Nina WebrinkSpiral Galaxy Bangle Gold, White Diamonds

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The Spiral Galaxy Bangle is an elegant piece handcrafted in 18 karat gold. This stylish bangle from Nina Webrink’s Spacetime Collection is crisply contemporary yet gracefully feminine.

  • 18k gold bangle
  • White diamonds
  • Available sizes: S, M, L
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

Backed by diverse life experiences together with extraordinary talent, world-renowned designer Nina Webrink brought to life a unique jewellery concept—sustainable “slow luxury”. Through her designs, Webrink explores the raw beauty of nature that lies beyond the constraints of space and time. Her Spacetime Collection, an array of geometrically sculpted pieces inspired by the juxtaposition of Earth and Saturn in an image taken by spacecraft, Cassini, exemplifies her design philosophy.

What's great about it

Handcrafted in 18 karat gold, the Spiral Galaxy Bangle features smooth, overlapping elements—one of which is pave-set with diamonds, lending a twinkling grace to the whole piece. Inspired by the glory of distant star clusters, the beauty of this bangle lies in its classic simplicity. Modern in design, it is an exquisite piece of luxury, reminiscent of the beautiful spiral galaxies in outer space. The superb finish and exquisite design complement the natural movement of the wrist.

How to wear it

The delightfully contemporary design of the Spiral Galaxy Bangle makes it a suitable accessory for all occasions. It can be worn with panache with both formals as well as casuals during the day as well as the night. You could also combine it with other Nina Webrink pieces to create a look that will make you the cynosure of admiring eyes.

Why we love it

The wonderful creations of Nina Webrink are inspired by her curiosity about the sculptural vibrancy contained in nature. At The Jewellery Room, we admire and extol her focus on sustainability as well as her sophisticated expression and superior craftsmanship. The Spacetime Collection by this talented designer is a sublime expression of the universe’s raw beauty, and is captivatingly epitomised in the Spiral Galaxy Bangle.

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