Georg JensenOffspring Double Earhoops Gold

6.995 DKK


This simple and elegant pair of earhoops is a product of Georg Jensen. The earhoops are made of 18 karat yellow gold, and form part of the Offspring Collection designed by American designer, Jacqueline Rabun.

  • 18k yellow gold earhoops
  • Height: 25mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

The house of Georg Jensen began as a humble silversmithy in Copenhagen in 1904. Slowly but steadily, the brand gained widespread recognition and rose to success, thanks to its originality, bold designs, and finesse in execution. Expanding the business, the company started collaborating with talented designers from around the world, to infuse fresh creative perspectives and ideas into its designs. The Georg Jensen brand began its collaboration with Jacqueline Rabun in 1999. Over the years, many of Rabun’s designs have been exhibited in museums that display Georg Jensen creations. The Offspring Collection from Rabun features her exquisite creations under the Georg Jensen brand. As the name indicates, this collection celebrates the bond between a mother and her child. It also honours other soulful relationships such as those between siblings and friends.

What's great about it

Jacqueline Rabun’s in-depth understanding of Scandinavian aesthetics has delivered a minimalist and delightfully stylish pair of earhoops that are truly a joy to wear and behold. The Offspring Collection explores the primal connection between a mother and her child through designs echoing the creation and hope of new life. The Offspring Earhoops are designed to call to mind the shape of an egg, symbolising the birth of new life. Gift these ear hoops to an expectant or new mother to make her feel special and loved.

How to wear it

The lightweight and delicate make of the Double Earhoops renders it perfectly suitable for daily use. The Offspring Double Earhoops in gold will look stunning when paired with other jewellery from the Offspring Collection. Wear these double oops with an Offspring gold necklace and pendant to complete your look on a casual day. For work, sport a sophisticated and classy outlook by pairing these stunning earhoops with a simple Offspring gold bracelet.

Why we love it

Jacqueline Rabun’s creations are more than just ornamental. They are wearable works of art that convey a philosophy of love and life. Wear the Offspring Double Ear Hoops Gold for its meaning or wear it for its simple yet powerful design. Whatever may be the reason for your choice, we assure you that these earhoops will fill you with a sense of peace and fulfillment that will also radiate all around through you.

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