Lab-grown diamonds

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VRAI sets a high bar for sustainability standards in each of its impeccably brilliant diamond jewellery. This brand has proved that diamonds don’t need to be mined to be precious. They are just as flawless, brilliant and authentic when created in a lab.

VRAI has stayed true to its name creating beautiful, high-quality diamonds that are perfect for jewellery. We have curated for you some of their modern yet, timeless diamond jewellery collections that are authentically mastercrafted with a scintillating touch of freshness.

True to your values

No mining. No emissions. No guilt.

VRAI created diamonds are unmatched in the industry. Having successfully eliminated the need for diamond mining and related guilt, VRAI confidently caters to our love for large diamonds in every shape and size imaginable, creating diamonds with the most impeccable provenance.

Using only lab-grown diamonds, VRAI promises complete transparency on all aspects of its diamond jewellery’s eco-gentle journey. The secret to their successful sustainability journey is ‘everything in-house’. Starting from the moment the diamond was grown in their zero-emission foundry, then cut and polished inhouse by expert fourth generation diamond cutters (from VRAI workshops in Belgium, India, and China), and finally set in a recycled solid yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, VRAI today has bases around the world with a growing number of showrooms in the United States, Europe, and China.

Only premium cuts for VRAI created diamonds

Exceptional brilliance and fire

The value of a diamond depends sharply on its quality; whether it scintillates and whether it has any the desired “fire”. For maximum brilliance, VRAI only offers excellent cuts or super-excellent cuts. Furthermore, the skills required to create a mesmerising diamond are held only by the best talent in the world, and there are very few experts capable of such levels of craftsmanship. VRAI master-craftspeople have a long and deep history creating some of the world’s most admired pieces of luxury jewellery.

Not surprisingly, all VRAI diamond jewellery of 1 carat or more, come with a full, true producer warranty. This certificate, backed by a lifetime warranty, guarantees the grade of your diamond.

"A diamond represents your values. Choices exist today. We believe at the end of the day people want to purchase ‘Just Diamond’. Not the land displacement, community relocations, or animals killed associated with the practices of creating diamonds.."

VRAI jewellery designed

For the eco-conscious modern woman

Consumers today are more knowledgeable and selective about their purchases than ever before, selecting brands that are more thoughtful and have less of an impact on the environment, and in turn, themselves and others. VRAI customers appreciate refined designs, excellent craftsmanship and at the same time, they like to feel good about what they are wearing without compromising on quality.

CEO Mona Akhavi personally recommends VRAI solitaire pieces as must have staples! Easy to layer and style with any look, adding an elegance to an everyday look or a subtle addition to an evening outfit.

“We offer unique shapes like Keystone, Half Moon, Hexagon, Long Hexagon and Lozenge, in addition to traditional shapes like Round Brilliant, Emerald and Ovals. This way clients can really find a modern and timeless piece that fits their style or to add to the diamond shapes they already have”.


Why we love it

Spectacular diamonds full of fire, crafted to perfection in cut and polish! We love high-quality diamond jewellery and VRAI checks all our boxes. 

We love this brand for its minimal aesthetics, blending classic brilliance with contemporary vibes. The Jewellery Room shares VRAI jewellery’s passion for both timeless, quality diamond jewellery and the hope of a sweeter future for all. We also love and support VRAI’s “true to future” values that include supporting a variety of social causes that cater to a brighter and kinder world. We are immensely delighted to carry VRAI jewellery in our atelier.

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