Chain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & EmeraldChain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & Emerald

Wouters & Hendrix

Chain textured 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz & Emerald
12.950,00 DKK
Chain 18K Gold Ring w. TopazChain 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz
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Wouters & Hendrix

Chain 18K Gold Ring w. Topaz
8.250,00 DKK
Eternity 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & TopazEternity 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Topaz
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Wouters & Hendrix

Eternity 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Topaz
21.270,00 DKK
Sarah Lil Orange 14K Rosegold Ring w. Sapphires & TopazSarah Lil Orange 14K Rosegold Ring w. Sapphires & Topaz
Custom-madeSold out
Seafire 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Diamond, Sapphire & TopazSeafire 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Diamond, Sapphire & Topaz
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Who can resist falling in love with a gorgeous topaz engagement ring? Certainly not us! Showcasing a fascinating range of colours with joyful sparkles and refreshing colours, these dreamy engagement rings are winners all the way. Let’s walk you through our collections, handpicked by our in-house jewellery experts Charlotte and Pernille. Designed by gifted designers, these handcrafted creations showcase impeccable craftsmanship by skilled artisans.

• Why choose a topaz engagement ring?
• How to select a topaz engagement ring
• What are the most trending styles in blue topaz rings?

All the right reasons to choose a topaz engagement ring

The special day is almost here… and you are all set to pop the inevitable question. Yet, you find it hard to decide on the engagement ring that both suits your budget and melts your heart. We'll make it easy for you: if your significant other is drawn to bright blue or pink colours in gemstones, maybe a topaz engagement ring is what you’re searching for. Topaz engagement rings offer a sweet mix of both affordable luxury and elegant dainty styles in contemporary settings.

Top-4 reasons topaz makes such an appealing engagement ring
♥ Topaz is associated with love, loyalty, trust and good fortune. A ring with this gorgeous gemstone is the perfect beginning to your love story
♥ Topaz is reasonably resistant to scratching and can be worn every day because it measures an 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
♥ Topaz stones are more easily available, which makes them more affordable than diamonds or other precious stones for an engagement ring.
♥ You can choose from an exceptionally wide range of colours, ranging from a fiery orange-red, a rare pink, to a vibrant blue (London Blue Topaz), or a riveting purple.

How to select a topaz engagement ring

As with all precious and semi-precious gemstones, the cut, clarity and colour of a topaz engagement ring are the vital features that help decide on its value.

Topaz stone shapes Round, oval, pear-cut, marquise and rectangular topaz engagement rings are much in demand.

High-grade topaz engagement rings have excellent clarity, which ensures maximum sparkle. Keep in mind that a small stone that has good clarity and minimal inclusions will be far more valuable than a large topaz with more inclusions and poor clarity.

Colours are invariably the first feature to attract us to a topaz ring. Topaz is found in an incredible range of colours, tones and shades. Among these, blue and pink and the most common.

Blue topaz is one of the December birthstones and is associated with loyalty, true love, trust and communication in relationships. A blue topaz engagement ring comes in myriad variations, but a natural blue topaz is rare and what’s available in most rings now is radiation-treated, colourless topaz. The irradiated topaz comes as deep, intense London Blue with a medium to dark tone and saturation, and bright-toned Swiss Blue Topaz, which has a light to medium saturation. Blue topaz looks best set on slim white gold and silver bands that accentuate the cool sparkle of the gemstone.

Pink and red topaz is considered rare and precious, and these exquisite gemstones are valuable. The pink topaz is natural and untreated, and highly admired for its unusual shade and clarity. It has two variations: the Imperial Topaz engagement ring is a light shade of pink, while the Sherry Topaz engagement ring is a brownish-champagne pink colour.

Purple, colourless, and golden-yellow hues are also popular for topaz engagement rings.

Every topaz engagement ring in our collection is unique and makes a statement in grace and elegance. Propose with a topaz ring from our selection of glorious, multi-coloured topaz sparklers to bring a winsome smile to her face! Chat with us if you have any questions.

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