Nord Turned 18K Gold Ring w. AquamarineNord Turned 18K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine

Ro Copenhagen

Nord Turned 18K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
5.200,00 DKK
Belle de Jour 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Aquamarine
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Sarah Lil Aqua 14K Whitegold Ring w. AquamarinesSarah Lil Aqua 14K Whitegold Ring w. Aquamarines
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Malene 3.5 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. AquamarineMalene 3.5 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
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Anpé Atelier cph

Malene 3.5 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
3.400,00 DKK
Malene 2.5 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. AquamarineMalene 2.5 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
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Anpé Atelier cph

Malene 2.5 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
2.900,00 DKK
Malene 1.8 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. AquamarineMalene 1.8 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
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Anpé Atelier cph

Malene 1.8 Blue 14K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
2.600,00 DKK
Nord 18K Gold Ring w. AquamarineNord 18K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine

Ro Copenhagen

Nord 18K Gold Ring w. Aquamarine
5.200,00 DKK

Rich with the wonder of deep seas and clear skies, aquamarine engagement rings are simply delightful. With an utterly stunning range of beautiful blue hues, aquamarine engagement rings are now a fabulous alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings. After all, not everyone wants to be wooed with a diamond! Some just love a hint of colour on their ring finger! You are sure to find some lovely aquamarine engagement rings crafted by gifted designers in our hand-picked designer engagement ring collections.

• A bit about the aquamarine gemstone
• Why are aquamarine engagement rings so desirable?
• Trending aquamarine engagement ring styles

Aquamarine: The enchanting blue stone engagement ring

Aquamarine derives its name from two words—aqua is water and marina is the sea—together meaning, “ the colour of the sea”. Part of the beryl mineral family, aquamarines are found in a range of blue-green shades—from palest to deep blue hues that make gorgeous engagement rings!

Aquamarine is also the birthstone for the month of March, adding special meaning for those born in that month. It is believed to inspire courage, clarity and hope. Today, aquamarine has become a popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings and is favoured by those looking for blue stone engagement rings and alternatives to traditional styles.

Top 4 reasons why brides love aquamarine engagement rings

Colour. Aquamarines display a wondrous range of blue-green hues that are simply breathtaking in their freshness. They are also crystal clear, adding a remarkable feel of purity and calm. Pastel blue aquamarine rings are the clear winner here in terms of popularity.
Durabilty. Aquamarine hits a high 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it robust enough to be worn every day, with only a little TLC to keep them good as new for a lifetime.
Beauty. Aquamarines are stunning but in a quiet, understated way. This makes them exceptionally popular among women who love delicate elegance in their jewellery.
Affordability. Aquamarines are an excellent choice for engagement rings because of their affordability. Far less expensive than diamonds, aquamarines capture hearts just as instantly.

Aquamarine engagement ring styles

Gold aquamarine engagement rings
Gorgeous aquamarines look amazing when set on gold bands. With beauty, aesthetics and affordability all rolled into one, aquamarine engagement rings in any hue of gold are true stunners.

To buy the best quality gold aquamarine engagement rings, check its hallmarking standards. Gold hallmarking stamps indicate the percentage of purity of gold used in the ring: 916 (22k), 750 (18k), and 585 (14k). We would recommend 14k and 18k gold for your aquamarine engagement ring in terms of strength and durability.

Aquamarine engagement rings in white gold
A seamless marriage of elegance and beauty, aquamarine rings set in rhodium-plated white gold are incredibly stylish and sophisticated. The white gold is the perfect backdrop to the cool-toned ocean hues of aquamarines.

Aquamarine engagement rings in rose gold
The copper tone of rose gold beautifully complements the stunning blue of aquamarines. Feminine and charming, a rose gold band set with a single, exquisite aquamarine or a combination of aquamarines with diamonds is a stunning design for your dreamy engagement ring.

Aquamarine engagement rings in yellow gold
Exotic and really quite divine, aquamarines set in classic yellow gold are simply delightful. This style combines the glamour of gold offset by the sparkling aquamarine to create a luxurious and breathtaking ring.

Aquamarine and diamond engagement rings
Blue aquamarines and white diamonds on an engagement ring are a match made in heaven! Here are some trending variations in aquamarine and diamond engagement ring designs to inspire your decision.
♦ A round, cushion or princess-cut aquamarine embraced by sparkling white diamonds in a halo setting
♦ An aquamarine stone as a centrepiece, along with a gently tapering diamond-encrusted rose gold band
♦ A pear-shaped aquamarine mounted on a semi-pavè ring band
♦ A ring of alternating diamonds and aquamarines on an eternity ring
♦ Check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing for the perfect fit and watch our ring sizing video before you choose your engagement ring size.

Immerse yourself in our gorgeous collection of aquamarine engagement rings to find that perfect token of your love. We assure you that all jewellery you’ll see, every designer you’ll browse and every item you’ll add to your cart is carefully chosen and curated for your joy and satisfaction. Happy Shopping!

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