, silk, satin, or cotton, the earrings will add a confident accent to your look. But you need not wear them on their own; the earrings will pair beautifully and complement other pieces from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen's vast jewellery collections, giving you the flexibility to design the perfect look for yourself.

Why we love it

The Ole Lynggaard brand is known for producing quality jewellery pieces. Their credibility is so high that they are the preferred jeweller of the Royal Danish family. Their jewellery pieces are flawlessly crafted in luxury metals and set with impeccable gemstones. Though modern and edgy, their designs are inspired by Mother Nature and retain the luxurious, timeless, and deep roots of Scandinavian tradition. When you add the Exclusive Dream Catcher Earrings to your collection, you will acquire a part of this timeless, classic legacy.

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