Unisex We Ring Gold Matt - 5Unisex We Ring Gold Matt - 5

Marie Mas

Unisex We Ring Gold Matt - 5
14.500 DKK
Unisex We Ring Gold - 5Unisex We Ring Gold - 5

Marie Mas

Unisex We Ring Gold - 5
14.500 DKK

Marie Mas

Paris based

Jewellery that moves

The French born jewellery designer, Marie Cabirou, founder of Marie Mas has always had a thing with movements. She challenges herself with every piece of jewellery she creates as her ambition is to create luxury jewellery that moves and changes with the wearer’s movements. The paris-based jewellery brand, Marie Mas is all about finesse and distinction and is about to become the reference in moving jewellery.

Marie Mas

Reinventing Fine Jewellery

The idea behind the french luxury brand MARIE MAS is to bring joy and happiness to women through exceptional jewellery. It is a gentle reminder of the freedom we have to change everyday. A reminder that there is always a brighter side.
When women wear a MARIE MAS piece and watch the jewel come to life through movement they can smile as experience the feeling of something magical.
It was the vision of combining innovative techniques and fine jewelry, creating something different and unique, which drove Marie Cabirou to realize her vision and become independent with her own brand, MARIE MAS.
In 2017 "MARIE MAS" was established. A brand that would revolve around moveable revolutionary designs. "MAS" comes from Marie's grandmother, as this was her maiden name, and also “gold” in Balinese.

Marie Mas

From Dior Couture to an independant brand

The French born jewellery designer, Marie Cabirou has always had a thing with movements. As a child she was always drawing and through this her dreams of working in the creative fields started.
Since she finished her education at École Duperré (college of art, design and fashion) and IFM (French Fashion Institute) in Paris her obsession was to create jewellery with a wow-effect.

Before establishing her independant brand, Marie challenged herself by creating statement jewellery pieces for the Maison Christian Dior Couture shows. When working at Dior the goal was to design wow-effect pieces that would stand out at the Dior Couture shows, which could also be transformed wearable costume jewellery.
She was always intrigued by the visual effect of the movement in jewellery, and she decided that when the time was right, she would establish a brand that always gave magic and movement to the customer.

Every day Marie is overwhelmed by the messages her customers sends her.

The best feedback from my customers is that my jewellery makes them happy. One wonderful lady mentioned that the ring keeps her entertained when she has to sit through a boring conversation, that makes me laugh with joy!” says founder and designer, Marie Cabirou

One wonderful lady mentioned that the ring keeps her entertained when she has to sit through a boring conversation, that makes me laugh with joy! -Marie Cabirou

Marie Mas

Why We Love It

Marie Mas is challenging the traditional ways of designing and wearing jewellery by inventing a range of new distinct mechanisms in terms of moving jewellery. All designs have an ingenious mechanism. The brand is the reference in moving Jewellery and we are proud to be representing this fine luxury brand.
The signature of the brand are the patented moving techniques. And not forgetting the dual-sided designs where stones are set in contrasting colors giving you the freedom to choose the color you want to show today.

A particular ring called the King Wave ring is designed with flexible moving diamond-studded pins that adjust to the shape of the wearer's finger. The ring is always chaining it’s expression as the pins are never standing still if the wearer is moving. This reveals a new extraordinary pattern each time a movement happens. 

A favourite is the Dancing Open Ring as it gently follows the movements of the hand and dances with the wearer all day it allow the wearer to change the look of the jewellery with a flick of the hand, you should try it - it’s a fantastic feeling. 

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