If you’re looking for a unique, vintage-inspired engagement ring, then a cushion-cut engagement ring will delight you. Infused with elegance, romance, and soft brilliance, a cushion-cut engagement ring set in gold or sterling silver will win her heart multiple times over. To offer you an exclusive, designer range of stunning cushion-cut engagement rings, we have handpicked top-of-the-line designs created by the most innovative designers of today.

• How do we identify a cushion cut stone?
• Why choose a cushion-cut engagement ring
• Styles in cushion-cut engagement rings

What is a cushion-cut gemstone?

Visually similar to a square cushion, this soft-edged cut has a timeless appeal and has been around since the eighteenth century. Cushion cut engagement rings, from solitaire to halo cushion cut settings, emphasise the stone's curved sides. In recent decades, we have seen a huge comeback of the cushion cut in engagement ring gemstones. Celebrities like Bar Refaeli, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian wear cushion-cut engagement rings.

The shape
A sparkling square-cut gemstone with roundish, gently curving corners best defines the shape of a cushion-cut stone. Cushion-cut gemstones are usually square-shaped but some cushion-cut stones are elongated and rectangular. Elongated cushion cuts have a length-width ratio of 1.10 to 1.20.

Cushion-cut diamonds in engagement rings

Coloured gemstones in cushion-cut settings have always been very popular for engagement rings. However, diamonds are still the traditional top seller when you want to pop the question. Cushion-cut diamonds are almost 25% more affordable than the typical round-cut variety with the same caratage.

Different types of cushion cut diamond engagement ring

The Cushion Brilliant cut comes with a higher price tag. Super sparkly, this is not typically square and usually has a length-width ratio of 1.25 to 1.10. The fewer, larger facets (58) of this cut amplifies brilliance.

The Antique Cushion or Cushion Old Mine Cut or Miner Cut has geometric facets and is considered rare.

Cushion Modified cuts are the modern, trending versions of the original cushion-cut diamond. There are two modified cushion cuts: Crushed Ice and Hybrid Cushion cuts, both featuring 64 facets for exceptional brilliance.
The Crushed Ice cut has shorter star facets giving the stone a "crushed ice" look.
The Cushion Hybrid cut combines the faceted style of the brilliant and "crushed ice" cushion cuts.

All the right reasons to choose a cushion-cut engagement ring

♥ The cushion-cut reflects both light and colour exceptionally well, making it a great choice for engagement rings with coloured gemstones
♥ Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are more affordable than round-cut ones
♥ Cushion-cut engagement rings have a romantic, feminine look imparted by the softly curved edges. This also makes them less prone to chipping or entangling in your clothes
♥ The cushion cut is best for you if you adore vintage styles
♥ The cushion cut engagement ring is ideal for a woman who is feminine, kind, and humble. She's sensible, loyal, and doesn't have to scream out loud to get noticed.

The best settings for cushion-cut engagement rings

The versatile cushion-cut engagement rings are fashioned in many attractive styles.

Solitaire cushion cut is classic, minimal and elegant. Set in gold, white gold or rose gold ring shank, a solitaire cushion engagement ring is always gorgeous.

Halo cushion-cut engagement ring: By far the most scintillating choice, the halo cushion-cut engagement ring features a striking cushion-cut gemstone in the centre, surrounded by smaller gemstones in either the same or a different cut, usually in a pave setting. The centre stone may be any gemstone of your choice.

Double halo cushion ring imparts a more opulent style. This setting is breathtakingly beautiful, with the second round of small sparkling gemstones encircling the first one.

Before you make your engagement ring purchase make sure you have the correct ring size.

Go ahead and explore a diverse mix of gorgeous cushion-cut engagement rings to select the ring that’ll win her over!

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