Love 5 Pavé 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Love 4 18K White Gold Ring w. DiamondsLove 4 18K White Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Ole Lynggaard

Love 4 18K White Gold Ring w. Diamonds
31.900,00 DKK
Love 4 Pavé 18K White Gold Ring w. DiamondsLove 4 Pavé 18K White Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Duo+ Engagement 14K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondsDuo+ Engagement 14K Whitegold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Rain 18K Whitegold Ring w. DiamondsRain 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Rain 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds
15.220,00 DKK

Every white gold engagement ring tells a special love story; its pristine circle holds promises of enduring love, a faithful friendship, and eternal loyalty. Let us make that moment ultra-precious for you with our dreamy, captivating collection of engagement rings from some of the best international designers. Our white gold engagement rings are the perfect beginning, as you gently sprinkle your path with tender affection and promises to cherish forever.

• Are white gold engagement rings as valuable as gold rings?
• How to choose engagement rings in white gold
• White gold engagement ring styles

What’s so special about a white gold ring?

Why an engagement ring in white gold, you ask? Apart from the pleasing cool colour that makes this beautiful precious metal a natural choice for this momentous occasion, white gold rings are preferred because they are

♦ Stronger than yellow gold rings: white gold is a fusion of malleable gold and silver, with a rhodium-plated finish, that makes the ring resistant to scratches and gives it a luminous shine.
♦ Precious and equal in value to a solid 18k or 14k gold ring of the same karatage
♦ The cool hue of white gold beautifully magnifies the colour and sparkle of a brilliant-cut white diamond better than yellow or rose gold settings
♦ When worn on the third finger of the left hand, the contemporary feel of a white gold engagement ring strikes the perfect chord: the modern look for a traditional occasion.

Find the perfect white gold engagement ring

The perfect white gold engagement ring for you is the one both you and your beloved will delight in! And we want to help you find one that meets all your desires.

Find your engagement ring size

The 3s to keep in mind when you choose the ring

Engagement rings are worn every day, so it’s a ring that has to be

♥ Delightful
♥ Comfortable
♥ Durable

Know that the engagement ring cost is determined by
♦ Unique design
♦ Material quality and finish
♦ Gemstone quality and weight

Here are 3 things you must decide on before you choose the engagement ring for your beloved:

Gold karat
White gold engagement rings are always preferred in 14k or 18k as the prongs or settings need to be strong to hold a big diamond or center stone.

Gemstone and colour
Whether she is an "all diamond girl" or one who loves a charming splash of colour, the big decision is to select the correct centrepiece for her ring and the setting style—solitaire, halo, cluster…?

Ring size/b>
This one is an absolute no-brainer, of course! You wouldn’t want to present a ring that is loose enough to fall off her finger, or worse, not fit at all!

White gold engagement rings styles

White gold engagement rings come in a million design variations. Below are two basic design options you can pursue.

Classic, simple and elegant styles

Classic designs usually feature a solitaire stone in a minimalistic white gold setting or white gold bands with flush-set sparkling diamonds.

White gold diamond engagement rings are the no.1 choice for an engagement ring. Diamonds are pure, unadulterated rocks of blazing passion that can set the white metal on fire! Another reason why they are the preferred gemstone for engagement rings is tough and scratch-resistant too. Whether a large rock or a dainty drop, a single stone or pave-set on a ring, diamonds are the ultimate showstoppers.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are elegant in design and truly iconic. Solitaire rings are also popular for seamless styling with wedding bands. The most desirable solitaire diamond engagement ring style in white gold has always been the 1-carat diamond ring. If budget is not a constraint you’ll love the 1.25ct. to 1.50ct. diamond solitaire white gold rings.

No matter what the cut, style, or setting, a diamond will always stand out on white gold. Having said that, the round brilliant cut—also the most expensive—is the timeless favourite cut. Besides this, princess, cushion and oval are the more popular cuts for white gold diamond engagement rings.

Unique or modern white gold engagement ring designs

Coloured gemstone rings with diamond highlights have become a huge favourite and double- and triple-stone rings are considered meaningful. The sparkle of any gemstone magically multiplies when reflected from the base of a white gold setting. If coloured gemstones are what you both like, select one that could be her birthstone or yours, a particular colour she loves wearing, or a gemstone she holds dear for its spiritual significance.

Although any gemstone sits well on an engagement ring, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are the most sought after. Engagement rings in white gold set with sapphires are incredibly gorgeous. Sapphires are highly resistant to scratches ranking just a tad lower than diamonds—and cost less than diamonds for similar caratage.

Chunky band styles are refreshingly charming. The choice of chunky white gold engagement band rings is both unique and elegant. A shift from the traditional styles, this unconventional look is striking, both as a plain band and dotted with a splash of sparkling gemstones or in fusion ring designs.

Textured bands in white gold, nature-inspired bezel shapes, pave-set spiral white gold ring bands—there is a myriad of design choices in our designer white gold collections.

We think you are ready to find the white gold winner ring that will bowl her over when you pop the question. Browse our engagement ring collections and search for that one special white gold ring that is sure to bring her immense joy!

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