ReMind mini Solitaire 18K Gold Ring w. Green Lab-Grown DiamondReMind mini Solitaire 18K Gold Ring w. Green Lab-Grown Diamond
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ReMind Solitaire 18K Gold Ring w. Green Lab-Grown DiamondReMind Solitaire 18K Gold Ring w. Green Lab-Grown Diamond
Exclusive collab
DUO+ 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondsDUO+ 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Formes Fine Jewelry

DUO+ 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
20.190,00 DKK
Grace avant garde 18K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondsGrace avant garde 18K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Reflection 18K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondsReflection 18K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Formes Fine Jewelry

Reflection 18K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Reflection 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondsReflection 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Reflection 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Cosmos Solar 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondsCosmos Solar 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Formes Fine Jewelry

Cosmos Solar 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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When an environmentally conscious couple comes to shop for their engagement and wedding rings, we have loads of fun introducing them to the latest lab-created diamond engagement rings. Low on environmental impact and high on quality, cut, carat, colour and clarity, these lab-made diamond rings are simply fascinating. Lab-created diamond rings are ethically produced in diamond labs, they look stunning and wearing them feels good. We host special eco-conscious designer diamond brands that are committed to sustainability practices in jewellery making. They craft diamond engagement rings made from conflict-free diamonds, alternative lab-grown diamonds, rings made with recycled gold using solar power in the production process and more.

• What are lab grown diamonds?
• What are sustainable practices in the jewellery trade?
• Lab grown diamond engagement ring styles

Have you wondered about what goes into making your diamond engagement ring?

We love beautiful and perfect diamond engagement rings and wedding band sets. But have you ever wondered where the diamond in your perfect ring came from…?

♦ Will you be wearing mined natural diamonds in your engagement ring? Or will the beautifully cut diamond in your engagement ring be lab-grown?
♦ How/where are the ring materials sourced?
♦ Who crafted your diamond ring, and under what conditions did they labour?

When you seek answers to these questions you become a conscious jewellery buyer. Thankfully, we can offer you just the right options.

Sustainable, lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds in engagement rings

We know that diamond mining has gained negative appraisals in recent decades. Behind the gleam of gold and the glitter of natural diamonds lies the mining industry, a fertile ground for environmental degradation and human rights violations. We also know that you don't have to compromise beauty and quality for waste. That's why we love and encourage sustainability standards in jewellery making and trade. This applies to diamond jewellery made using mined natural diamonds as well as lab-grown diamonds.

Sustainable jewellery is made with conscious consideration for the environment and the people who live in it.

Awareness about the jewellery you purchase is the first step to sustainability. It is as important as the design and artistry of the ring on your finger.

We are happy that our customers who seek fine jewellery also want ethically made rings, earrings and bracelets. They are willing to say no to the "fast fashion” industry that dictates that jewellery styles are dynamic and tend to change quickly. More and more brides want their engagement ring or wedding band made ethically, slowly, and with sustainable practices. They prefer engagement rings crafted in recycled gold; yellow gold, white gold or rose gold finishes.

Are lab-created diamonds better for the environment?

Not all lab-grown diamonds are created equal and eligible for clean origin stamps. Many lab-grown diamonds are made in foundries which still rely on fossil fuels for energy. Their carbon footprint can be as large as a traditional mine. However, some diamonds come from zero-emission foundries promising clean origin and are sustainably grown with specialized equipment.

Are lab-grown diamond rings certified?

All lab diamonds go through a grading process that considers the 4Cs, no matter their origin. Lab-grown diamonds of exceptional quality can be differentiated from natural ones only by diamond experts. In 2018, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) considered both lab-grown and mined diamonds real. GIA provides a diamond certificate for all lab-created diamonds above 0.5-carat weight.

What's special about lab-grown diamond engagement rings?

Lab-grown diamonds and gemstones are step one on the sustainability standards for jewellery making. Lab-created diamond rings have a clean origin. The diamonds are made in hi-tech labs and yet have the same chemical composition and properties as those of mined or natural diamonds. They do not take millions of years to form like their mined counterparts.

Due to the shorter supply chain, and low overhead costs, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds. Consequently, lab-grown diamond engagement rings are cheaper than diamond rings made with a natural diamond. By choosing to wear a lab-grown diamond ring, you are enjoying the beauty of diamonds without the human and environmental toll of mining.

Lab-grown diamond engagement ring style for the conscious bride

Almost every girl's dream ring style is a diamond solitaire. A diamond engagement ring with a lab-grown solitaire stone is exceptional in clarity and brilliance. Most solitaire diamonds are standalone stones of size and carat weight greater than 0.5 carats. Solitaire lab grown diamonds come with the 4Cs diamond grading certificates.

Solitaire or single-stone rings are priced based on the stone's carat weight. If it's a halo design, the total carat weight of smaller accent stones will also be added to the ring cost. To enhance the appearance of size, a solitaire stone could be oval or rectangle in shape, with a ring of accent stones around it. A setting of white gold adds to the size and brilliance of a white diamond halo ring.

Find your perfect ring size.

Lab-grown diamond cuts in modern engagement ring style

Lab-grown diamond rings come in modern cuts and settings. All diamonds are cut to enhance their appearance (shape), sparkle, colour or clarity.

The classic diamond cuts are the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut (rectangular step cut) diamonds.

Modern diamond engagement ring designs have fancy diamond cuts like the pear/teardrop cut, the princess and radiant cuts. The marquise-cut diamond engagement rings are vintage-style rings with a modern appeal. Fancy-cut diamond engagement rings come in symbolic and meaningful arrangements like East-west, Eternity, Halo, Cluster, and three- or two-stone engagement ring designs to make every girl's engagement dream come true.

Our selection of fine diamond engagement rings has beautiful sustainable diamonds in white gold, yellow gold and romantic rose gold. The gorgeous designs are waiting to be cherished and loved by a conscious bride and groom. Feel free to ask us about sustainable diamond rings when you come to shop for engagement and wedding rings.

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