Pura Utz is playful yet delicate jewellery with a deeper importance, than just jewelelry. All jewellery designs are handcrafted by a small group of empowered & fabulous women in the heart of Guatemala. Start your fruity jewellery journey with Pura Utz beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings


Colorful glass bead delicacies woven by hand into splendored fruits. From summery yellow bananas to fire red cherries, fun yet beautiful pieces all in the name of empowering woman.Creating a safe space for Mayan woman, with a stable job, good salary and a healthy work-life balance, is the core beauty of the brands identity.
All beads are hand-woven in Guatemala by incredible woman and then connected to necklaces or earrings by use of high-quality gold-plated 925 Sterling silver.


Founded by Anna Andres, a person having an open soul to the world with a deep interest in other cultures and people, Pura Utz is about anyone involved in the process of crafting: From Bernabela (partner in Guatemala) to Elisa (product assistant), to Chonita (production), to Anna herself and many many others. It is a playful, fruity journey with the goal to spread positive energies by treating everyone in the process wheel in a human and rightful manner.


This one is easily answered. Why do we love Pura Utz?
Simply because the story behind it touched not only ours but every heart which gets to know the deeper meaning behind the fruity facade.
Women in a country like Guatemala deserve the same chances as we have them in Denmark and our Western culture and brave ideas, brave brands like this built something.
They established an environment of women standing up for themselves, working for a fair salary & supporting their families. And furthermore, who doesn’t enjoy a playful morning kick on a gray monday morning? You can’t hide that smile you smile when you catch colorful yet delicate red beads in the shape of a cherry hanging down your ear. It is this playful game of style we play. Serious with a touch of humor. Delicate with a touch of color.


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