Imperfect impermanent &


Fine jewellery from NOIR CATCHER includes modern handcrafted talismans. Delicately sculpted in warm matte 18-karat gold and subtle moonlight tones, every piece represents rare feminine charms for good fortune. Symbolic curious embellishments reflect the label's contemporary take on the antique medallion.

If you are looking for charms and talismans in delicate finish yet ones that last a lifetime and then some more, look no further. You will find here beautifully handcrafted pendants, rings and necklaces in hammered ethically sourced Fairmined gold.

Meet the creative designer

Elizabeth Zhivkova

Founder and creative director of NOIR CATCHER, Elizabeth Zhivkova has a very multidisciplinary practice and background in art, design, luxury and sustainability. Since a very young age, she was fascinated by jewellery and its mysterious power. This deep appreciation was no doubt triggered by vintage pieces and antique Japanese jewellery boxes from her beloved grandmother—a touchstone for her inspiring creations. Over time Elizabeth discovered that she could express herself in a very eloquent way through jewellery making. She loves the moment of freedom of creation, going deep into herself, using her imagination. To her, the creative process is something like a form of meditation.

Engaging mysterious allure & understated elegance

Design DNA

Fine jewellery line from NOIR CATCHER centres around beauty that is impermanent,  imperfect and incomplete. Each piece is a work of sculpted art defined by unfinished shapes, subdued patina,  unconventional diamond arrangements and a sense of poetry. The brand stands out for the lack of striving for perfection and following mass trends and is clearly inspired by antiquity, incorporating a conscious approach and meticulous craftsmanship translated into a modern design language.

The Muse

NOIR CATCHER is typically loved by the modern "pirate woman". One who is fond of travelling off the beaten track. She is discreet, yet curious; interested in inward discovery, conscious consumption and artisanal craftsmanship and loves to support the local community, aiming for positive social change.

“We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates.”

NOIR CATCHER is all about a conscious approach

Graceful & Ethical

Sustainability is at the core of NOIR CATCHER. The brand strives to consciously source materials and ethically produce its products. They are committed to crafting all their products in the heart of Milan. They consciously source Fairmined fine gold and the gemstones are sourced from certified responsible artisanal women miners in East Africa. Everything is deliberately ethical and fully traceable. 

“I believe an object should be beautiful both inside and out.”


Why we love it

The jewellery from NOIR CATCHER is symbolic with a sense of modern mystery.
We love the handcrafted characteristics of each of  NOIR CATCHER’S pieces, such as hand hammering and opaque matte finishes. Also, the fact that the pieces are designed in 18K fairmined gold—by certified fairmined local miners of responsible origin. Fairmined guarantees that the NOIR CATCHER pieces are made from traceable gold, extracted with the best mining practices aimed at preserving the environment and supporting the development of artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

If you like to wear exclusive jewellery but you don’t like it too flashy, the modern poetic talismans from NOIR CATCHER are the right choice for you. 

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