EngelbertAbsolutely Slim Knot Ring Gold

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This intricately-designed Absolutely Slim Knot Ring is made of 18 karat yellow gold. A simple yet ornamental piece, this ring makes for a beautiful reminder.

  • 18k gold
  • Design highlight: a slim knot
  • Colour: Yellow gold

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm creates stylish and modern designs reflecting classic Scandinavian cultural values. This contemporary Absolutely Slim Knot ring in 18 karat yellow gold is a part of the Knot Collection. The ring’s design is that of a twisted band of gleaming yellow gold, a beautiful memory of oneness. It reminds the wearer of love, togetherness, and unity. The uniqueness of the design makes this ring a cherished possession.

What's great about it

This Absolutely Slim Knot ring is a matchless jewel, with its silky-smooth gold band tangled in the middle to make a knot design. This distinguished design symbolises friendship, affection, and love, tying the wearer to precious memories. Further, the shining gold band highlights the wearer’s features, giving a slender look to one’s fingers. The centre of attraction is the elegant knot which is flattering and perfect for flaunting beautiful hands. To show your skilful tastes in fashion, this ring is a perfect choice.

How to wear it

With its ultra-modern design, this Absolutely Slim Knot ring is comfortable to wear as an everyday accessory. The universal yellow gold colour of the band ensures that the ring suits all types of outfits and occasions. It is enough to wear this one ring on your finger to attract attention onto your hands. It needs no other accompaniment jewellery on your fingers or hands. This ring is an all-in-one piece that shouts off style in every core. You can match it with gold earrings or necklaces from our collection to complete your party look.

Why we love it

The long history of the Engelbert family business roots their jewellery collection in a timeless culture of attention to detail and classic beauty. Wearing a piece from this collection reflects the inimitable taste and style of the wearer. The Absolutely Slim Knot Ring in gold is an incomparable souvenir. If presented on Valentine's Day or your soulmate's birthday, this ring makes for a treasured trinket that you can give her. Both classic and playful, this knot ring is perfect for the modern woman. We love how it makes the wearer feel: a beautiful visual reminder that she is loved and cherished!

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